Top Best Small Wine Cooler For Wine Cellar, Bar and Restaurant In 2024

Any lover of wine will appreciate a refrigerator devoted to the wine. If you want a view of your selected wine selection or have run out of room in your normal fridge, a champagne freezer keeps your precious flasks secure in a temperature protected setting. And as consuming wine only at the correct temperature will affect how it drinks , a food dehydrator can also assist you to guarantee that the temperature of your glasses does not fluctuate whenever you go to your rental home. But so many varieties of wine and the best small wine cooler are open, and that they all look very alike. This is why we have sorted hundreds of consumer feedback to identify the strongest best small wine fridge on the marketplace.

Best Small Wine Cooler Comparison 2024

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** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best small wine cooler, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top 17 Best Small Wine Cooler Reviews 2024

Whynter BWR-1642DZ 

Store your dopamine is involved with this Whynter cellar that can amount to 164 containers. The refrigerator can hold 86 labels throughout the top zone, while the strong compressor cooler can accommodate between 40 and 65 degrees – ideal for all the red, green and distilled liquors. Along with 15 adjustable wood herringbone, four to 6 bottles can be placed on the wire storage shelf for displaying or storing open wine securely.


  • Environmental friendly coolant
  • Reversible swinging door
  • Luxurious handlebar curved


  • Cannot define any 

NutriChef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler 

You won’t be disappointed with NutriChef’s top-rated choice. This has an aggregate of 4.4 stars of 1,700 reviews, so its title was obviously won as the Amazon wine refrigerator pick. It can carry 12 glasses, which makes it the right size for many of these people. There is also a dedicated area for certain open bottles of wine to remain erect and not spill. 

Many consumers notice it’s so silent, it’s working barely. “For those times I wanted a little best small wine cooler but refused to make the purchase,” one customer wrote. “This wine fridge has completely loaded me with the needs but I couldn’t have been happy with it.”


  • Can also ’s great bottles of champagne and wine.
  • The automated controls are easy to use.
  • Allows horizontal and vertical racking
  • Versatile and quick to fit in small places
  • Activity silent


  • No power over moisture but might not be required if you store closed wines

NewAir 116 Bottle Dual-Zone

It’s certainly on the more pricey side, but the full-sized NewAir cellar is a perfect investment to develop your selection of wines. It has 11 wooden racks which can be glued when you really need bottles. The best small wine cooler utilizes a gold LED light for lighting the interior which can be adjusted remotely in two separate configurations. 

“I’m so in lust with this finer wine,” one shopper said. “The alder wood and stainless shelves match well with our furniture and have many SO bottles. I enjoy putting on the golden lighting until we have done displaying all the lovely boxes.” It is a two-zone refrigerator such that you can place it at two separate levels to hold both the reds and your whites optimum. 

You will have the versatility to keep it readily accessible or to create it into the cabinet of your restaurant or wine room.


  • Holds 116 flasks
  • Set different upper and lower cabin temperatures
  • Set temperature with toggle switches easily
  • Indoor LED lights with brightness capability
  • Extendable wood racks


  • Impossible to hold conditions optimum

NewAir Wine Cooler with 46 Bottle

At below $ the NewAir Constructed Wine Fridge has a total of 46 bottles—more than equivalent options would be sold in this price range. White and red wines should be processed; a dual piston cooler enables the temperatures to be adjusted between 40 and 66 degrees. 

In addition, the machine is really simple to set up: simply slide between granite countertops or under your countertop. This wine refrigerator may even stand alone. Five wooden racks, an LED screen and a three-tempered door frame for additional insulation and UV safety are open.


  • Large variety of temperatures facilitates wines of various kinds.
  • Fits with a protective lock to hold children away.
  • Can be conveniently mounted as an integrated or freestanding device.


  • The floppy disk takes no more than 46 cases. 
  • Takes at minimum 40 glasses.

NewAir 29 Bottle Dual-zone

With an impressive 4.7 star rating in almost 600 ratings, this NewAir wine fridge is one of Wayfair’s best-known choices – but is now available on Amazon as well. The double-zone refrigerator (which ensures it can be adjusted to separate white and red temperatures) can either be put alone or be combined into the closets. 

It is built to contain 29 regular wine bottles easily, but if there is anything bigger, the 5 racks may be modified. Moreover, the door is removable, so that it can be unlocked from left or right. “The refrigerator is quiet and I appreciate the idea that whenever you want you can switch off the fridge light. We already liked a few samples of vino and the temple was great!” One satisfied customer wrote.


  • Attractive look
  • Blue Light source is vivid and can be removed.
  • For the preparation of both white and red wines.


  • When the door is reversed it is not quick to detach, the emblem transforms upside down.

Kalamera 30 Bottle Wine Cooler – best small wine fridge 

This Kalamera stainless steel kitchen refrigerator is lightweight enough for tiny households, but it still contains 30 bottles. Many reviews agree that this floppy disk is simple to set up and “perfectly blends” into every unused subcontractor region in your kitchen. “We should slide it to the position of our old trash compactor. 

It looks fantastic, it runs softly and holds the wine cold at a constant temperature,” one customer wrote. You could control the frequency between Fahrenheit 40 to 66 fahrenheit and have a safety feature which inhibitory activity from altering the structure.


  • The refrigerator Kalamera 30 liter Wine is simple to use. The machine has a few components to build and a handy menu outlines all about setup and use. The monitor and control panel are readily accessible and clearly identified.
  • This best small wine cooler is robustly built, with few reports that bits slip off or crash during early usage. Where there have been problems, impacted customers speak about quick and effective customer support response from Kalamera.
  • The refrigerator Kalamera 30 bottle Wine is an incredibly gorgeous piece. Although this fridge is reasonably inexpensive, the construction makes it appear far more premium.


  • While being a 30-bottle machine, the cooler for the Kalamera 30 bottle Wine will handle it hard despite coaxing and pressing. This is much more complicated for bigger bottles of wine. The rearrangement of the shelves however allows room effective and a number of soda cans can be placed.

Koolatron Urban Series 8 Bottle

Wine freezers can be pricer, but this cheap one from Koolatron costs you just a few bucks — a fraction of the price of several other versions. It is a refrigerator with a single region, such that the temperatures can be adjusted about 46 to 66 F. It holds up to eight regular beer cans and can be extracted if larger bottles are necessary. 

Because it spans 22 inches, it can comfortably pass under cabinets on the dining table. Shoppers from Amazon agree that it’s the ideal size for both the amount of bottles that they want to carry, and they like the clever mirrored style. 


  • Compact and compact architecture
  • Eco conscious refreshment
  • 4 flexible carriers
  • Special yet trendy catastrophe


  • Cheaply designed

Ivation 12 Bottle – best small wine fridge 

This single-zone Ivation wine refrigerator is the best way to put it in your refrigerator counter’s corner. Its durable racks can accommodate up to 12 containers, but they can be removed, so that you can delete them and rearrange them if you wish. It’s totally autonomous, but shoppers claim it looks really appealing (so you’re going to keep it on display). 

“I bought this for my mom’s really hard to buy for as a Mom’s Day present,” one customer said. “She liked this food dehydrator full! She’s younger and had back surgery so it’s a bonus that this specific refrigerator remains on her counter. It’s very peaceful and trendy.”


  • Controls of heat
  • Quiet Quiet
  • Let’s face it, in a little wine cellar you want to be quiet.


  • The compact dining room contains just 3″ basement wine bottles, so you must have placed these bottles in the basement of the wine cellar to house the bigger bottles.

Nutrichef 15 Bottle Refrigerator

This lightweight yet well-built Nutrichef styrofoam cooler is the ideal option for those who deal in limited areas. It has four chromium wine racks and a standing base rack that carries up to 15 regular bottles safely. Its stand-alone configuration helps you to position the fridge on the floor of your kitchen or worktop . 

It also packs devices like a cool mechanism (which allows the temperature to be changed from 41 to 64 degrees), an automatic lock for both the steel door and a virtual display screen to regulate the temperature of the unit and the LED lighting. Better still, due to a noise device, the wine fridge holds your bottles cold while keeping a calm activity.


  • Broad variety of temperatures
  • Auto lock
  • External checks
  • The base shelf should be used for empty bottles


  • Little power

Ivation 31-Bottle 15” 

Ivation has a trusted brand in home electronics, and sells a broad selection of intelligently crafted wine best mini wine fridge. This version has a temperature of 40-66 ° F and a strong quintuple glass door for the safety of containers from Uv rays. It also has up to 31 bottles in a single-zone thermally sealed chamber and a heavy-duty pump that can easily and reliably cool wines. 

Easily monitor each area through the digital LCD settings menu, and trigger or disable the weak interior LED lighting. While it is electricity and incredibly silent, this cleaner is similarly energy-efficient, utilizing vibration suppressant technology to eliminate sediment within your bottles. A vent facing the front ensures that you can put it everywhere – since it is an integrated refrigerator, you can include it


  • Gorgeous!
  • Scale and look render it appealing
  • Compact refrigerator for limited areas


  • Cannot describe something

Kalamera 12 inch – best mini wine fridge 

If your range contains entirely of reds, so your best option is a temperature sensor refrigerator. “Bear in mind that any wine – red, white, sparkling and fortified – is properly between 53 and 57degree,” Tilden says. In other terms, a single temperature refrigerator would do the job well if age is the goal versus charge. 

Kalamera’s 18 bottles single-zone wine refrigerator is trendy in style and still highly practical, featuring sophisticated cooling technology that eliminates friction, intelligent digital monitoring, a double-pane glass locking door and six flexible beech wood shelves that will not scratch your bouteilles. 

The minimum temperature of the fridge is 40 °C, with a high of 66 °C. The front ventilation helps you to position it in your cabinets or to retain it as a stand-alone install.


  • The Kalamera 12 Bottle Countertop Stainless steel cooler with only a whisper, meaning you can bring it in any space and without noise distraction, even your workplace.
  • One of the affordable versions of this scale, this wine refrigerator is hard to say from the first glance thanks to its sleek nature and quality materials. Looks a lot more costly.
  • The small and compact construction of this wine cooler renders it reasonably portable and flexible, while it is built as a countertop.


  • Some consumers claim that it doesn’t cool off, that conditions lag or take too long to meet the advertised minimum standard. This, though, is a typical problem for most cooler models of wine which may result from inappropriate servicing and positioning.

Frigidaire FFWC3822QS 512 – best mini wine fridge 

Berrigan’s dual field best small wine cooler are go-to, since they tend to consume wines at serving temperatures.  Because of its frostless, Ultra violet glass roof shutter, steel base, removable lock, Lighting systems and monitor as well as a fuel intensive fan device, she suggests Frigidaire’s 38-ball cooler. 

You should store the containers in one of two climate regions with its three shelves (five sliding), whether warmer for whites from 41 to 54 degrees or even a hotter for reds from 55 to 64 percent. This wines refrigerator is open.


  • Two Different temperature 
  • Alternative


  • None

Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 – best small wine refrigerator 

I will suggest that it is the best portable wine cooler on this list, although you are willing to discuss it more. The 18-bottle Champagne Cooler from the Wine Lover Silent is a horizontal cooler with a radiant generator efficient. 

It is intended to keep bottles of Bordeaux, so you may drop the racks if you’d like to stick bottles in various sizes. The advantage is that it is a dual area wine cooler for less than $$$, meaning that these reds and whites are kept cooler in the same lightweight wine.


  • Despite its low price point, the system is very stylish. It blends right with every home design and supports it. It’s definitely a class comment.
  • The Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler has a rather specific process and temperature, independent of the surrounding temperature, stays inside the set range.
  • The double zone function of the wine enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator allows the customer to store both white and red in one fridge and makes zoning very effective with the top-floor location of both areas.


  • The wine refrigerator does not deliver the silent process promised. A persistent hum was complained as to when the fan switches pace, and it’s not quite bothering.

Wine Enthusiast 272 03 12W

The second portable wine cooler from Wine Enthusiast features on this list for a cause. There is one that the other small wine best small wine cooler don’t have, one which helps it stick out and doesn’t seem like a black refrigerator on the table. There are wood shelves. Sure, it’s just an attractive wood façade on the front of wire shelves.

 And it’s not what a portable wine cooler is all for on your counter? The Wine Enthusiast Touchscreen Wine Cooler has a normal thermoelectric cooling, a temperature that can be changed, and will not deliver to California for any purpose.


  • The  average temp is fantastic and you should allow the most of this functionality.
  • Enthusiastic is great to hold your beloved wine bottles on the wood table and store.
  • The customers are assured of ease when you speak of the ease of the panel.


  • 12 wine bottles are not enough for consumers would want to store vast volumes of soda cans

EdgeStar CWR70SZ

After this, on just this list we have the most pricey, but lightweight mini fridge, which really is a paradox. This Built-in Floppy Disk can suit everywhere at $$$. This makes it suitable for homes, small kitchen and wine books alongside the Special Moments nook in front of the books nook. 

I would guess the EdgeStar’s price point is attributed to the large compressor in a very limited footprint device. There is also a reversible door that can be helpful as you want to find a spot to position it. It has front airflow and UV resistant glass, which holds lightweight wine coolers up to general quality. Here you pay a premium for the compressor and its fit anywhere. Maybe that’s just what you want. Other than the wine, you realize.


  • Create 6-inch slim
  • Capable of built-in
  • Calm efficiency


  • Considering its bottle size, it is very expensive.

Ivation 18 Bottle

This is well designed and practically quiet. It can hold big and strange bottles, and it holds all of the containers at a consistent temperature, fluctuating with a wireless thermostat barely upwards of half a degrees Fahrenheit. While the racks sound a little weak in their drivers – just like the most sitting wine best small wine refrigerator do – they are durable and keep your wine selection safe. It is also simple to run, reasonably lightweight and very well-assessed online to show that it does not have any long-term concerns with quality.


  • Cooling quickly and peacefully.
  • It combines with current appliances in sleek and stylish style.
  • It’s pretty easy to mount this cooler.


  • Shelves are not quick to slip down.

The Magic Chef 12 – best small wine refrigerator

This Chef Wine Cooler looks like it performs just like our top option. It’s just a little bigger, a deeper tint in the glass. It’s even marginally cheaper. We found the same construction quality, clear, discrete architecture and strong cooling output as our top selection; the heats hardly plummeted further than a couple of degrees from the heating system configuration. 

Given its limited 12-bottle volume, you could fit a range of container shapes and sizes within. The consumer ratings are, on average, much more positive than our key pick’s, meaning this has the sorts of quality-control problems we’ve noticed with several other wine best small wine cooler.


  • Low use of electricity saves costs.
  • Gentle interior lamps create a fun feeling.
  • Reasonable for limited fields.


  • There are several reports that it sounds beeping or buzzing.

What Should Consider When Choosing Best Small Wine Cooler- Why We Selected

We began by consulting a group of specialists, reading as many wine refrigerators, wine conservation and wine processing as possible. Then we created a table with 45 traditional models and began to narrow down the contestants. Our quest was restricted to building larger single region versions with capacity from 12 to 36 bottles.  This will suit virtually anywhere else in your house, cost less, and have enough storage capacity with most sparkling wines.

We like the volume range of 12 to 36 bottles because it helps you to accommodate at most one entire bottle of whiskey without overcoming the high price, scale, floor space or building specifications. The ability of bottles specified for each wine refrigerator is 750 mL regular bottles. If you’ve been through several 11⁄2 liter bottles or unusual botanic bottles, you would possibly need to clear a shelf to match them.

We prefer single-temperature refrigerators as they expense less than double-zone best small wine refrigerator, have greater capacities in proportion to their capacity and still perform all a wine refrigerator has to do. Some people enjoy double-zone designs because they have a combination of reds but whites and are mindful that every type has the correct temperature: For white, 50 °F to 55 °F, for red 65 °F to 70 °F. But the levels are served. Everywhere between 50°F and 60°F, it is ideal for both red and white storage. And if you are in a hurry, it is easy to cool a wine by putting it in the fridge refrigerator for half a minute or by boiling it momentarily.

Here are the items that distinguish a decent refrigerator from anything else:

Building of quality: 

Above everything, you should depend on a decent wine refrigerator. The racks are durable and simple to cut, and not too loose in the guide rails. The window closes on a flat axis and wobbles not. The joints are watertight and the components are strong and secure. The acrylic hinge covers are not loose. These have four raising legs that can each cover a raise from the floor by at least half an inch. If there is one stick, the door is tightly bolted and the glass is durable enough even to survive a bump.

Precise thermostat

the level on the air conditioner should be precise so that you realize that your wine is in the correct comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be exact, although certain best small wine cooler between the show level and the present temperature were off by up to 5°F. That is enough with you understanding it to slip beyond the target range.

A number of container sizes are suitable:

 the refrigerator can be used for a big giant bottle without burning against the glass in any slot and can accommodate a wide magnum container while removing some shelf.

Simply called: 

the refrigerator can never be quieter than a laundry machine or even a kitchen refrigerator. Most of the versions we looked at were thermoelectric and almost silent. The versions of the piston are a little quieter.

Digital thermostat:

 digital heating systems and precision climates are needed. Storage of wines is critical enough not to estimate the temp of the fridge with an uncountable dial like in mega.

Neutral design: 

The wine refrigerator can mix seamlessly into every kitchen, dining area or cellar. It must not be a declaration of fashion, but should not sacrifice the decor of the space. Many people hold their wine best small wine cooler out of reach, but modeling with shiny, garish or excessively flashy LED screens is even easier to stop.

Sensitive controls: 

the controls can respond. If left on, the inner LED light could immediately switch off. The Lead show can be dimmed or taken off (this is frustratingly rare). Whether it has a, the power lock does not trigger in seconds – it really should be selected automatically, if any.

Generally strong user feedback: 

A good wine refrigerator can still provide positive user ratings without apparent quality management issues. Freestanding versions appear to have a lower overall score than best small wine cooler or dishwashers, for example. Many are manufactured except for the most stringent quality management requirements in large volume factories. So we have taken every pattern that we have observed in online user feedback very seriously and even rejected one of our top rivals because of persistent complaints regarding dysfunction of ceramic heaters.

There are a few items here which might or might not be relevant to you. Either direction or the other, we didn’t punish them.

Consistent heat: 

For healthy conditions, temperature fluctuations in wine cools seldom reach two to three degrees. This isn’t large enough to invade the interior of the wine. You just need the refrigerator to hold the wine fresh anywhere between 50°F and 60°F. And though the fridge fluctuates wildly a few degrees continuously high or low, the cooler wine climate trends avoids spoilage.

Tinted window:

 light is good for wine, especially infrared radiation. The dark window offers additional security, however by storing the refrigerator away from trees or natural sun you may prevent the issue. UV penetration generally requires several months to affect the wine.


Certain wine best small wine coolers have key keys to discourage curious kids or craving robbery. It’s a good bonus when you think this would be a challenge, but it really isn’t an issue for many people.

Cut-out for vertical bottles: 

Certain wine best small wine coolers have a bottom sack that can fit inverted bottles. But even wine must be processed vertically, so we saw no major advantage of cuts other than esthetics.

You need not pay upwards of an amount on some or all of this apps wine refrigerator. Limiting size to 12 to 18 bottles would cost you no upwards of an amount decent refrigerator with all you would need and nothing. Ramping up the price allows you greater potential for more stylish construction features, including bamboo rolling racks.

To understand more about how to choose the best wine cooler here is tips for you

Our top 5 Picks of Best Small Wine Cooler 

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