How To Clean Whiskey Stones: Some Ways To Use Better

Like the other stuff, Whiskey stones also request little effort to tidy up after using. The customers should exterminate bacteria on their stones as well as prevent the residue-buildup regularly to protect their health safely.  This is the reason why people should know how to clean whiskey stones exactly.

They can wash the whiskey stones through the warm water in combination with dish soap or intone the stones in a combination of vodka and water to eliminate flavors which have been built up by the stones as long as stored in the freezer. In addition, you can eliminate absorbed flavors by baking them in your oven. To choose the best way and know explicitly how to clean whiskey stones, this article below will bring you the helpful information which you need.

how to clean whiskey stones

In this article, you can take into account these elements which you will need to know how to clean whiskey stones:

  • Can the Whiskey stones be consumed in the other drinks?
  • Maintaining the Whiskey Stones
  • How to freeze the Whiskey Stones
  • How to use the Whiskey stones in some hot drinks such as coffee, tea, … etc.
  • Can the whiskey stones reusable?
  • Does making a purchasing the whiskey stones value for your money?
  • 2 step by step instructions how to clean whiskey stones
  • Periodic Care
  • How to eliminate scratches on the surface of whiskey stones
  • Are Whiskey Stones Dishwasher Safe?
  • Conclusion

Can the Whiskey stones be consumed in the other drinks?

Definitely yes. The whiskey stones do not negatively respond with all drinks or harm to the color, smell or taste of liquids. You can see prevalently to put whiskey stones into other drinks like bourbon, wine, scotch,beer and rum. Now and then soda, juice, coffee, iced tea, and cocoa.

Maintaining the Whiskey Stones

Step 1: Clean the whiskey stones after each use 

Implement this can help you keep the bacteria from developing on your stones as well as prevent the residue from absorbing. The stones build up the flavors in the freezer which will be extremely tough to eliminate general cleaning spotlessly.

To eliminate the absorbed flavors, in a host of cases the customers will either have to soak or bake their whiskey stones and these processes will be described in the detail parts below.

Step 2: Wash the whiskey stones with the dish soap or the warm water

You need to roll the whiskey stones back as well as in the clean hands under the warm water. Then, you need to take the stones back underneath the warm water and spray a few drops of the dish soap to your stones. After that, you should lather up them, then wash the stones with soap. You can consider some soaps which major in this stuff to have the best effect.

how to clean whiskey stones

Step 3: Dry the whiskey stones

You can use the clean dish towel and paper towel to eliminate extra moisture from the whiskey stones then wipe them carefully. Take the whiskey stones on the paper towel in order to dry within between an hour and two. The dry, sunny locations as similar as a windowsill which is tidyup, function well for the drying stones. 

Step 4: Take the whiskey stones back to the freezer

Bring the whiskey stones into its bag. When your stones become dirty or have unpleasant flavors even you don’t use and are just stored in its bag, you should consider its bag and you probably need its replacement bag. Keep the whiskey stones in a freezer bag and airtight container in order to improve the protection. If you need a fridge which is big enough to contain many things you can consider this article

The bag’s whiskey stones which came along with your whiskey stones is to prevent from accumulating the frost, ice, and taking on the absorbed flavors of other stuff in the freezer.

How to freeze Whiskey Stones

The whiskey stones have to be kept in the refrigerator for minimum 4 hours as soon as using. Counting on the proportion of the stocks, use approximately 3 whiskey stones to degree temperature one whiskey glass.

Almost all sets of the whiskey stone come along with a small bag to store it in. If the customers keep the bag with the whiskey stocks in the refrigerator, they will momentarily have some stocks handy as soon as they would like to pour himself a dram.

How to use the Whiskey stones in some hot drinks such as coffee, tea, … etc.

how to clean whiskey stones

It is quite explicit how the whiskey stones function in cool drinks, but in hot beverages such as tea, coffee, or even a hot toddy?

Put the cold whiskey stocks in the hot beverages to rapidly cool them down

Regardless of a conventional cup of coffee or some hot tea, occasionally you still grow impatient to wait it cool to a “sippable” temperature.

Place your whiskey stones to microwave to keep warm for your drinks

  1. Put from 2 to 4 whiskey stones in the microwave between 60 and 90 seconds.
  2. Eliminate the heated stocks from the microwave thoroughly.
  3. Add them into your beverage which you choose.

To begin this step, the customers should consider certainly this material of their stones such as the granite, soapstone whiskey stones and especially stainless steel because putting the stainless steel stones in the microwave does not seem like a fantastic idea at value.

Can the Whiskey Stones be reusable?

how to clean whiskey stones

The whiskey stones can be reusable. After putting them into whiskey, the customers can tidy them up and retake them back in the refrigerator to make them available for the following time. Make sure that you can keep them in the refrigerator for minimum 4 hours as soon as you put them into the refrigerator another glass of whiskey.

This is the reason why the whiskey stones can save so much money which we don’t need to buy the new stones many times again, Nevertheless you need to know how to clean whiskey stones exactly and you should know you can tidy up them by hand, or use the dishwasher.

Does making a purchase the whiskey stones value for your money?

The whiskey stocks are quite cheap, so they are a fantastic supplement for the folks who are in for a treat to drink the whiskey because they can use it many times, therefore they don’t have to make a purchase for a new one. Moreover, one set which can last for a host of years.

One of alternative ways for using the whiskey stocks is to use ice because this still is much more efficient in cooling the whiskey. However, this increases the amount of a lot of water as well as dilute  whiskey. This one of the outstanding advantages of using whiskey stones.

The whiskey stocks permit your chilled drink which can taste resemble from starting to end. The first sip always tastes obviously similar as the last since the whisky doesn’t diluted at all.

2 Step-by-step instructions how to clean whiskey stones

Soaking the Whiskey stones to eliminate the absorbed Flavors

Step 1: Soak the whiskey stones in water and vodka

how to clean whiskey stones

Fill full of the warm water to a halfway flass then fill another quarter of it with the vodka. After that add the whiskey stones to the drink. It should be entirely submerged. Sometimes you should stir the substances in the glass within a couple of many hours.

Step 2: Dry the whiskey stones then retake them back to your freezer

how to clean whiskey stones

You can eliminate the whiskey stones from the combination of water and vodka then wipe them with the paper towel or the dish towel. After that you can arrange the whiskey stones on the dry paper towel in air dry within one 1 hours until it dries. Retake the whiskey stone to its bag, pick them to your freezer, and use the cleaned whiskey stones.

Step 3: Apply the combination of water and vodka when necessary

how to clean whiskey stones

In many situations, the customers need to soak their whiskey stones more than 1 time before removing the absorbed flavors entirely. If the whiskey stones absorb the unwanted flavors from the freezer again, let’s reapply the combination of water and vodka as described.

Eliminating the absorbed flavors in oven

Step 1: Dry the whiskey stones thoroughly

how to clean whiskey stones

Remove the whiskey stones from your refrigerator when you need. Put the whiskey stones in dry places such as sunny locations within 1 or 2 day to entirely dry the whiskey stone.

This way uses sore heat to eliminate absorbed smells from the whiskey stones. The moisture in your stones can make them crack, explode, even ruining them.

Step 2: Clean the whiskey stones by the oven’s self-cleaning process

how to clean whiskey stones

Put the whiskey stones in the oven. Then, turn on the oven’s self-cleaning process. With the high temperature, the whiskey stones will be sterilized as well as removed any absorbed flavours. When the process finishes as well as the oven can cool down, remove the stones from the oven.

Most of the whiskey stones are made from soapstone resisting the high temperature of the oven process. If your stones are from another assortment of stones, note that they can stand the high heat when you clean them in this way.

Step 3: Check the status of the whiskey stones

how to clean whiskey stones

Examine every stone one at a time. Inspect all sides of it for any cracks or breaks. All the whiskey stones which have been damaged due to the high temperature should be removed. The rock fragments as well as shards due to the cracked and broken stone can cause danger for you.

Periodic Care

The quality of your whiskey and granite stones can be used for a while, but if the customers want to do this with their soapstones, they should take care of them thoroughly like you take care of their watch. This does not request the heavy chores repeatedly, but basically you need some care with them while counting on how frequent you are consuming them.

If you don’t know why to clean the whiskey stones, this video is useful for you to know explicitly how to use the whiskey stone and how to clean whiskey stones:

How to eliminate scratches on the surface of whiskey stones

You should be careful and have to avoid scratching the soapstones, regardless if they are manufactured from metal or any material. Even the high-end whiskey stones can look medium when they are scratched. Moreover, the many as well as deep scratches aren’t easy to remove in the whiskey rocks, balls and cube.

If your stones are made from metal, you should just make a purchase for the new ones. But if they are made from granite, soapstone or ceramic, you can consider to use sandpaper 3M Sandpaper then slightly go over all scratches by a circular and smooth motion. You can use a wet sponge to eliminate the dust as well as use some mineral oil then rub it all over.

The use of sandpaper will eliminate the mineral oil before applied, so you should remember that you can not apply the mineral oil as soon as using every sandpaper. 

To increase the effect of eliminating all scratches on the surface of whiskey stones, you should be careful and thorough when selecting the type of mineral oil. You can take into account finding the best quality one with the bargain price which can affect your stones.

Are Whiskey Stones Dishwasher Safe?

There are 3 main assortments of the whiskey stones: soapstone, granite, and stainless steel. We mention a little information about these types because this depends on whether you can throw them into your dishwasher.

You should be careful that the entire point of consuming the product is to maintain the taste and purity of your whiskey. So anything which can change the smell of your whiskey is something you need to avoid.

how to clean whiskey stones

With soapstones or granite, you will need to immerse them in the combination of water and some vodka a few times to tidy up the strain in smells. The stainless steel has to be immersed as well as polished as soon as being stored in the fridge as well. You also are putting the dishwasher remove into your sweetie whiskey.

Beer in mind that the complete point of the whiskey stone is to maintain your drink tidy up as well as undiluted, so when your dishwasher will be an undangerous selection, it is firmly not the suggested one.

Granite stone

Granite is one of the smooth conventional stones which is used for many different things. The countertops as well as the floors are the most prevalent uses. Especially, in each situation, it is usually suggested that the manners are used to keep liquids not seeping in, so it invariably causes staining the material.

The granite whiskey stocks are not similar but this specific use. In reality the problem is compounded that you are submerging it in liquid then you put it back into the freezer. Then, you can put the granite whiskey stocks in your dishwasher safely. It won’t destroy or harm your product and your dishes, nevertheless you should be carefull with the chemicals and soaps can sink into the pores then adjust the smell of anything which you take them into then.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel is one of the top selectión for the latter-day whiskey stock user, so it is probably the unique selection which can put it into the dishwasher with a little bad effect on it or your drink. Nevertheless, regardless of what kinds of your stone you are using you will still need to tidy it again after you put it through your dishwasher.


Soapstone is probably the oldest type of the whiskey stone because in reality, it is entirely less soft than many assortment of stones. That is meaning that they will finally take on the unpleasant smell from both putting in the fridge and the dishwasher. If you have ever dined something which used a host of time in the fridge. There is a different smell which always comes along with it. It is not sorely pleasant.


With the step-by-step directions to know how to clean whiskey stones and some attention which you should look over clearly, you can read it explicitly to consider your own ways to clean whiskey stones. If your whiskey stones are clear entirely, you still enjoy the better smell of whiskey. You can take into account some other devices to help you have the best experiences in this article.

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