Top Best 30 Inch Wide Refrigerator: Best For Modern!

The significant draw of these fridge units is the helpful, innovative highlights that are incorporated. In-entryway refreshment containers, ice creators, and shrewd cooling frameworks incorporated into your refrigeration apparatus cause your kitchen space to feel overwhelming. Regardless of whether you're hoping to present a tasteful and rich French entryway ice chest, or a work of art and trustworthy top cooler fridge into your home, follow our most recent guide as we talk about the best 30 inch wide refrigerator. With a few distinct styles and designs to look over, you will undoubtedly locate the correct one to accommodate your kitchen structure.

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Best 30 inch wide refrigerator for Overall

Best 30 inch wide refrigerator for Temperature control

Best 30 inch wide refrigerator for Durable

Best 30 inch wide refrigerator for Design

Best 30 inch wide refrigerator for Price

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Top Best 30 Inch Wide Refrigerator Reviews 2020

EdgeStar CWR5631FD 30-Inch 56 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone French Door Wine Cooler
  • Dual Zone Operation: Whether you’re a fan of red and white wines or live in a household with divided tastes, this EdgeStar unit’s dual-zone design is capable of holding different varietals at ideal storage conditions
  • Temperature Range: Each zone has a temp range of 40-65°F; powerful & efficient compressor and internal circulation fans work concurrently to evenly distribute cool air throughout the interior

We are investigating fitting up to 56 jugs of standard 3-inch width bottles. Shining wine bottles that are 3.5 crawls in breadth, just as 1 liter and 1.5 L containers, may fit the top and base racks. Remember that non-standard jug sizes may altogether lessen the greatest rack limit of this wine cooler. 

The EdgeStar CWR5631FD is a shocker with its French entryway plan. The twofold entryway style truly gives this wine cooler a top of the line look. The entryways are made with UV-safe colored glass with a hardened steel outline giving it a dash of class. 

It additionally accompanies LED lighting for improved permeability around evening time. The alluring inside lighting additionally features your wine assortment for when you are demonstrating it off to your companions. 

There are 12 removable and movable wooden racks with tempered steel fronts on this wine cooler. Furthermore, it has a helpful LED show that includes the temperature inside. The computerized control board is additionally effectively open for temperature upkeep. 

This wine refrigerant can be introduced unsupported or implicit by your bar or inside your kitchen. The look mixes well with mechanical and current inside plans. 

Remember that the EdgeStar CWR5631FD isn't intended for outside use. Additionally, try not to stack the units on top of the other. This training isn't suggested as it can influence the toughness of your wine coolers. The underlying wine coolers can be set next to each other without any issues on the off chance that you need more space to show your wine assortment. 

This is fundamental for some wine epicureans who appreciate having both their red and white wine determinations in one advantageous wine cooler. With this model, you can keep up temperature levels between 40 to 65°F. You can keep the red wine choice on the privilege and the white wine on the left for a more coordinated determination. 

This security highlight is an absolute necessity if you are regularly away from your wine assortment and need to guarantee that nobody awkwardly handles your wine choice while you are away. It likewise ensures that there won't be ill-advised cooling issues. 

The most basic part of a wine cooler is its capacity to keep up the ideal temperature needed for your wine determination. This model flaunts an exceptionally productive blower and inward course fans that cooperate towards ideal temperature control. With this model, you can make certain of even conveyance of cool air with no problem areas anyplace. 

If you keep your wine cooler in a bright kitchen, make certain to check if the model has this element. With the EdgeStar CWR5631FD 56 container double zone wine cooler, there are extravagant dark spots that are tactful and mix with the general plan of the model. These dark specks go about as UV beam blockers to ensure your wine assortment against warmth and UV openness.


  • Calm model
  • Smell free because of its carbon channel
  • Twofold entryway plan
  • Tough form
  • Double zone temperature


  • Restricted rack limit 
  • Intended for standard containers
  • Racks are not on rollers

EdgeStar CWB2886FD 30-Inch Built-in Wine and Beverage Cooler with French Doors
  • Dual Zone Operation: Whether you prefer a glass of wine or can of beer with dinner with dinner, this EdgeStar unit’s dual-zone design will hold multiple types of beverages at optimal storage conditions
  • Temperature Range: The left cooling zone offers a temperature range of 40-65°F while the right cooling zone offers a range of 38-65°F; Dimensions 34.13" H x 29.5" W x 25.38" D

This EdgeStar wine cooler is fairly special in that it is proposed to store both wine bottles and other compartment refreshment types, for example, soda pops or lager. 

This double zone drink fridge is fit for obliging up to 28 750 mL wine containers and 86 12 oz. jars. This blended stockpiling capacity makes it an incredible home expansion to serve the entire family and to make home engaging a snap. 

The unit includes spotless, tempered steel styling with French entryways. The entryways have a dark glass with inside LED lighting to flaunt your assortment. 

Incredible however calm inside fans guarantee brisk and in any event, cooling off your wine and helping keep up the ideal stockpiling temperature. Every entryway locks to secure your assortment and family. The unit gives full UV assurance. 

The double units cooperate to give double zone cooling. The left cooling zone offers a temperature scope of 40-65°F – ideal for an assortment of red and white wine. The correct cooling zone offers a scope of 38-50°F – made for lagers and another soft drink refreshment. 

An advanced control board and LED show are situated over each cooling zone to make temperature changes and lighting control fast and advantageous. Racks are easily sliding to permit simple access. Wooden racking is utilized for the wine cooler side (left); glass racking is utilized for the drink side (right). 

This EdgeStar CWB2886FD 30-Inch Built-In Wine and Beverage Cooler are both trendy and useful. It is an incredible decision for those with two dozen wine assortments and offers the adaptability to store various kinds of refreshments and compartments. It includes a peaceful blower. EdgeStar has a few different limits of this double capacity cooler which you might need to decide to coordinate your necessities. 


  • Capacity
  • Plan
  • Double temperature zone
  • Available racking


  • Costly

N'FINITY PRO HDX by Wine Enthusiast Wine & Beverage Center – Holds 90 Cans & 35 Wine Bottles – Freestanding or Built-In Wine Refrigerator
  • STYLISH HOME BAR - Professional quality and stylish design. The N'FINITY PRO HDX Wine and Beverage Center by Wine Enthusiast is sure to light up and beautify any room that it graces; bringing your home bar or game room to a whole new level.
  • DUAL INDEPENDENT COOLING ZONES - Stores up to 35 standard Bordeaux wine bottles and 90 cans of beer or soda. The N'FINITY PRO wine fridge includes 7 pull out shelves in the left zone and 4 fixed beverage shelves in the right zone.

Proficient quality and snappy plan. Work in or remain solitary, amasses to 35 containers of wine and 90 jars of brew or pop. This smooth and provocative wine basement makes certain to illuminate and improve any room that it graces. Furnished with a 25% more energy productive and ETL affirmed, cooling framework than its archetypes just as extending racking that will fit all your different measured 750 ML bottles. 

With double zone cooling and implicit ability, this is the ideal unit for all your wine stockpiling and administration requirements. 


  • Proficient quality and snappy plan
  • Expanded energy productivity by 25% over rivalry
  • 3 Year cooling production line guarantee


  • Not found yet

Kalamera 30'' Wine Cooler 66 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in and Freestanding with Stainless Steel and Glass French-Door Style
  • ★STORES 66 WINE BOTTLES: Holds your collection of up to 66 bottles of your favorite wine in different size, and is only affected when having larger bottle, like Pinot or Champagne. It's the perfect choice for the wine lover having various wine collection.
  • ★USER-FRIENDLY CONTROL: Provides options for internal lighting, Fahrenheit temperature reading, and easy LED display control!

This attractive 30-inch Kalamera wine and refreshment cooler have a similar plan, setup, material, and temperature range as the 24-inch. With the greater width measurement, this unit has a bigger limit of 33 jugs in the wine compartment (left side) with a temperature range of 40-66℉. It can house 96 jars of drinks on the brew and soft drink compartment (right side) with a temperature range of 38-55℉.


  • Unattached, under-counter implicit
  • Two separate temperature zones are controlled by the blower cooling framework


  • Not found yet

You can utilize them one next to the other or at various areas, as the two of them have a delightful independent plan. With the modern design, it will be suitable for any home. It can capacity up to 30 bottles so you can be satisfied with this point.


  • Design
  • Capacity


  • A little high cost

Lanbo 30 Inch Built-in Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler, 33 Bottle and 70 Can
  • Various Display: This beverage cooler is designed for elegant and stylish display, which with stainless steel door frames and see through glass doors could illuminate your home, bars, office and kitchen island.
  • Holds as You Want: The product dimension of Lanbo wine and beverage fridge is 29.5 L x 23.6 W x 34.5 H inches. Holds up to 33 bottles of standard Bordeaux and 70 cans of beverages which makes entertainment more joyfully with cold beverages and aromatic wine.

Lambo is a pioneer in wine and refreshment coolers. Their Lanbo 30 Inch Built-in Dual Zone Wine holds up to 30 containers in a smaller double zone wine cooler (41-54° in the upper zone; 54-64° in the lower). 

The wine cooler has contact controls and a computerized show that makes setting the temperatures simple. To keep wine cool, it utilizes a mix of blower and blower fan. Inward dissemination of air forestalls problem areas because of lopsided warmth circulation. 

The cooler has front venting which permits it to be either introduced inherent to a bureau or bar just as unattached. The blower has zero vibration helping in the maturing and putting away of the wine. 

To secure wine, the Lanbo's glass entryway keeps out unsafe UV beams and daylight. An underlying carbon channel secures the wine by going about as a characteristic hindrance against hurtful smells. The sliding racks can be taken out to account for bigger jugs too. This unit accompanies a year guarantee for work, three years for the blower.


  • Can hold up to 30 bottles’
  • Entryway keeps out unsafe UV beams and daylight


  • Not found yet

This next to each other, a huge limit cooler by Frigidaire highlights, giving you a lot of extra room for your staple goods. Its flexible gallon entryway containers, cantilever edge-to-edge racking, and store cabinet give you innumerable alternatives for the tweaked association. 

Furnished with a water and ice container, you would now be able to appreciate an invigorating glass of separated water just as cubed or squashed ice. 

At the point when you select a home machine from Frigidaire, you've picked a result of outstanding execution, comfort, and style; an apparatus that has been intended to work in amiability with the way you live. 

Frigidaire is one of the main providers of value home apparatuses and they invest heavily in contributing better items and administration than their clients. Through significant advancements, Frigidaire has acculturated their innovation to make apparatus plans that are cleaned up, natural controls, and highlights that are as valuable as they are savvy.


  • Comfort and style; an apparatus that has been intended to work in amiability with the way you live
  • Easy to clean


  • Quickly out of stock

EdgeStar CWBV80261 30 Inch Wide 26 Bottle 80 Can Side-by-Side Wine and Beverage Center
  • Save money by purchasing two of Edgestar's most popular models together versus individually!
  • 80 can beverage cooler (CBR902SG) & 26 bottle dual zone wine cooler (CWR302SZ)

The EdgeStar CWBV8026 will glance great in your kitchen. It is treated steel and dark which supplement the style of your kitchen or storm cellar or bar. It's a tasteful looking machine. The inside is enlightened with blue LED lights. 

The entryway glass is colored which will shield your refreshments from possibly unsafe UV beams. The complete limit of 106 drinks will set you up for any engaging occasion. 

There are a ton of highlights on this EdgeStar cooler. The touch temperature show is sufficiently enormous, simple to utilize and comprehend. The temperature range for the 80 can refreshment fridge is 38 to 50 degrees F. The temperature for the wine cooler fluctuates by zone: The top zone has a temperature scope of 54-65 degrees F, the base zone has a temperature scope of 40 to 54 degrees F. 

The enormous and amazing fans circle the air so well that you won't need to stress over have any "problem areas". Problem areas will be territories in your cooler that don't get as cold as others. 

The units will transport to you right pivoted. This implies that both of the coolers will open on a similar side. The cool thing about the EdgeStar CWBV8026 is that you can turn around the entryway swing direction so the entryway swings open how you need it. The vast majority like to change their coolers so you can appreciate the French entryways look. The directions to change the entryway swing are in the manual. 

Some extremely smart highlights went into this machine. For instance, the ventilation is situated on the top front of this cooler. This gives you greater adaptability when choosing where to find your refreshment fridge. If the ventilation was in the back, at that point you would need to make facilities for ventilation. 

This could wind up setting you back more cash in important alterations for establishment. If you are stressed over protecting your beverages. Maybe out of the hands of youngsters or small kids you have a lock and key.


  • Greater adaptability when choosing where to find your refreshment fridge
  • Safety to use


  • Not found yet

Kalamera Wine Fridge, 30 inch Built in Wine and Beverage Refrigerator, Dual Zone w/ 33 Bottles and 96 Cans Capacity, Digital Touch Control
  • DUAL ZONE STORAGE: This Kalamera Wine Refrigerator holds up to 33 wine bottles and 96 soda cans. With 7 wooden shelves and 4 wire racks, our wine cooler allows you prepare fancy drinks for your party.
  • INDENPENDENT TOUCH CONTROL: Bace on digital temperature control, our beverage cooler offers a temperature range of 40-66°F for wine in the left and a range of 38-50°F for beverage in the right.

If you have the space to oblige a bigger cooler, the Kalamera arrives in a 24-inch and 30-inch cycle. 

The bigger cooler measures up at 22.4 x 30.5 x 33.9 inches and gives you space to cool a humble assortment of 33 wine bottles or 96 jars. Likewise, with all cited limits, this truly is the most extreme. You may even battle to accomplish that full limit however it's a sensible gauge. 

The straightforward swinging doors let you watch out for your drinks without upsetting cooling. Regardless of whether you need a chilling ally for the home kitchen or a little business outlet, you're in safe hands with Kalamera. 

You have adaptable establishment alternatives. Assemble this cooler in under-the-counter or leave it unsupported. In any case, ensure you leave some encompassing space for ventilation. 

Albeit the plan is very obvious, this useful and effective double zone cooler merits investigating further on the off chance that you have the space to house it.


  • Twin-zone cooling ideal for the present moment and long haul stockpiling of red and white wine
  • Plentiful space for right around 100 jars to keep the entire family hydrated
  • Introduce this cooler under-the-counter or leave it unsupported


  • Client care is disappointing

EdgeStar CBR902SGDUAL 30 Inch Wide 160 Can Built-In Side by Side Beverage Cooler with Blue LED Lighting
  • Save money by purchasing two of Edgestar's popular beverage cooler CBR902SG
  • Temperature range: 38-50 degrees F; For built in or freestanding application; Digital temperature controls; Auto defrost; Black dotted glass door tint

Initially, the double cooling zones give an adaptable arrangement. The left-hand side of this unit has a temperature scope of 36F to 43F and a limit concerning 17 ordinary jugs of wine. On the right-hand side, store up to 53 jars from 41F to 68F. Whatever drinks you need cooling, you're covered with EdgeStar. 

5 wooden racks and wood-fronted metal retires all slide out so you can reconfigure capacity to suit. This additionally disentangles tidy up. Consistent with all ADA guidelines, the air-cooled tech locally available gives you profoundly productive cooling without being menaced by the extreme commotion. 

Effectively available controls are a snap to utilize regardless of whether you're ordinarily not extraordinary with tech. Basic touch controls and a fresh computerized interface let you change the temperature without breaking your step. 

The cooling climate is superbly protected gratitude to a twofold glass entryway completed in a tempered material to forestall UV beams leaking in. Pick whether you need this cooler detached or incorporated into your kitchen units and appreciate an unmistakable however compensating expansion to your kitchen this year.


  • 8 removable racks for adaptable capacity
  • Store white and red wines at their best
  • Liberal limit of 17 jugs and 53 jars


  • The bundle will be conveyed to curbside as it were

Renew Your Life Give your new and frozen food sources the consideration it needs with this Haier 15 cu. ft. treated steel base cooler fridge. Ideal for giving your nourishments the correct climate, this fridge accompanies Quick Cool and Quick Freeze to ensure your recently put away food sources get cold quickly. With racks, entryway receptacles, crisper canisters, and then some, you'll have a lot of room to fit all your food inside. 

This Haier hardened steel base cooler fridge comes has 15 cu. ft. of space, so you'll have the option to easily fit every one of your staples, extras inside to say the very least. 

There's a lot of room for whatever you need put away with full-width, treated glass racks, full-width entryway, and cooler containers. For your canned drinks or claim to fame food sources, the electronic temperature-controlled container is the ideal spot. Need a spot for your new leafy foods? Store it in the full-width crisper receptacles. 

Driven lighting gives you an unmistakable and splendid light that utilizes less energy and keeps going longer than radiant lighting. Sabbath Mode debilitates capacities as per Sabbath-noticing rehearses.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact design


  • Not found yet

Sinoartizan Under Counter Wine and Beverage Cooler, 18 Bottles and 55 Cans
  • 18 Bottles and 55 Cans - Max storage of 18 bottle wine in the left cabinet while 55 pop cans in the right zone.
  • Double-layer Glass Door - Blocks UV, effectively protects your precious wine and drinks from light damage.

A wine cooler or a drink ice chest? The Sinoartizan ST-36B wine and drink cooler fridge, both independent and joined in one unit, with twofold temperature control for the double zone, conveys a variety of usefulness over its conservative size. 

With four movable feet at the lower part of the body, makes it adaptable in stature when you introduce it under-counter or detached and gives the front vent a superior ventilation climate meanwhile. 

Shrewd computerized contact plan for simple activity, a wide scope of 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit in the left bureau while 39-50 degrees Fahrenheit in the correct one, with twofold scaled-down underlying electric fans, stable refrigeration, and no-vibration, passing on virus air to each corner, making each jug or jar of wine or refreshment at a suitable temperature. 

Regardless of whether you are a wine sweetheart or a refreshment energetic, this wine and drink ice chest will be an incredible arrangement.


  • Intended to store wine in the left bureau while beverages or lager in the correct one
  • Simple to work, show constant temperature inside


  • Not found yet

Avanti CK3016 30” Energy Star Certified Full Compact Kitchen, Built in Kitchenette Stainless Steel Counter, Two Element Cooking Range, Refrigerator & Storage, White
  • Avanti 30” Energy Star Certified Full Compact Kitchen, Built In Kitchenette Stainless Steel Counter, Two Element Cooking Range, Refrigerator & Storage
  • ALL IN ONE KITCHEN: Complete convenience for your kitchen in one compact built in includes a cooktop, sink, storage cabinet, and refrigerator in 30 in

The Avanti CK3016 Compact Kitchen joins a 2-component 500/900-watt cooking range with treated steel ledges, hardened steel sink with chrome spigots, stockpiling hold, and flexible fridge in one conservative unit – ideal for restricted spaces. 

The fridge compartment is profoundly movable, with mobile racking and even a reversible entryway with right or left swing capacities. The Avanti CK3016 Compact Kitchen is an ideal one in all answer for little condos 

The Avanti CK3016 Compact Kitchen Refrigerator consolidates a few of your vital cooking machines into one helpful application. Complete with a treated steel sink, fixtures, and ledge this multifaceted unit additionally has burner curl cooktops and a 2.2 Cu. Ft. Fridge. This little kitchen is an ideal one-in-all answer for little condos, RVs, workplaces, and then some.


  • 2 customizable slide-out racks
  • Force pointer lights
  • Incorporated backsplash


  • Not found yet

How To Choose Thes Best 30 Inch Wide Refrigerator

A refreshment community ought to have a couple of fundamental highlights. This is what to consider while choosing the best 30 inch wide refrigerator for your home: 


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This is maybe the main element you should remember when looking for the best 30 wide refrigerator place. On the off chance that you as of now have a particular spot you need the refreshment community to go, it is imperative to quantify it cautiously and just buy a drinking place that will find a way into that space. 

In case you're planning the cupboards that are circumventing it, you may have somewhat greater adaptability. In any case, it is fundamental to painstakingly consider the size of a refreshment place before buying it.


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Numerous refreshment places contain glass racking that is unequivocally intended to hold jars. A few models do have racks made out of different materials, in any case, which can influence the sturdiness and style of the model. 

Every so often, the best 30 inch wide refrigerator may accompany customizable racking that permits you to oblige strangely formed jars or even containers. We suggest cautiously thinking about your requirements and picking a racking framework that addresses those issues.


In case you're anticipating having your refreshment community in a peaceful area, this is critical. Nobody needs to have a loosening up the night just to hear the drinking community fire up on the opposite side of the room. 

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Obviously, in case you're anticipating putting the refreshment place in a noisier area, this probably won't make any difference without question. Nonetheless, we suggest going with a calmer model assuming there is any chance of this happening.


The best 30 inch wide refrigerator arrives in a wide scope of temperature alternatives. Some must be changed inside a negligible reach, while others can go from almost room temperature to underneath freezing. 

Contingent upon what you're putting away and how specific you are about the temperature of your refreshment, you may have the option to go with simply a standard model. However, on the off chance that you need to store all the more very good quality items or like your beverages to be at a specific temperature, ensure you remember this element when buying your drink community. 

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Most refreshment communities have their cooling framework in one specific area. Without a fan, you would wind up with part of the middle colder than different parts, prompting a lopsided and insecure temperature. 

All things considered, it is difficult to tell what temperature to set a refreshment place at if within fluctuates relying upon where you're snatching a beverage from. Most great drink habitats, similar to our top picks, will have tough, top-notch fans that guarantee within the best 30 inch wide refrigerator remains a sensible even temperature.

Conclusion Top pick for the Best 30 Inch Wide Refrigerator

Finding the correct apparatus can be an overwhelming undertaking, yet when one settles on the correct decision it merits the exertion. You'll utilize your new apparatuses frequently, and likely they will add worth, style, and comfort to your home. We endeavor to give you the correct data to help you settle on these significant choices.

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Best 30 inch wide refrigerator for Overall

Best 30 inch wide refrigerator for Temperature control

Best 30 inch wide refrigerator for Durable

Best 30 inch wide refrigerator for Design

Best 30 inch wide refrigerator for Price

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