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Finding the best truss totem for your event can be tough. There are so many different styles, sizes, and shapes to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start. You want something that is going to look great in pictures but also stands up well against wind or rain.

Best Truss Totem has a wide variety of beautiful truss totems available for purchase online at affordable prices. Trus Totem has a wide range of styles available from traditional wood totems to sleek stainless steel models. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more elaborate, we guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for at Best Truss Totem!

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Best Truss Totem Reviews 2024

Complete 10ft Square Aluminum Double Truss

Complete 10ft Square Aluminum Double Truss is one of the best for your garden, patio, tailgating party, or weddings. 10ft Square Aluminum Double Truss is a durable build and will last years.

Made with high-quality aluminum these trusses are lightweight but very strong. With this truss, you will be able to make almost any structure like pergolas, gazebos, or tents.

10ft Square Aluminum Double Truss is great for large tents and if you add a center pole it is even more sturdy. It’s very easy to make a complete structure with this truss by using T connectors and/or J channels.

If you are worried about weight, every aluminum truss at the market has a maximum capacity to hold, which means that the trusses cannot be used outside this capability. This is a great product and you will not be disappointed with it if you decide to buy one.

You cannot beat this truss. It is made with high-quality aluminum, which makes it lightweight but at the same time very sturdy. You will not have to worry about your trusses bending or snapping, they are very strong and durable – perfect for your outdoor use!

These trusses are easy to transport and assemble. You will not need help to do it, however, it is always a good idea to have someone there in case you run into trouble. Assembly is very straightforward so you should not run into any problems with this truss too soon!


– Lightweight and durable, perfect for any outdoor event

– Great for hanging banners or installing lights on buildings or trees to get attention from a distance

– Permanent installation with included hardware and brackets

-Easy to build



Black Truss Arch KIT DJ Lighting System

Black Truss Arch KIT DJ Lighting System is a brand new modern and stylish Truss Arch Light Fixture. This is a 2 section kit, the second piece to it will be available soon so you can add on and create a larger setup.

This is a two-piece kit that consists of the arch base and the mast/trussing piece, it comes with everything required to hang your lights and complete this kit including all fixtures such as spotlights, LED tape light strips, controllable led par cans, and white wire rope.

It also comes with an option of either hanging the lights from above or having them come from below going up through the arch. It’s extremely versatile and very easy to put together, with no need for any electrical knowledge.

This product is also available in a 4ft and 3ft width but this one here is the largest at 8ft (96in). The arch height is 5ft (60in), you can use longer or shorter depending on how high you would like it to go down.

The color spotlight fixtures come with separate white and colored filters so you can change the color of the lights, if you don’t want all white then simply remove them to reveal the individual bulbs.

There are endless possibilities with this product that will come into play when creating your own setup, it’s extremely easy to put together and connect each section using the interlocking tubes.

If you are looking for a simple, modern design that gives off professional results then this product is exactly what you’re looking for.


– The only company that offers a modular lighting system

– Bulbs are replaceable and it never blows a fuse

– It is easy to assemble the unit

– Different shapes can be built


– The unit is too big to travel with

DJ Lighting Aluminum Truss

DJ Lighting Aluminum Truss is a new model that is designed to be used as lighting support for DJ events and or live performances. The frame of this trussing system consists of 40mm square aluminum tubes, which have a wall thickness of 1mm. It can carry loads up to 110kgs/242lbs.

The stages came pre-assembled, so all you have to do is snap the pieces together and then use a couple of screws to tighten them down. At both ends of the trussing, there are 4mm thick metal plates that will protect your setup from any damage.

And it can be loosened with a hex wrench, so you can quickly remove the truss. The cables/chains that came with it can be used to suspend lighting and other equipment.

The first thing you will need to do is make sure the trussing system is level, and then mark out where your cables should go using a marker or tape. You will need to put holes at each location so you can thread the cables through, but before you do that, you can use gaff tape to secure the cables in place.


– Lightweight and Durable

– Includes Integrated Fixtures

– Enough for Entire Room

– Easy Setup Process


– Need better hardware

DJ Lighting Aluminum Truss Dual 4.92 ft Totem

DJ Lighting Aluminum Truss Dual 4.92 ft Totem is an essential piece of equipment for nightclubs, corporate parties, schools, and small gigs. This Aluminum Truss Totem includes 2 x 4.92’ aluminum trusses.

Both are constructed from 1 3/8” (3.5cm) outer diameter aluminum tubing with an all-black powder-coated finish to produce a long-lasting durable totem. The black inner core is an exclusive feature that provides a unique look that will set your totem apart from the rest.

Each 4.92 ft aluminum truss weighs only 5 lbs (2kg) making them easy to handle and assemble even for large troupes. Each truss includes dual hanging brackets so you can easily hang lights/effects speakers, etc.

They are compatible with optional truss accessories. Each truss also has a threaded 3/8” (1cm) hole in the base for stacking or connecting additional pieces together.

The trusses are shipped in a double-thick corrugated box along with an internal foam sheet to protect the product during shipping. Assembly is quick and easy with only a Philips screwdriver (not included) required through the pre-drilled holes.


– Standalone Aluminum Truss Dual 4.92 ft Totem

– 56″ height without the top section

– Use with any standard lighting controller using 3 pin XLR plugs


– Aesthetically pleasing when not lit

– Lighting can be added or removed easily, which adds versatility

1.5 Meter DJ Lighting Aluminum Truss Totem

1.5 Meter DJ Lighting Aluminum Truss Totem is the best truss totem on the market. There are several reasons why we are saying this, but it is because of their quality and price. Let’s look at them one by one.

1.5 Meter DJ Lighting Aluminum Truss Totem uses 6mm tubes that have high-intensity aluminum alloy that ensure the stability of the totem. It also has a high-density color coating to prevent it from fading in outdoor weather conditions.

Besides that, the 1.5 Meter DJ Lighting Aluminum Truss Totem is fully equipped with internal wiring channels designed for easy cable management and quick installation.

Its price is surprisingly low when you compare it to other brands. Although 1.5 Meter DJ Lighting Aluminum Truss Totem is cheaper than other brands, its performance is just the same if not better.

This truss totem also comes with a suitable carry bag which makes it easier to store and transport. It’s time for you to get your own 1.5 Meter DJ Lighting Aluminum Truss Totem.


-This Totem creates a beautiful lighting effect.

-A full set comes with 3x3m and 4x4m truss totem pieces and lamps (truss, LED panels, and bulbs)

-Creates a stronger visual presence than other tools


-Might be too short for some events

-Trusses are not pre-connected; more time is required to set everything up.

6.56FT 2 Meter Aluminum Plasma Truss Totem

6.56FT 2 Meter Aluminum Plasma Truss Totem is made of high-quality aluminum alloy components with plastic connectors, quick assembly.

The Totem Truss System is designed for people who are tired of wasting time on difficult setup and looking for a truss system that can assemble in minutes, so they can focus more on whether the truss provides good illumination and what type of images might work best to enhance their presentation.

Totem Truss System includes a complete, ready-to-use unit that is lightweight and easy to transport from gig to gig. The Aluminum Truss System weighs only 15 lbs for the complete assembly, therefore transportation is very manageable by one person. This truss system can be set up in minutes without tools or screws!

It’s very simple to assemble just rotate the tubes into place using gentle pressure. This is a complete Aluminum Truss System that includes a 2 – 3′ section of trussing, 4 – 9″ adjustable legs and a 1x carry bag for storage and transportation.

The included lightweight aluminum carrying case has backpack-style shoulder straps for easy transport and storage. It’s perfect for mobile DJs, small nightclubs and bars, church events, and presentations.


– Lightweight and easy to put up

– Aluminium is a material that can be recycled in most cases.

– In some cases, people may have allergies to galvanized metals

– It would be hard if you live in an area with high winds.


– Not a good idea if you live in an area with high winds.

15′ Wide Crank Triangular DJ Lighting Truss

15′ Wide Crank Triangular DJ Lighting Truss is made of 2″ x 2″ 14-gauge steel tubing. The truss comes in 9 pieces and the max height is 12′. The minimum height is 6.5′ and the minimum width is 3′. It can be assembled in less than an hour by following the instructions provided with the product. The weight capacity for this truss is 300 pounds.

This truss is perfect as a DJ lighting truss or as a stage truss for small stages and back-line equipment racks. We recommend using ratchet straps to secure the trussing, especially if you’ll be using heavier lighting equipment on it. The weight and balance should remain good and sturdy throughout its life span.

We recommend this DJ lighting truss to anyone in need of a low-cost and effective solution for their lighting show. We also suggest that you utilize ratchet straps for added safety and performance when heavy equipment is placed on it.

An important factor when working with trussing is the connections between the different pieces. It is essential that they are fitted correctly in order to avoid accidents since it is possible that they can become loose when in use.

For this reason, it is important that the connections are made accurately by following the instructions provided in the user guide to attaching them securely.


– Provides a strong, sturdy, and durable frame

– Easily adjustable with many configurations

– Lightweight and easily transportable


– Requires professional installation from a qualified DJ lighting truss company

3x 5ft Lighting Square Aluminum Bolted Truss

3x 5ft Lighting Square Aluminum Bolted Truss is made of heavy-duty light steel tubing. The tube has a wall thickness of 0.8mm. It is great for stage, studio, photo booth, and exhibition use.

With 3/8″ and 5/8″ studs, you can hang anything from lights to drapes. It also features a built-in spigot for easy and secure assembly. The Square Truss is a standard lighting truss system. Consists of T, L, and Y-shaped sections to form a stable structure.

Its interlocking design, easy assembly, and disassembly make this the most popular portable lighting fixture in the market. This Aluminum Truss features unique stress-relief clips which allow you to make changes and re-adjust your structure without the need for disassembly.

Extremely sturdy and durable, this truss will support loads of up to 500 pounds (with proper installation). A variety of accessories can be hung from it such as lights, speakers, or flags.

This best Truss totem is perfect for setting up in places where there are no studs available. You can anchor it to a wall or construction grid with lag screws or nails. It is lightweight aluminum that serves as a support for sound equipment, speakers, lights, drapes, and other stage-related accessories.


– Versatile

– Rigid

– Long-lasting

– Requires less to carry than traditional trusses


-Takes more time to assemble

-Requires more manpower than traditional trusses

3x 5ft Lighting Triangle Bolted Truss

3x 5ft Lighting Triangle Bolted Truss is the best design to go for if you are looking for an easy to assemble the stand. The product’s main selling point is its quick assembly time, the other being its high load-bearing capacity.

This best truss totem has 3 individual truss pieces which can be assembled in a triangular shape with one central support attached at the top and bottom of each 2ft arm. The truss is made from steel which makes it very sturdy, the holes that hold together the arms are pre-drilled and countersunk for a flush appearance.

A drawback about this stand is that it is expensive as compared to other stands of a similar sort. Another problem with this tripod is that you have to purchase 3 separate 5ft long pieces which are supposed to be used together.


– Strong and sturdy

– Ideal to use as a base for lighting fixtures

– Easily can be mounted onto other trusses/buildings

– Good quality material

– Easy to assemble


– None

6.56 FT/2M Square Box Lighting Trussing

6.56 FT/2M Square Box Lighting Trussing is the Best Truss Totem for you. Its wonderful design and bright color make it extremely popular! Take a look at this truss totem right now.

6.56 FT/2M Square Box Lighting Trussing is perfect for your room, hall, stage, or any special occasion. It also could be a great decoration in the exhibition centers, hotels, shopping mall, KTV…

The best truss totem by using a pre-fixed triangle with a 1.8mm thick aluminum alloy pipe and no welding, so the whole piece is very lightweight to handle. This makes it easy to move, set up, and store. It’s suitable for lighting fixtures no more than 50kgs. For safety concerns, there are four holes on each leg of its base.

The best truss totem has a maximum height of 6.56FT x 2M Square Box Lighting Trussing is made of 1.8mm thick aluminum alloy material, strength, and corrosion resistance. Because it’s not welding, the whole piece is very lightweight to handle.


– Great for Lighting

– Good Quality, Competitive Pricing

– Easy to Assemble


– You’ll need to buy some lighting

– Because this truss is on the smaller side it may not be suitable for certain applications

Best Truss Totem Benefits

Best Truss Totem

The Best Truss Totem is the best tool for you to use in your work. Using the Best Truss Totem will ensure that your work is done to a high standard and that you can meet deadlines. Using this training tool will also help build good team working skills by ensuring others are following guidelines and signing off on finished orders.

With this, you can save time and effort by using it. With the help of this, people will be able to do things like construct roofs with ease. It’s easy to install these truss totem poles together because they are simply put into place on top of one another.

The installation process is quick which means that more time is made available for other tasks that need to get done without any delays or hold-ups occurring. You’ll also find that there isn’t much labor required so the costs won’t shoot up either!

If you’re looking for a way to make things easier when building something new then choose this pole set! The metal truss poles will help to make construction go by much smoother.

The Best Truss Totem helps you to ensure that your roof will be built properly. This training tool ensures that people working on construction sites are able to follow the guidelines and have a good understanding of what is expected from them so they know how to do their job well.

They can improve safety by making sure everyone knows exactly what to do and how to do it. It’s easy to move these too which means that you can work on two separate areas at the same time rather than waiting for one part of a project to be finished before starting another because this will save time and money!

The Best Truss Totem is the best option for building and construction needs in general. You’ll find that it can be used for a variety of different projects because the design is very effective and functional when it comes to being able to get the job done quickly and smoothly.

It is a fantastic investment for you to make because it will last a long time and can be used over and over again without any problems at all arising. When people want a pole set that’s going to provide them with repeated use then they should definitely think about investing in this awesome product.

You’ll find that it’s an excellent option because it will make things easier for completing things in a timely manner. It is the best possible truss totem poles to use in your construction work!

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Truss Totem

Choosing the best truss totem for your needs is a process that involves considering a number of factors. The following are some of the most important considerations to take into account.

Best Truss Totem


What size do you want? A small, medium, or a large one? This is an obvious consideration as this will affect where and how it can be used. It may also impact cost so you need to decide if size really matters to you.

In general, larger ones tend to have more features but they are not always necessary depending on your needs. For example, if all you need from a truss totem is something stable enough for a light fixture, then there’s no point in paying extra money for something with more features that you will never use.


Price is another big factor especially if you’re on a tight budget. Cheaper totems are typically made with cheap materials that may break easily or not be as stable as more expensive ones.

You also need to consider other factors such as the overall size and weight limits, features, etc. It might be worth spending more if it means the totem will last longer.


How is it constructed? Cheaper ones tend to be made with poorer quality materials which makes them easier to break or damage compared to pricier totems that are typically made using stronger and durable materials.

What are these materials? This also applies to paint coating. It can affect not just how long it can last but also how good it looks.

best truss totem


How convenient and useful is the totem to you? How many features does it have? These factors may also affect your buying decision depending on what you need and use a totem for. For instance, if all you need from a truss totem is stability then there’s no point in buying one with more features you don’t need.

A truss totem is essentially a cross between a light stand and a tripod. It can also be used as an alternative to those heavy, cumbersome floor stands.

Its main function is for lighting fixtures but it can also be used as background support or for mounting other equipment such as speakers and practically any other objects that can fit into the totem.


However, it’s important to note that there are different types of truss totems with each having its own distinct features and benefits. These include:

Tripods– This is typically made up of three telescoping legs and a central column that can be adjusted in three to five sections. This type of truss totem is typically the cheapest but it’s not recommended for heavy objects because it tends to be unstable.

Tripod/Crossbeam– The tripod base is combined with a crossbeam to make this type of truss totem which provides additional stability and support for heavier objects.

Mobile– This type of truss totem is less sturdy compared to the others but that doesn’t mean it’s not functional. In fact, its mobility makes it an ideal choice for venues that can shift quickly from one place to another.

Overhead Spans– The beams of this type of truss totem are positioned above the central column. It’s typically used in studios or for lighting fixtures that need to be mounted higher up.

Single Arm– This truss totem is typically made of aluminum like other types but it’s also equipped with a single arm which makes it more stable compared to tripods and tripod/crossbeams.

FAQs about Best Truss Totem

Best Truss Totem

Why do I need this product?

At some point or another, we’ve all had to get out of bed before daylight hits. The feeling of getting up in the dark is haunting at best and paralyzing at worst. Sure, there are flashlights you can strap to your head or ceilings to shine a light on your path, but what do you do when it’s time to actually get up?

How much weight can this support?

The capacity of each Truss Totem is 500 lbs. The maximum weight load for Supported Equipment such as speakers, video monitors, and projectors can be found on the individual product page under “Specifications”.

It will also be listed on the cart/checkout page before you add it to your cart. Keep in mind though that many people think more about cubic volume when choosing a surface or a size.

Is installation difficult or complicated to do on my own, do you offer installation services too?

No, installation is very straightforward and is designed for the end-user to do on their own. If you are looking for a Truss Totem for commercial use, it will need to be installed by an electrical professional or an experienced contractor.

This installation person must have the appropriate certification, have the right tools, be licensed where applicable, and have experience installing Truss Totems.


The best truss totem is the best way to create a strong and stable structure for your truss. They also make it easier to build in difficult situations like on uneven terrain or in tight spaces. This kit comes with everything you need, including all of the hardware necessary for installation. It’s an affordable solution that will help you get the job done right when building anything from sheds to barns!

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