Best Rane One Case – Choose The Best One For Your Needs

Choosing the best Rane One case can be difficult. There are so many different brands and models of cases to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

We’ve done the research for you! Our team has tested all of the top-selling cases on Amazon and narrowed down our favorites to just three options that we think will work best for most people. Check out our reviews below or click here to read more about each option.

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Best Rane One Case Reviews 2024

Sound Town 8U PA DJ Pro Audio Rack/Road ATA Case

Sound Town 8U PA DJ Pro Audio Rack/Road ATA Case is a perfect case for the DJ with several electronic gadgets. This Rane one case is a versatile carrying solution that offers a super rugged design to help protect your equipment from the hardships of a professional mobile entertainer.

A foam-padded ATA-style road case with high-density exterior construction and stronger corners provides the security you need when transporting your Rane One.

The impressive case also features front and rear lids that conveniently open to reveal an integrated wedge stand system, so you can use your Rane One table in the vertical or horizontal position without taking it out of the case.

Further, this is a flexibly designed case that can be rack-mounted using its recessed side panels and the included rack-mounting hardware. For easy transport, this case also comes with two side-mounted butterfly latches and a reinforced carry handle.

Featured is the rugged/lightweight construction of an 8U road case for portable applications, recessed side panels for full front/rear access to equipment, and ergonomic handles on the sides and top of the case.


– Good size

– Protects equipment well

– Robust design



– Expensive

Magma DJ-Controller Workstation Rane One MGA41007

Magma MGA41007 is custom-designed to fit the Sony PlayStation 4 game console and the accompanying DualShock4 controller. The case measures 20 x 13 x 7 inches (LxWxH) and is made of high-quality aluminum painted black with a dual latch design.

This Pro Flight case accommodates Two PS4 Controllers, AC Power Adapter, HDMI Cable, Original Game Discs, Headphones, and a PS4 Vertical Stand. The Two PS4 Controller Velcro straps, One HDMI Cable strap, two USB cables, and headphones all fit inside the storage compartment.

In addition to these features, The Magma DJ-Controller Workstation Rane One MGA41007 is backed by a one-year warranty from Magma. This aluminum flight case will protect your gaming console from damage while traveling.

This is a great hard case for your DJ/Electronic equipment that will give plenty of protection and organization. Hard case for DJs and gamers alike. Enough room for a PS4, 2 controllers, power adapter, a controller charging cable, a headset, and an HDMI cable.


-Great for handling multiple turntables, CD players, FX units, and more

-Slim profile is easy to move around on stage or transport in a car

-The turntable arm height adjustments are simple to use even with gloves on


-Relatively expensive

Odyssey FZGSRANEONEWBL Rane One Flight Case

Odyssey FZGSRANEONEWBL Rane One Flight Case is a quality case for carrying the Rane one mixer. This flight case is made of sturdy plywood and heavy-duty metal hardware. It also features recessed spring-action handles and a lightweight design to ensure maximum portability.

The Odyssey FZGSRANEONEWBL Rane One Flight Case is a good investment to protect your expensive Rane one mixer and you won’t find any better protection for the money. This case is highly recommended for any DJ who needs to carry their Rane one mixer around on gigs or for regular transportation.

The Best Rane one case is the Odyssey FZGSRANEONEWBL Rane One Flight Case. The exterior is durable and made of plywood, which makes it incredibly resistant and strong.

The interior is very well padded and made of a rubber foam material that will prevent the Rane one mixer from getting damaged or scratched when packed into the case.

The latches are tight and secure, ensuring your equipment won’t open during transit to your gig or when you’re carrying it around with you. It has recessed spring-loaded handles on both sides, which makes it easy to transport.

It also comes with four high-quality casters that allow your mixer to move around easily without any trouble even if there are stairs involved.


– Durable and strong

– Large space for equipment

– Looks professional


– Can be a bit heavy with equipment inside.

Odyssey FZGSRANEONEW Rane One Flight Case

Odyssey FZGSRANEONEW is a modern designed Rane Flight Case specially made for the Serato DJ Controller. The case is manufactured in China by Odyssey Cases ULC (Odyssey), which has years of experience in making cases and flight cases.

The Rane One Flight Case will hold only one controller, so you can buy two if you want to fit two controllers in it. Similar designed Odyssey FZGSRANEONEW case is a custom built-to-order for Serato and is currently being used by Rane to store/ship the Rane Sixty-Four DJ Mixer.

You can also get a similar design from many other manufacturers, but so far only Odyssey offers this type of custom case with steel ball corners. On the side of the case, there is room for cables and accessories.

A “window” in the back of the case allows you to store cables and other stuff behind it. If you take out this “panel”, you will be able to place a laptop behind it as well. You can also see your mixer through this window.

The FZGSRANEONEW case is designed for the Rane One mixer and only the Rane One mixer, it will not fit any other hardware. The finish of the case is great; very high quality.

We like the case for its superior strength and perfect construction. It’s specifically molded to fit the Rane One perfectly. The box is made of 9-ply glued wood with steel ball corners for added protection during shipping; It can take a beating!


– Anti-Shock Protection

– Easy to Carry

– Durable Construction

– Protects your instrument from everyday wear and tear


– Too many unnecessary compartments

– Not sturdy enough

Harmony HCDDJ1000LT Flight Glide Case

Harmony HCDDJ1000LT Flight Glide Case is a perfect choice to carry your controller with accessories. It is designed for the Pioneer DJ’s new flagship 2-channel performance DJ Controller, Rane One.

The case is made up of a combination of high-quality ABS plastic shells with an aluminum metal frame to provide maximum protection to travel equipment. This case has enough space for flight cases and Rane One.

It also provides enough space to carry some accessories like cables, flight case power transformer, laptop/tablet, etc. Harmony HCDDJ1000LT Flight Glide Case is a travel-friendly and lightweight case. The ergonomic design of the handle allows for easy portability.

It provides enough space to carry the necessary accessories with easy access. A high-quality ABS plastic exterior and aluminum metal frame ensure the maximum protection of your equipment from all sorts of accidental damage.

It has a lightweight, compact and ergonomic design for easy portability. This is the best Rane one hard case to keep your controller safe and in optimal working condition. This is a smart choice for your controller.


– The case is made out of sturdy, durable material that can withstand a lot of force.

– It comes in different colors and has room for up to 10 discs inside it.

– There’s enough space so the discs don’t move around and accidentally damage each other.


– None

Harmony HCRTMIX8LT Flight Glide Case

Harmony HCRTMIX8LT Flight Glide Case is a case designed for your Rane MIXER. It can hold a mixer of size 15 inches* 5 inches*17 inches, has exterior dimensions of 22 x 21 x 8 inches, and weighs 8 pounds. The case is made out of black ABS plastic with a textured finish.

The exterior is scratch-resistant and can take a beating. There are rubber feet at the bottom of the case to protect it from scratches and damage during transit. The handle is very strong and it has a nice grip to allow you to carry the case with ease.

Inside, there is high-quality eggshell foam padding that gives this case an edge over other similar-looking cases available in the market. The padding is glued to the ABS plastic shell which makes it very durable and efficient.

There are cutouts for your devices, cables, etc. The mixer unit has a pre-cut opening to allow room for the RCA inputs on the back of the device. There is an additional 1/2 inch space around each side of the mixer unit to accommodate the RCA outputs on each side.

The mixer sits nicely in the case and can be locked with a padlock (not included). The case has handles on both sides that come in very handy when carrying this heavy case around. It also comes with two caster wheels at the bottom that allow you to move this unit effortlessly even if there isn’t a handle on the side.


– Good quality

– Protects from scratches and other damage

– Lightweight and slim for easy transport

– Cable management system keeps cables neatly organized

– Easily fits 1 Rane One and the cables needed to connect it, without wasting space


– Not for those who don’t want to carry a mixer around with them everywhere

Prox XS-RANE72LT ATA-300 Style

Prox XS-RANE72LT ATA-300 Style is a solid case/cover that fits perfectly. It is also a very good price for an ATA-300 case/cover. It is a perfect fit for a Rane 72 LT Serato mixer.

The case is very well designed and the mixer fits snugly inside of it. There are several touches that really make this special, such as the laser-cut mat on the lid which perfectly protects your equipment from scratches or the storage area for cords to your headphones or external speakers.

This case is very good for keeping your gear safe during transport to and from gigs, but I would not recommend this for airline travel as it is too bulky. It also fits my Z-2 Play mixer perfectly. If you are looking for a durable case/cover to protect your Rane One mixer this is the one to go with!


– The price point is competitive

– Easy setup and installation

– No cables needed to connect the mixers to the Rane Six interface


– It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as other cases.

Decksaver Denon Prime 4 DS-PC-PRIME4

Decksaver Denon Prime 4 DS-PC-PRIME4 is an injection molded polycarbonate protective cover specially designed to fit the Denon DJ Prime 4 and Mixage Prime 4 DJ controllers.

Each one is made from a special high-impact polycarbonate plastic which will shield your controller against impacts, while its sleek design allows you to maintain the full functionality of your device.

Decksaver covers are precisely molded using a specially formulated type of polycarbonate plastic. This particular material offers a substantial increase in impact resistance over regular ABS plastic while still allowing the user to maintain full navigational control through the removable cover.

The smooth surface finish provides you with a superior tactile feel when operating the device’s touch-sensitive controls, while also preventing any build-up or retention of dirt and other unwanted particles.

Decksaver Denon Prime 4 DS-PC-PRIME4 is designed to allow full access to all of the device’s controls and ports, so you can ensure your controller remains fully operational at all times. Simply remove the cover when you need full functionality and pop it back on when you’re done – it couldn’t be simpler!


– Custom molded for the Denon DJ Prime 4 and Mixage Prime 4 DJ controllers.

– High-impact polycarbonate material provides superior protection.

– Covers shield against impacts, dirt, dust, and particles.

– Allows full navigational control through the removable cover.

– Provides full access to all device controls and ports.


– Not available for any other types of controllers.

Decksaver Rane ONE DS-PC-RANE1

Decksaver Rane ONE DS-PC-RANE1 is a custom-molded and styled case for the Rane ONE. This protective cover is designed specifically for this model; it fits perfectly, covering all areas that are exposed to physical stress during transportation.

The Rane One goes into the transparent plastic casing without any difficulty; once inside, there is a cutout on one side that provides easy access to USB and mini jacks. The switches and faders are also easily accessible, while the soft rubber feet ensure a steady stand during performances.

Decksaver Rane ONE DS-PC-RANE1 is made from highly durable polycarbonate plastic with static dissipative lining on the inside of it. This ensures protection from any damage due to static build-up. This best Rane one case is now ready to be transported safely with Decksaver cover, which was molded precisely for this model, available in black only.


-Crystal clear audio reproduction for all situations

-Keeps your headphones or earbuds safe and tangle-free with the included cable wrap

-Made of durable, lightweight aluminum

-Available in 3 colors to match any style


-Special design may not be as aesthetically pleasing to some people

Decksaver Rane DS-PC-RANE12MK2

Decksaver Rane DS-PC-RANE12MK2 is the best case for the Rane DM-12 MKII. The Rane DM-12 MKII is an awesome product, but it’s delicate. Decksaver’s made the thinnest, lightest strongest case in the world—it weighs less than a pound and has 4mm Neoprene rubber inside to cushion the decks.

It also has a stylish carbon fiber laminate exterior and stainless steel hardware. This case is suited for more than just the Rane DM-12 MKII, it can fit up to 2 Technics 1200s. And it’s made in England—just like the decks.

DeckSaver probably does produce the world’s best case for the Rane DM-12 MKII, but it is not very suitable to use as a flight case. In order to use this case as a flight case, you will need to get some additional parts.

Decksaver is so confident you’ll love this case, they’re offering a 2-year warranty on it. And for DJs with extra mixers, Decksaver has cases for those too. Rane DM-12 MKII is a DJ hardware manufactured by Rane in 2007.

An alternative to the popular Pioneer mixers at the time, this mixer features rugged construction and great sound quality. The Rane DM-12 MKII case has been created to protect your device with all its specially designed compartments for each cable, connector, and accessory.


– Lightweight design

– Durable ABS shell

– Sturdy sliding cover for easy access to gear


– Not provide sufficient protection for your valuable equipment

– The cable wrap may be too small for some users

Best Rane One Case Benefits

Best Rane One Case

In order to have an edge in this competitive market, it is important that a company has the latest technological advances in its products. One benefit of using a very versatile product is that it can help a company take advantage of new opportunities.

This versatility means that the product will be able to take on new challenges, which will allow the company to have an edge over other competitors who use other products.

Another benefit is that it has an ergonomic design, which makes it easy to use. This means that the product will be able to meet the needs of customers while also making sure that they are safe while doing so.

A final benefit of using this kind of case is that it can help protect devices made by other companies, meaning it will be able to provide a service that no other company can.

With the Best Rane One Case, you can enjoy music and audio wherever you go. You can enjoy wireless music and audio in any area of your home without the need for a bulky speaker system that clutters your room.

With the new app, you can either use your phone or Bluetooth-enabled device to play music from a wide range of apps, including Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Tidal Music, Apple Music, and many more.

It is also possible to sync multiple devices at one time with the Best Rane One Case, which allows you to listen to different songs in different rooms – all simultaneously.

The Best Rane One Case offers a full surround sound experience with a bold, dynamic, and highly detailed sound. It is completely wireless and can be used anywhere in your home for endless entertainment enjoyment without the hassle of wires.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Rane One Case

Best Rane One Case


Best Rane One Case provides two types of cases: a case with a zipper and a case without a zipper. The case without the zipper offers much more protection, but it is bulkier because you have to deal with a much thicker lining.

The zippered version is easier for transport, but offers less protection, as the lining doesn’t provide as much protection from potential damages.

In terms of value, the zippered version is better quality for travel, as it makes it easier to move around and take care of your equipment.

The non-zippered version offers more protection for your equipment and has heftier stitching that guarantees the longevity of use than does zippered version.


Your budget will play a large part in the type of case that you choose. The non-zippered version is less expensive, but it doesn’t offer as much protection for your equipment.

The zippered version costs more, but it offers better protection while also being easier to transport. If you are looking for a durable case that will protect your equipment while also being easy to transport, then the zippered version is a good choice.


It is also important to consider how customizable your case will be. The zippered version can be customized in terms of color, but the non-zippered versions are not customizable in terms of color or appearance. If you want a case that matches well with your equipment’s design, then the option for customization is a must.


Best Rane One Case is a must-have for any DJ, as it offers the best protection for your equipment. While a Best Rane One Case may seem pricey compared to other options, you will find that they are well worth the investment as they offer superior durability and longevity of use.

The zippered version is better for travel, whereas the non-zippered version offers better protection. For these reasons, Best Rane One Case is worth the investment for any professional DJ or an amateur who wants to protect their equipment.

Best Rane One Case


The materials that Best Rane One Case is made of are another factor to consider. The zippered version, as previously mentioned, has a tendency to break apart at the seams after extended use.

It is also because a little bulky and stiffer than other options on the market. The non-zippered version is lightweight and has a much softer, more elegant feel. It also offers better protection and durability than the zippered version.

There is also a handle that you can use to hold the case if you want to move around easily with your equipment inside of it.

The non-zippered version offers much better protection and durability than zippered version, but its bulkiness makes it difficult for transport purposes. For these reasons, Best Rane One Case is the best option on the market.


The quality of Best Rane One Case is another factor to consider. The zippered version has better stitching than the non-zippered version, but it also tends to have more loose threads that are easily pulled apart by stress on the seams.

For this reason, it does not offer as much protection for your equipment as the non-zippered version does. The zippered version also has the tendency to break apart at the seams after extended use, whereas the non-zippered option is more durable.

Best Rane One Case has both a handle and shoulder strap that you can use for easier transport of your equipment in order to make it an even better option for DJ equipment. Some of the edges are more rounded than they are on other cases, which makes it difficult for them to stand on their own as a standard case would.

Ease Of Transport

The zippered version is easy to transport, but the non-zippered version offers superior portability to other options on the market. The non-zippered version is made of much lighter materials, which offer better protection for your equipment while at the same time making it easier to carry around or travel with.

It also has a handle and a shoulder strap for easier transport. There are also some rounded edges on the non-zippered version, which means that it is not good to stand upright next to other things as they will fall into them or off of them.

FAQs about Best Rane One Case

Best Rane One Case

Which case will keep the card in the slot with the most protection?

The best way to protect your phone from drops and falls is with the Best Rane One Case. The case that will keep your card in the slot with the most protection is the Best Rane One Case.

Is the shock-absorbing design really worth it?

Yes, the shock-absorbing design is really worth it. The case is made of a soft rubber material that absorbs the shock from drops and falls. The Best Rane One Case is a case that protects your device from drops and falls. It does this by using a soft rubber material that can absorb the impacts from a crash or fall.

Will this case work with my wireless charging dock at home or office? No.

This case will not work with a wireless charging dock at home or office. It’s because the plastic is too thick and stiff to allow you to place the device on its back as required for wireless charging.

The Best Rane One Case includes a tough, soft rubber backing that never gets bouncy – so it does not require wireless charging capabilities itself which might have indicated this case would be compatible with your dock.


If you’re looking for the best Rane one case, then this is it. With a lifetime warranty and made of durable materials that will protect your investment from wear and tear, we think you’ll be pleased with what our product has to offer.

If you want an easy way to transport all of your gear in one place without worrying about damage or loss, order now because these won’t last long at such an affordable price point. Act quickly before they sell out again!

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