Best Drill Press For Metal – Which One Is Perfect For Your Needs?

You’re looking for the best drill press for metal, but you don’t know where to start. There are so many options out there that it’s hard to choose which one is right for you. There are so many different types of drills and they each have their own pros and cons. It’s hard to know which one will work the best for your needs.

We’ve done all of the work for you! We have a list of the top 10 best drill presses on the market today and what they can do. This way, you’ll be able to find your perfect match in no time at all.

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Best Drill Press For Metal Reviews 2024

Powermatic PM2800B

Powermatic PM2800B is a high-quality drill press that is great for any serious DIYer. It has all the features you will need to do metalworking at home, including variable speeds of up to 1500 RPM and a 1/2 HP Baldor motor.

The PM2800B comes with a 3/4″ chuck keyed shaft and it can handle 3″ bit tips. The head is heavy and made out of cast iron, which makes it extra stable and durable. It also has a large table surface (16-3/4″ x 10″) and a large workpiece (up to 12″ in diameter).

One of the best features of this best drill press for metal is its powerful LED work light. The light is located right below the chuck, so it illuminates your working zone perfectly. Also, you can easily adjust its height for better visibility.

Powermatic PM2800B has all-metal gears that are made out of steel and are fully enclosed in a steel gearcase. It also has a 1-1/8″ spindle thread and a 2-3/4″ button that is good for both 1/2″ and 3/8″ chucks.

Powermatic PM2800B is covered by a one-year warranty on the frame and a lifetime warranty on the motor. Overall Powermatic PM2800B is a good buy for its price, but it will probably be more expensive than other drill presses in this review.


– Powerful – 3,000 RPM

– Quick change drill chuck – no manual adjustment needed

– Outstanding manufacturing quality

– Durable and long-lasting


– Expensive compared to other models

Grizzly Industrial G7948

Grizzly Industrial G7948 features a cast iron body, table, and base for stable operation and precision drilling. In addition to that, it’s one of the most rigid drill presses on the market. The 13″ x 18″ cast iron tabletop has a handy center-hole for mason neck or support clamps to hold work securely in place.

The table tilts 45 degrees left and right at the front, where you’ll find two 3″ long leveling screws with a locking handwheel to square up your workpiece again before drilling begins.

The table also features a micro-adjust feature that helps achieve precise angles by allowing for minute changes to be made quickly and easily.

The chuck has a 6-1/2″ capacity with a 5/8″ -11 spindle thread made to hold 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″ drills securely. On the other side, there’s a speed dial that lets you choose between 400 RPM & 1500 RPM which is powered by a 1/2″ keyed AC motor.

This motor is pretty powerful for this price range, weighing in at 6 amps. It gives you 16 speeds that are controlled by a 16 position clutch that helps adjust the torque applied to the material being drilled.


– Powerful 20-inch drill press for metal and wood

– Heavy-duty cast iron table with integral vise

– Table tilts both lefts and right providing the most versatility in drilling angles possible

– Accurate machined gibs on the table surface, column, chuck, and spindle provide precision alignment

– Handles up to 3/4″ round shank drills (included) or 3/8” hex shanks


Some say it does not hold well against high RPM – cannot be used with larger bits

JET JDP-17MF Woodworking Drill Press

JET JDP-17MF Woodworking Drill Press is not only the best drill press for metal, but also for wood. The JET is a very powerful machine that has many features for both metal and woodworking.

This best drill press for metal provides you with an adjustable speed control allowing this machine to be used with any kind of project, whether it’s working on delicate material or hard steel.

One of the key features that separate it from all other machines on this list is the rack and pinion telescoping table. This feature allows you to drill closer to your work, making precision work much easier.

As an added bonus, this particular model provides a standard 1/4 inch quick-change chuck, which makes changing bits between drilling much easier.

JET also provides a two-year warranty with this model. This machine provides many features that are designed to make your grilling experience much easier than you would expect.

The drill press provides variable speeds, ranging from 160-3800 RPM, making it adaptable to almost any project you might be working on. This machine also comes with a lightning-fast 3/4 inch steel chuck and quill travel of 4 inches.


-Works on a variety of materials from metal to wood and has got a powerful motor for tough jobs

-Able to produce different size holes with the help of its single changeable drill bit

-You can clamp down your workpiece without drilling through it

-It features a variable speed clutch


-It is quite heavy, weighing around 180 pounds

-Some users have found the noise level to be very high compared to other drill presses

CS Unitec MABasic 400 

CS Unitec MABasic 400 is a specially designed tool for people who are in need of a drill press that is capable of producing high speed with accurate results. If you are looking for a drill press that can be used in your metalwork, this one might be the right choice for you.

The CS Unitec MABasic 400 is one of the best drill presses on the market because it is designed with a speed of 3000 RPM and has a swing diameter of 25 inches. The maximum drilling capacity that this machine can handle is 1-inch.

With its strong cast-iron construction, you don’t have to worry about quality anymore while still having a very affordable price for its performance. Even though it is a metal drill press, this product is pretty light and compact at 44 pounds. This makes it very easy to move around if you need to use the machine in another work site.

This best drill press for metal also comes with an adjustable table that can be flipped up to 45 degrees on both left and right sides for drilling at an odd angle that you might want. It also has a magnetic drill press vise that can be attached to the table so you can have extra help in securing your work material.


-600 Watts of Power

-3 Speed Gearbox for Selection of Speeds

-Manual Vertical Travel Stop with Pin that can be used to set location for repeat work


-Max RPM is 3300, making it less than ideal for wood or metalwork.

WEN 4225T 8.6-Amp Drill Press

WEN 4225T 8.6-Amp Drill Press is a very high-quality drill press manufactured by WEN. A powerful 8.6 Amp motor enables you to power through tough jobs, even with the hardest metals.

The best material for using this kind of drill press is metal sheets. It also comes with laser-like accuracy that aids in precise drilling into different materials like wood and plastic etc., this is the most important feature of any drill press.

This best drill press for metal comes with a laser guide that makes it easy to install in the right position for drilling or other operations. The availability of keyless chuck is also an advantage, with the help of these chucks you are free to quickly change bits when needed.

With no less than 12 speeds, you can adjust your speed to exactly the right setting for the bit you are using. This also allows you to use different types of drill bits with ease. It comes with a laser guide. It has a keyless chuck system for quick bit changes.


-This Drill press is powered by a powerful 8.6 Amp motor

-It has got laser-like accuracy and is capable of precise drilling into different materials like wood, plastic, etc.

– Features a laser guide for easy installation in the right position for drilling or other operations

-You can adjust your speed


-It is a bit expensive for its features and performance

Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating

Shop Fox W1848  Oscillating is the best drill press for metal, which you will find on market. It doesn’t matter if you are a home user or professional this tool is one of its kind that can be used by any level of people.

If we talk about the key features then there are many things that you should know about Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Drill Press. For example, it comes with a spindle lock option which helps in easy changing of the bits.

You can also adjust the height of this press according to your need and comfort level. You will get an 11-inch swing on this machine, which is one of the best when it comes to a drill press.

You will also get a 3/4 HP motor in this machine, which helps in running the drill effectively. This makes sure that you can save the time and energy that is required for longer working sessions.

There is also a depth stop that lets you work with accurate dimensions without any problems. You will also get a keyless chuck which helps the bits to be changed quickly. Now you can work on metal, wood, and plastics with this machine because it gives accurate results every time without any issues.


– With a 3.3-amp motor, this drill press can handle hard materials like metal

– It has variable speed control to let you work comfortably with your material

– This machine is designed for heavy-duty use and it’s made of durable steel


– Some users say the guide adjustment knobs are too small, making them difficult to move

JET JWDP-12 Benchtop Drill Press

JET JWDP-12 Benchtop Drill Press is a well-known heavy-duty benchtop drill press that is made in the USA. This JET Drill Press is a versatile tool for metal or woodwork.

This best drill press for metal is an accurate and easy-to-use machine, especially for its price. It offers a great value for money as it can be compared with the other model which is priced twice as much.

JET JWDP-12 Benchtop Drill Press has a nice design, but there are some issues that need to be pointed out. If the product is properly set up, it will provide accurate and smooth operation.

Unfortunately, the drill press has a few issues with its table. It does not move smoothly and the upper part of the rotating table scrapes against the drill stand. This can be corrected by removing it or taping washers under it.

Taller users find it hard to use this product as its height is not adjustable. However, there are many users who claim that the press is not tall enough rather than it being too tall.

Despite its drawbacks, this product provides all of the features one can expect from a drill press at an affordable price. It will be enough if the user gets used to working with it and does not expect more than what it can offer.


-Good value for money

-Great build quality

-Well-known brand


– Not tall enough

-Cannot be converted to a milling machine due to the drill column design

WEN 4214 Variable Speed Drill Press

WEN 4214 Variable Speed Drill Press is a good choice for drilling metal. It is inexpensive, but it has many features you would expect to find on much more expensive models.

First of all, this drill press offers variable speed which can be set from 570 RPM up to 3100 RPM. This enables the user to drill through different types of material without any problem. The WEN 4214 drill press is small in size and weighs only 88 pounds. As a result, this drill is easy to transport from one workstation to another.

This best drill press for metal allows for vertical drilling which means you won’t need any add-on accessories when working on metal or wood. This large work area will help you complete your projects faster and more accurately compared to using a smaller drill press.

The WEN 4214 has many great features and one of them is 4-inch keyed chuck which provides a good bit of gripping strength and greater stability when drilling. It comes with a laser engraved scale for easy readability and accurate measurements.

Another feature that makes this drill press an excellent choice when drilling metal is the table. This drill press offers an adjustable metal table for accurate drilling and a better user experience.

Overall, this drill is an excellent choice if you are looking to buy a drill press for your workshop. WEN 4214 Variable Speed Drill Press is inexpensive but it has many great features that other more expensive models have.


– This drill press is powerful enough for any metal project

– Variable speed settings help remove overloading of the machine

– The depth stop makes it easy to get into tight holes

– Comes with a stand that sits on top of your work surface



Mophorn 1100W Magnetic Drill Press

Mophorn 1100W Magnetic Drill Press is designed with a strong magnetic base to provide greater stability and reduce vibration during operation. It can be used as a drill, milling machine, grinder, sander, or engraver by simply changing the drill accessory that is provided in this set.

This best drill press for metal comes with a 20-piece accessory kit which includes 3 different bits for each function. You can use it to make holes on wood, plastic, and soft metals such as aluminum with the help of the twist drill bit; you can even cut through hard metal with high torque using masonry and diamond-tipped bits.

Mophorn also recommends that you change the position of your hands depending on what function you’re performing with your drill press. If you’re drilling, hold the handle on the rear with one hand and use your other hand to support the workpiece from below for stability.


-Drills through metal with ease

-Quickly drills different materials

-25-year warranty on the motor and magnetic chuck


-No self-feed system

Shop Fox W1667 Bench-Top Oscillating Drill Press

Shop Fox W1667 Bench-Top Oscillating Drill Press is a powerful tool for drilling holes in metal, plastic, and wood materials. The drill press comes equipped with an auxiliary handle to provide greater stability when working.

With its 3/4 HP motor, this machine can easily cut through stainless steel, cast iron, brass, and aluminum sheets among others. The Shop Fox W1667 Bench-Top Oscillating Drill Press, with its 1/2 inch capacity, can drill holes up to 2 inches deep in the metal.

This best drill press for metal has an adjustable table size of 5.5 to 6.3 inches and two clamp lock jaws for securing materials while cutting them or drilling holes in them. It has a cast iron body, which is both durable and solid. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, covering all parts and labor costs.

It comes equipped like other drill presses with its depth gauge for controlling the amount of material you are cutting through. Other features include an automatic spindle lock, a built-in bubble level for maintaining accuracy while drilling, and different speed ranges.


– Great for home shops, workshops, and garages

– Powerful tool that can drill through virtually any type of metal or cast iron

– Has a rheostat to control the speed of the drill press


– The table is not adjustable

– Has a small drill press vise making it difficult to drill larger pieces of metal

BILT HARD 10 inch 12-Speed Drill Press

BILT HARD 10 inch 12-Speed Drill Press is the best drill press for metal mainly because of its sturdy construction and durable parts. The drill press arrives with a built-in laser light that helps precisely mark the point of the workpiece.

And, it has 12-speeds along with spindle speeds between 300 to 1300 RPM which are more than enough speed selection for drilling through various materials. The drill press can be used to work on metals, plastics, wood, and most any other material.

However, This best drill press for metal is perfect for metals as the final drill bit speed of 1300 RPM is fast enough. But if you are looking to drill through very hard materials like alloy steel or cast iron then you should select a tool with higher speeds.

BILT HARD 10 inch 12-Speed Drill Press can also be used as a portable drill press with the help of its detachable handle. The laser light is battery powered so you have to buy 4 AA batteries separately which are not included in the package.


– Sturdy construction and durable parts

– Spindle speeds between 300 to 1300 RPM

– 12 speeds along with spindle speeds

– Built-in laser light to precisely mark the point of the workpiece


– Laser light is battery powered so you have to buy 4 AA batteries separately which are not included in the package.

WEN 4208T Benchtop Drill Press

WEN 4208T Benchtop Drill Press is a high-quality benchtop drill press that is one of the best choices for all metals. It comes with a wide variety of advanced features.

This best drill press for metal has 16 speeds which are controlled by a belt drive system, can be operated in no-load condition for making holes on a steel plate by using a metal drilling chuck. It is very easy to use, you can also adjust the speed by using the knob.

The spindle runout, table tilt, and depth stop are adjustable for making accurate holes time after time. This drill press can perform drilling operations on various metals with great precision due to its high-powered motor.

The weight of this product is about 200 pounds which makes it very sturdy and durable. It is the best drill press for metal that excels in providing strength, reliability, and durability. It comes with some great features which makes it the choice of many professionals.


– Quick changing between spindle speeds

– Comes with a few drill bits and a small wrench

– Doesn’t require a separate table clamp to hold the workpiece in place

– Easy to set the drill bit depth

– Durable construction


– Doesn’t have a table height adjustment

BILT HARD 8 inch 5-Speed Drill Press

BILT HARD 8 inch 5-Speed Drill Press is a great choice for a drill press for metal. It is a very common option among many people, the reason why it’s getting quite popular is because of its 5-speed strong motor and also heavy cast iron table.

For those who are familiar with BILT HARD, they actually make some high-quality products as well as affordable prices. In fact, the 8-inch BILT HARD Drill Press is also one of their best-selling drill press.

The highlight point for this drill press is because you can change the speed very easily by just pulling the trigger. There are 5 different speeds to choose from. Also, it’s equipped with 1/2 inches chuck.

Besides that, This best drill press for metal also comes with a laser guide so you can easily see the drill line. One great feature about this machine is that it has a front-end switch to ensure safety. Because of all those reasons, most people are very satisfied with this drill press for metal.


– Suitable for drilling many types of metal, wood, plastic

– 120-volt power allows use in any country with an outlet or parallel adapters available

– Features a spindle locking collar for easy drill bit changes to prevent slipping gearbox

– Efficient 1/3 HP motor minimizes fatigue and maximizes performance


– Some users may want more features and options

Best Drill Press For Metal Benefits

Best Drill Press For Metal

A drill press is a machine tool used in metalworking to make holes. This is done by drilling a hole by rotating and pressing the cutting edge, usually at 90° to the workpiece.

The drill chuck is mounted in the head of the drill and can be rotated in two planes. It holds metal cutting tools that may be inserted into the workpiece or attached to a drilling machine.

Because it has a variety of operation positions, such as vertical, horizontal, and angled positions, it saves you time when making holes in various positions.

They are especially useful for working with round materials such as tubing and pipe, which you wouldn’t be able to drill without having to rotate them on their longitudinal axis.

The head of the drill can be positioned at any point on its vertical axis, so the drill chuck can slide up and down to accommodate workpieces of different lengths.

Drill presses come in many sizes and shapes for various tasks such as drilling metal or wood. For example, if you want to perform precision metalworking, a drill press is the best machine tool for you. It makes easy work of sharpening cutters and drill bits.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Drill Press For Metal

In this article, we’ll be talking about how to choose the best drill press for metal. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when choosing a drill press and it can be really difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Best Drill Press For Metal

Types of Drill Press

-A Hand Drill Press is a powerful yet compact drill press that can be hand-drilled or fitted with a vise. It’s also perfect for those who have limited mobility as the machine is operated from a sitting position. With this drill press, you can drill through metal, wood, and plastic.

-A Benchtop Drill Press is the most common type of drill press because it has all the features needed to make it suitable for various tasks. Some benchtop drill presses are small profile and come with features like built-in storage for drill bits, tool rests, and clamping systems.

-The Heavy Duty Drill Press is perfect for heavy work like drilling large holes through metal sheets. They’re more powerful and have a higher capacity. This type of drill press is common in metalworking factories and shops that require large, powerful tools to accommodate their workflows.

Durable Construction

The best drill press for metal has to be durable. This means it should have a heavy base, fully enclosed working parts, and a quality power source. These features are important in making sure that the machine can handle all your workloads without letting you down.

Power Source

The power source will depend on the job at hand. For lighter jobs, a benchtop drill press with a low wattage motor is just fine while heavier duty ones have to have a high-power engine or motor that can handle very demanding tasks.

Quality Of Machine Components

This refers to the quality of materials used in making up the machine. This includes the table, vise, gears, motor and etc. With high-quality components in place, you can be sure that your drill press will last for a very long time.

Bench Press Vise

The bench vise is where you’ll secure your metal piece when drilling through them with the drill press. It should have universal jaws that can clamp different shapes and should be very strong so it won’t slip or shift while you work.

Arbor And Spindle Taper

The spindle taper refers to the soft metal shaft that goes into the chuck of your drill press. It’s often made from high-quality steel, aluminum alloy, or even copper material.

The arbor is the driveshaft that connects the chuck to the drill press motor. It should have a flange nut so you can lock it securely in place while keeping other parts safe from flying debris.

FAQs about Best Drill Press For Metal 

Best Drill Press For Metal

What are the best features of metal drill presses?

Metal drill presses are specially designed for drilling metal. They have a variety of features that make them more suitable for this type of work than other types of drill presses. Some of these features include:

The metal drill press is an excellent choice for those who want to expand their skills and start making things out of metal. When you buy a metal drill press, you will need to make sure it has the right build and is easy to use.

Is it possible to get a super cheap drill press for drilling metal that works well?

There are more expensive drill presses that are capable of more, but they are also easier to use. There are also inexpensive drill presses that do not have the greatest quality of the build. However, if you do some research and carefully look at each drill press, you should be able to find one that will work well for your needs.

What are some alternatives if I don’t want to buy a drill press for metal because they cost too much money?

One alternative is to buy a drill press for metal that is not in the category of high-quality. These are also less expensive, so they may be an excellent choice for someone with limited funds. However, if your main goal is to have a drill press with great quality in terms of performance and durability, these might not be the best option.

Another option is to find a friend who has a drill press they are willing to loan you for free or at a very low cost. If this isn’t feasible, then another option would be to borrow money from family or friends. Try to pay them back as quickly as possible because borrowing money is difficult.


 Drill press for metal can help you drill through metals with precision. With the right tools, you’ll be able to make clean and accurate holes in your projects without much effort. If you need a new drill press or are looking into purchasing one, this article should give you some insight on what features to look out for when shopping around. We hope you will find the best drill press for metal after reading our reviews in 2021!

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