17 Best Wine Racks In 2020 And Buying Guide

As a wine enthusiast, you’ve probably known that to store wine bottles properly, you need the best wine racks. Wine racks make a secure and arranged place for your delicate wine bottles. 

A wine rack is important because when you place the bottle upright, the cork dries out and makes the oxygen more likely to get into the bottle. 

Besides their functionality, wine racks are also designed for display purposes. They not only keep your premium wine bottles safe, but also catch the guests’ attention with their eye-catching styles.

Choosing the best wine racks can be an overwhelming task, as the market has offered a plethora of options. In this post from Claddagh Irish Pubs, we’ve rounded up 17 best wine racks with detailed reviews as useful suggestions for you. And we also include a guide that can help you choose the best wine racks based on certain factors.

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Top 17 best wine racks Reviews 2020

Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top

he Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top is a big and sturdy wine rack. It owns a basic design that can be placed in any room in your house.

The wine rack has excellent form and great function. With diamond-shaped slots made of heavy-duty and long-lasting powder-coated steel, your bottles will be kept safe and secure.

Of course, the slots are designed with a forward-slanted angle, so you don’t need to worry about the corks getting damped and the liquid being destroyed. The slots are also wide enough so you can see the labels of the bottles.

The base and frame are made of steel, which makes the rack sturdy enough for many bottles of wine. The legs are adjustable, which adds to the stability of the rack.

This wine rack is able to store 32 bottles of wine, which is a decent number. If you don’t have too many bottles, this rack can be too big for your purpose.

You may need a wine cooler if you own more than 32 wine bottles, as storing too many bottles at a time requires more proper humidity and temperature.

The Mango Steam rack has a glass tabletop, so you can put some decorative elements on it. The surface would be a great place for a pot of plants, some small books, keys, or wine accessories.

Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable Wine Rack

The Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable Wine Rack is a great, compact option for kitchen countertops. It’s detachable and stackable, so you can easily put away the rack when you don’t need it.

Because of the compact design specifically made for countertops, this wine rack is perfect for those who only have a small number of wine bottles. And if your kitchen size is not large, this rack doesn’t take too much space and can easily be taken apart and stored in a corner. 

This wine rack can store 12 bottles of wine. It has 3 tiers and each tier can hold 4 bottles. You can easily detach one or two tiers if you don’t use them all at a time. The wine rack has a sturdy structure that prevents wobbling, tilting, or falling.

The Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable Wine Rack has a slight tilt that keeps your bottle cocks and wine safe. Constructed from metal with scallop/wave shaped shelves and available in gold, copper and silver finishes, the rack looks luxurious and high end enough to complement your kitchen, dining room and wine cellar.

Rustic State Wall Mounted Wood Wine Rack

This is a compact wine rack that has a rustic look and can be mounted on any wall in your house for decorative purposes. Made with a wooden color, it gives a rustic, classic and retro vibe.

Installing it on the wall is easy peasy. Simply mount it on any wall space that you prefer with the screws and anchors included in the packaging without any hassle and frustration. It’s sturdy and holds up well, so you don’t have to worry about it getting ripped out of the wall and all your bottles and glasses getting smashed.

This is a 2-in-1 wine rack. It acts as bottle holders and stemware racks, which are perfect for adding some versatility to your kitchen. You can save some space for your kitchen, or simply make this rack a convenient place for storing wine bottles, glasses and wine accessories.

This rack can hold 6 bottles of wine and many wine glasses at the same time. If you don’t store many wine bottles, and want something that is both simple and sturdy, then this wine rack is the perfect choice for your home. However, not all wine glasses fit this rack, so you may need to check this before buying.

DECOMIL 72 Bottle Stackable Modular Wine Rack

The Decomil Modular Wine Rack is a bamboo wine rack with simple, yet well made design. It has a large storing capacity, which is able to hold 72 bottles of wine at a time. If you’re someone with a huge collection, this will be the ideal choice for your wine cellar.

Made from solid bamboo, the wine rack is sturdy enough to hold the weight of 72 bottles full of glass and liquid. But it’s lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble, which makes it easy to use and store your bottles.

Each piece of the bamboo wood has deep notches and slots so they can fit together well. You can press the bamboo pieces together and you have a stable wine rack that is inseparable and vibration free.

Apart from the modular stacking style and the wave-shaped shelves, the rack also has tilted slots to prevent wine bottles scattered around and to keep your wines fresh for a long time. You can easily stack the racks without the use of tools, nails, or screws.

Coming in a variety of styles and capacities, plus a 1-year warranty, this is one of the best wine racks for those having a huge, extensive collection of wine bottles. The only con that we found is that some bottles above 750ml won’t fit.

J.K. Adams Ash Wood 40-Bottle Wine Rack

Made of Ash wood/driftwood with a teak oil finish, this J.K. Adams wine rack has a natural and rustic finish. It’s available in many capacity choices, so you can choose racks that store up to 80 bottles.

With that attractive natural look, the wine rack can complement your home if you have plenty of wooden furniture. The modular construction allows the rack to be built in many style configurations. You can check out the included assembly instructions to properly configure the rack.

Coming with a lifetime guarantee, no question asked, the wine rack is safe to purchase. It offers the flexibility to build a wine rack that will fit in any space no matter how large or tiny. Each rack is expandable and comes with extra joining pins to allow for room to grow later on.

This long-standing rack is a classic, simple and stylish way to store your wine collection. The price is reasonable, the capacity is huge, the hardwood material is durable, this is certainly one of the best wine racks you should own.

Remember that the pegs fit very tightly into the holes, so to put it together you may need to pound it, and disassembling it may be difficult.

Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/Towel Rack

Here’s a wall mount rack in our collection of the best wine racks. It holds 6 wine bottles safely, while providing a pleasant look for decorative purposes.

The rack has a lightweight frame and is made of commercial grade welding, which offers both stability and functionality. With a rich black finish, the rack also provides an elegant and charming look to wherever you put it on.

The Sorbus rack has U-shaped hooks that hold your bottles snugly and securely. You can also use it to store towels, napkins, clothings when you don’t have any bottles of wine in your house. 

Make sure that you pay special attention to the stability and vibrations of your house when you buy wall-mounted racks. And because you have to mount the rack to the wall, you need a little effort to put it on with the appropriate tools (mounting hardware is included). There are four screws, and four expanders included. There are holes on the rack in four places for installing the hardware. The rack is thin and light, so it won’t be much of a hassle.

If you have a limited collection of wine bottles and you care more about the decorative side, this wall mount wine rack is an ideal choice for you. Simply mount it vertically to any wall in your kitchen, dining area, or home bar, and you have a pleasant, eye-catching space for storing your wine.

O&K Furniture Industrial Wine Rack Table with Glass Holder

This wine rack has a versatile and unique design. It looks like a stylish table, with slots for 7 bottles of wine and hangers for 5 wine glasses. The tabletop can be used to place keys, plants, or wine accessories for decorative purposes. The second and lowest shelf can also be used to store extra stuff.

The rack is small, so you can easily place it anywhere in your house. The vintage and old school look makes it pleasant to look at. You can use the rack for everyday storage or entertaining small parties, dinner parties, holidays, special occasions, or cocktail nights.

Made of high grade MDF board and heavy-duty metal frame with black finish, the rack is sturdy and stable for safely storing your wine bottles and glasses, and you can use it for a long time. Installing the rack may require some effort, but it comes with all the necessary hardware, step by step instruction manual and simple tools for you to use.

If you’re looking for a flexible wine rack that not only stores your wine bottles, but also other accessories, this is a perfect choice. This is a pleasant combination of brown antique shelves and stylish design framework to add a retro and industrial flavor to any room of your home.

Wine Rack Pine Wood Stackable Storage Stand Display Shelves

Here’s another item on our list of the best wine racks. It’s made of durable and solid wood, and it’s sturdy for storing from 36 up to 64 bottles of wine (depending on your choices). The wood rack is expendable, open to more room later on.

The tiers are stackable, and each tier can hold 6 bottles. You can always add more tiers, as well as remove them when not in use. Assembling is easy. You don’t need to use tools or manual instruction to install it. Just simply stack the wooden tiers. 

All holes line up well and are drilled enough for the dowels provided to properly fit. At such an affordable price, you can get a well crafted wine rack for storing many bottles of wine at the same time. The light color of the natural pine wood will also complement your house if you have lots of wooden interior.

The wood is unfinished, so if you want something polished, you may need to add some work. If you love the unfinished, natural look, this wine rack is perfect.

Oenophilia Under Cabinet Wine Rack

This wine rack is very straightforward and simple. There’s nothing complicated and hard to understand about it. It’s made to be mounted under the cabinet, which saves more space in your kitchen if you have a small house.

Though it’s made for the kitchen, you can mount it anywhere. It can stay in your wine cellar, or the dining room. You can put it inside a cupboard. It has a simple design, so cleaning is easy. You just need to wipe the rack with a damp cloth, and it’s as good as new.

The chrome finish of the wine rack gives it a stunning look, which will lighten up your space even though it’s small. Installing it is easy as pie, and all the hardware needed is included in the package.

Because of its small size, large and bulky wine bottles may not fit in. So make sure you store standard sized bottles on this rack. It can hold 6 bottles of wine at a time. Another downside is that the screws coming with this wine rack are quite long for the cabinet wood thickness, so you may need to use other screws if you don’t want to see them poke through.

Sorbus Wine Rack Bordeaux Château Style

This wine rack has a chateau design, giving it a classy and elegant French look to display in your home. The black coat finish gives a touch of refined charm from the old French Quarter. It owns a handle that you can easily grip and move the rack anywhere you want.

Made of durable and sturdy metal and strong castings, you can store up to 23 bottles of wine without worrying about the rack collapsing. There’s no need for assembly. You can just place it right on the floor and start using it without any hassle or frustration.

This arched, standing wine rack also makes a great gift for that wine enthusiast in your life or for any special occasion. It is specifically designed with a sleek and vintage look to complement any home, kitchen, dining room, or wine cellar. However, the rack can store only standard sized bottles, and you need to make sure that you won’t bump the rack, or else the bottles may fall.

Hombazaar Industrial Wine Rack Table

This is a wine rack that can hold 20 bottles of wine. Because it has the design of a table, you can use it to store many other things besides wine bottles. You can put it in your kitchen to store dishes or in your living room to store keys, snacks or remote controls. 

There are slots for wine bottles and hangers for wine glasses. There are also 2 shelves and the table top so you can put wine accessories, bottle openers, or wine buckets there. Everything is easy to access.

The wine rack table has a brown wooden finish that gives the whole area a rustic feel. The black metal frame with rounded elements add to the uniqueness of the rack. The materials and construction are well crafted. There are no doubts that the rack will protect your wine bottles and will last for years.

The rack table is equipped with 4 anti slip foot pads for extra stability and balance. Whether you want to host large cocktail parties, or just enjoy a nice glass of wine after dinner, this wine rack table helps you pour drinks in style.

Installing the wine rack is pretty easy. All the hardware and detailed instruction are provided, so you can assemble the rack without much sweat. A small con is that the rack might not be able to store larger bottles.

Kamenstein Butterfly Countertop Free-Standing Wooden Wine Rack

This free-standing wooden rack has a unique and modern look that will add some fascination to your kitchen space. It has a dark wooden hue and a butterfly-like design.

A wine rack at this size can keep 8 bottles of wine at a time safely and securely. You won’t have to worry about your cork getting dry and your wine getting ruined anymore. The rack is lightweight and small, which is a perfect choice for those with limited kitchen or living space. You can easily move the rack anywhere you want without much effort.

Due to the small and compact size, it’s easy to clean. And it looks good whether you put it on the countertop or in your dining room, or in the wine cellar. But it won’t be able to store bottles that are above 750ml.

Though the wine rack looks simple, you have to do some assembly to get this rack together. And the assembly is not very easy as slots and holes might not fit in easily.

O&K FURNITURE Industrial Wine Rack Cart on Wheels

Another versatile wine rack item from O&K on our list. It has a flexible, unique design that not only catches the attention of your guests, but also provides ample space for storing wine bottles and accessories.

There are 4 wheels attached at the bottom, so you move it around easily. You can choose to let it stand fixed at the corner if you want by locking the 2 wheels with casters. The wheels are also detachable if you don’t want them.

Beautifully made from MDF board and sturdy metal frame, the wine rack not only brings chic and industrial style to any room of your house, but is also sturdy and stable enough to store your favorite wine bottles. The wood grain details match well with black frames, adding a rustic touch to your home.

The built-in rack, which is found on the shelf underneath, can keep 15 wine bottles of standard size. There are hangers mounted for storing your wine glasses. The top shelf and the second shelf can be used to place wine accessories or bar kits. You can put everything you need for serving drinks here, and you have a mobile wet bar.

Gongshi 3 Tier Stackable Wine Rack

This wine rack has a sleek design with bronze/embossed bronze finish. The wavy design and solid construction helps prevent wobbling, tilting, or falling. The wine bottles are kept stable and the corks are fully moisturized so your wine stays fresh.

Made of sturdy steel with powder static electricity spray finished, the rack is durable and long lasting. It comes with three layers, and it’s stackable, so you can always add more depending on your needs. Each tier can hold 4 bottles of wine sturdily, which means the whole wine rack can store up to 12 bottles.

There’s no complicated assembly to be worried about. Just simply stack the tier and it’s ready to use. Because of the neat and lightweight design, you can put the wine rack anywhere without it taking up much space, or move it around when you feel like it.

And we don’t expect racks like this to fit larger and wide bottles. If you buy champagne or magnum sized bottles, then you may need wine racks that can hold bottles of different shapes and sizes. If you store full bottles on the rack, it may be a bit wobbling, so be careful to adjust the weight that you put on the rack.

Sorbus Wine Rack Free Standing Floor Stand

This is a gigantic wine rack that you should own if you have a gigantic collection of wine bottles. With 10 tiers, you can store up to 100 bottles on this rack. The scallop-shaped tiers keep your bottles horizontally, so can keep the moisture of the cork and the freshness of so many wine bottles at a time.

Assembly is quite simple. There are step-by-step instructions and all the hardware needed is included. Or you can place it on the floor as a free-standing wine rack. But for storing a huge number of wine bottles, you should mount the rack to the wall through 6 holes on the connector brackets for extra stability.

Not only this piece is functional, it is also very good looking. If you don’t have a dedicated wine cellar and own a big collection of wine bottles, then this wine rack is one of the best choices for you.

Made of sturdy metal construction with smooth black finish, you can be assured that this rack will last for a long time and the rack prevents wobbling, falling or titling. The rows of scallop/wave shaped shelves help the bottles fit snugly and safely on the rack.

Sorbus Fridge Wine Rack

This is a wine rack that is made for compactness. It has a small and portable design that can fit easily in the fridge, kitchen countertop or in the kitchen cupboard. You can hold 3 bottles of wine with this wine rack. So it’s perfect for those who don’t have a huge collection of wine and just want some wine bottles to be stored properly.

If you want to store more bottles, you can stack up the racks to create more space. But don’t try to stack too much, since it can be wobbling. At a low price, you can easily store your wine bottles without it rolling everywhere in the fridge or in your kitchen cabinet.

Made of strong metal with a shiny white finish, the wine rack is durable enough for long term use and is stunning on your kitchen countertop, or fridge. It fits anywhere, and it can make the perfect gift for the wine aficionados in your life.

This convenient rack keeps bottles angled upward just enough to avoid possible leaks, and of course the bottles don't clank around anymore.

WGX Design For You Industrial 3 Tiers Wine Rack Carts on Wheels

Here’s another wine rack cart from WGX Design For You that is worth your attention. It has a rustic and wooden look that will fit perfectly if you have a home full of wooden furniture.

The wooden shelves and the durable black steel frame match perfectly, and will give your space a modern look. There are wheels and the wine rack cart glide smoothly, while keeping the bottles sturdy and stable. There is ample space for bottles of different sizes and shapes, as well as wine accessories or extra stuff in your kitchen.

This is a great place to store many bottles of wine and everything else that you can serve to your guests in a gathering. However, the bottles are stored upright, so the protection for your bottles is not very high.

It is not very easy to assemble. You may need a screwdriver to do it for generating screw holes.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Wine Racks

Choosing the best wine racks for your wine collection can be overwhelming. There are a multitude of designs, stores, and sizes available in the market for you to choose from.

The best wine racks should be able to store your wine bottles safely and keep your wine fresh, while looking sleek and complimenting other interiors in your home.

Actually, wine’s age is affected by many factors including temperature, movement, humidity and light. Wine racks position your wine bottles in a horizontal angle or slightly tilted angle so that the cork is always moisturized and the wine is always kept fresh. The best wine racks also provide an organized place to store various bottles of wine.

So what should we consider when shopping for the best wine racks? There are a few specific features to check carefully when it comes to selecting a rack.

Wine Rack Type

best wine racks

Wine racks are available in various shapes and sizes. Some common types of wine racks are:

  • Tabletop wine racks: look like tables with slots for wine bottles and hangers for wine glasses. These make great racks because you can put a variety of wine accessories on them, not just wine bottles.

  • Wall-mounted wine racks: these make excellent choices if you have limited floor space. However, they can’t store a large amount of wine bottles.

  • Stackable wine racks: these are expandable racks. You can remove the unnecessary tiers when not in use, or add more tiers if you have more wine bottles to display.

  • Floor wine racks: these are economical choices but you need space for them. They are also great choices if you store a large number of wine bottles.

Storage Capacity

best wine racks

To figure out the storage capacity that you need, think about how much you often drink. Do you usually store only 4-5 bottles at a time, or do you have a huge collection of over 50 bottles? And wine bottles have different sizes, so standard wine racks might not fit for larger bottles.

Try to roughly estimate the number of wine bottles you want to keep and the size of the bottles so that you can pick the racks that suit your needs.

Those who have more wine bottles at different shapes and sizes should look for racks with wide openings, but not so wide that it won't also be able to secure standard 750 ml bottles.

Construction and Materials Used

best wine racks

Some racks are free standing, while some are wall mounted. Be sure to get a stable and sturdy choice that will keep the bottles safe.

Wooden wine racks are often more durable and stable for storing wine bottles for a long time. Racks that are made of thin metal might be wobbling or tilting.

Though a wooden rack is vintage and natural, a metal rack is better for holding slippery glass bottles and absorbing vibrations. Having a stable wine rack will ensure that it does its job: keeping your wine safe.

Where to Put

best wine racks

Before choosing a wine rack, you should have a good idea of where to put it. If you have limited kitchen space, you can opt for a wall mounted rack. If you have ample space in your home, you can either choose a neat rack to place on your counter, or a gigantic one for your large collection. Make sure that the room has good temperature and humidity to best store your wine.


best wine racks

Most wine racks that are stackable don’t need complicated assembly. You just stack. Tabletop wine racks and wall mounted wine racks require more complex installation. You need the manual instructions and necessary hardware to install them.

If you’re not a crafty person, or you’re purchasing a huge wine rack, you may need assistance. Or you can opt for simpler choices that don’t require much effort to install.


best wine racks

Some common add-ons can be a table, a drawer, a shelf, a cabinet, or hangers. You can store wine accessories or kitchen stuff. Of course, these options tend to cost you extra money.

It’s totally up to you to decide which add-ons you actually need. They can be convenient, or redundant, it’s you who decide.


best wine racks

If you’re not sure about the number of wine bottles you are going to store in the future, you can choose options that are expandable and stackable. This means you can stack more layers/tiers when there are extra bottles, and remove them when not in use.

An empty wine rack can also be a turn off, so racks that are stackable and expendable are flexible choices. An aesthetic wine rack should look great with other interiors and furniture when not in use.


best wine racks

Lightweight wine racks are easier to move around, but are more likely to wobble. If you have a weak wall, heavy wall-mounted racks can be a trouble as it may fall and destroy all your bottles. Make sure to check the weight that suits you.


Small and stackable wine racks are easier to move because they are compact and lightweight. Larger or mounted wine racks are difficult to move as they are bulky or require extra assembly/disassembly.

Some racks can’t hold your bottles securely so if you move, they might drop. Check if you need to remove the bottles before moving the rack.

best wine racks

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are commonly used in wine racks?

Wood is the most common material as it is sturdy and provides a natural look. Metal is also very popular, and it gives the rack a modern, sleek and chic look. Some wine racks are made of a combination of both wood and metal. Depending on your personal preferences and needs, you can choose the material you want.

Should I store my wine bottles upright or horizontally?

best wine racks

Wine bottles that stand upright may cause the cork to lose moisture, so the wine loses its quality. Make sure that you drink your wine soon.

If you want to store your wine for longer, you need to store the bottles horizontally. This keeps the cork moist, and the wine doesn’t evaporate and loses its freshness.

Can I use the wine rack to store white wine?

Of course you can. The more important thing you should consider is the temperature, humidity and the light instead of a rack.

best wine racks

Can I place an unfinished bottle of wine on the rack?

Yes, but you should finish it within 3-5 days for the best quality. And make sure to use some bottle stoppers, as these keep the wine far from oxidation and wine can keep its flavors.

Can I put other kinds of bottles like sodas on a wine rack?

Well, if you want, you can. As long as the bottle fits the slots of the wine rack, then you’re good to go. Some wine racks designed for the fridge are small enough and you can put soda bottles in for a neater fridge.

Conclusion best wine racks Top pick for the best

Wine racks are not difficult to decide on. You just need to figure out what factors you need most and then make a decision.

Based on our research, we’ve rounded up this post with our top 3 picks of the best wine racks available on the market:

From our extensive reviews and guide, we hope that you've got enough information and chosen the best wine racks for yourself.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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