Top 15 Best Propane Refrigerator To Consider In 2021 To Keep Your Food Fresh

Propane refrigerators have been the king of off-grid refrigeration systems for a long time and it's easy to see why. They are reliable, efficient, and perform well in off-grid environments.

In addition, the fuel is easy to find and safe to store, even in large quantities, making it an ideal choice. It is the reason why it is the best. But how to find out the best propane refrigerator is not easy.

Don't worry! For this article, we have reviewed and tested the top 15 propane refrigerators on the market in 2021, so you can make the best decision for your needs. If you have been looking for the best propane refrigerator but want to make sure you are choosing the right option. This note is for you. It also included a buying guide at the bottom that explains exactly what you should look for when choosing a propane refrigerator.

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SMETA Electric 110VPropane Absorption Refrigerator with Freezer6.1 CuftWhite
Avanti RA7316PST 2 Door Apartment Size Refrigerator Black with Platinum Finish
RCA RFR320 B Black COM RFR321 Mini Refrigerator 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge Black CU.FT
SMETA Propane Refrigerator with Freezer 12V110VGas LPG 3.5 Cu Ft White

best for operating and maintaining

best for ADA compliant

best for levels and feet are adjustable

best for elegant look

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Top Best Propane Refrigerator Reviews 2021

Superior Propane LP Gas Off-Grid Refrigerator 10 Cu Ft 2-Way (LP/110V)

The Superior Vertical Refrigerator is a refrigerator/freezer combination with the size of a standard apartment refrigerator. It is built to run on propane gas or 110 V AC electricity. It provides a 10 cubic foot wide refrigerator and freezer space. This is a spacious room to store cold food for a week for a family of four. In addition, its freezer is of good size and large enough to hold a good amount of frozen pizzas, vegetables, and other delicious treats.

One of my favorite features of Superior is the dual power design. You can use solar cells when the sun is shining and switch to propane when not. All you have to do is flip the switch and activate the pilot lights to make a change. It uses an absorbing cooling system that works without sound, perfect for small spaces like cabins without a grid or small homes, which also makes it easier to maintain as it has virtually no sets moving parts.

The fridge's interior can be rearranged to your liking with several movable shelves and built-in drawers. I love battery-powered LEDs. It activates when you open the door like a traditional refrigerator but works no matter what power mode it is placed in.

Overall, a Superior upright refrigerator offers a great combination of features, reliability, and size. While it has similar energy usage to its closest competitors, its standout amount is the amount of storage space. It can store more than any other propane refrigerator on the market and when you consider all its great features it's a no-brainer to get a spot on our list.

You should choose this product because of its benefits:

  • PROS

  • Large fridge and freezer space 
  • Inexpensive to operate in propane or electric mode
  • Easy to maintain and repair 
  • Includes automatic battery operated lights 
  •  Almost silent while running

SMETA Electric 110V/Propane Absorption Refrigerator with Freezer,6.1 Cu,ft,White

Smeta is a propane / electric combined refrigerator and is well-sized for smaller spaces. It offers both fridge and freezer but takes up less space in your home. It gives you 6.1 cubic feet of fridge/freezer space in a smaller and lighter package. It's a few inches smaller in all dimensions than the larger vertical panels on this list. This doesn't reduce the amount of food it can hold, but it also makes it a lot easier to fit in something like a small house or off-grid cabin.

6.1 cubic feet still has plenty of space for a week's groceries for a couple or smaller family. The smaller size also means you'll save money on propane. Smeta compact vertical refrigerators require 20% less propane than one of the other larger vertical refrigerators on our list. That could save you hundreds of dollars over the life of it. The same applies when you run it in solar mode.

You should choose this product because of its benefits:

  • PROS

  • Provide both refrigerator and freezer   
  • Running is less expensive than larger vertical refrigerators
  • Fits small spaces more efficiently than other refrigerators
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Smad Gas Refrigerator Freezer 110V/Propane Fridge Up Freezer, 9.3 Cu.Ft, White

The Smad vertical refrigerator is an electric/propane gas absorber type refrigerator. It operates almost silently on 110 AC power or propane. It offers 9.3 cubic feet of refrigerator and freezer space, which is about the size of your average apartment refrigerator.

This is ample space to stock up on food worth a week for your average family of four with some room left for ice cream in the freezer. As a dual capacity refrigerator, you can run Smad continuously using one of two forms of energy. Which is really cool. This feature makes it easy to switch back and forth when your energy needs.

During sunny days, you can save on propane while switching to gas energy at night or on overcast days. It's hard to overstate how great it is to have such flexibility for an off-grid cabin or a small home. I put it in the # 5 spot for its durability, versatility, and inexpensive operation.

Maintaining Smad upright requires very little effort and the combination of capacity options allows you to vary the way food is kept cold depending on the condition and availability of propane.

You should choose this product because of its benefits: 

  • PROS

  • Provides both electrical or propane power options   
  • Uses an almost silent absorption cooling system
  • Has high reliability and easy maintenance
  • Battery-powered interior lights
  •  Both the refrigerator and freezer

Smad Small Propane Fridge 3 Way Refrigerator for RV Outdoor Camper Gas 110V 12V,1.4 Cu.ft.

Smad is a reputable home appliance manufacturer. They make a wide range of appliances from refrigerators, to car coolers and wine. When you buy one of their products, you know you're getting value for money.

Great for camping /RV use, as well as off-grid homes such as cabins and small houses. This product has a noise-free absorbing cooling system. This makes it great for homes and small spaces. Manual temperature control gives you total control over your refrigerator's temperature.

It can be easy to look at the instructions provided to make operation very easy for those who have never used a propane refrigerator before.

Remember that this refrigerator does not include a freezer compartment. Hence, if you want a 2-in-1 freezer/fridge this may not be right for your situation. In short, this is a great propane refrigerator that is affordable. If you're looking for something more compact and don't need a large refrigerator then this is a good option for you. I would highly recommend it.

You should choose this product because of its benefits:

  • PROS

  • Suited for even small houses  
  • Free-noisy
  • Manual temperature control

Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator, Black with Platinum Finish

This is probably one of my favorite propane refrigerators. Perfect for those who want a flat-sized refrigerator rather than a compact device for their off-grid home. Interior lighting makes it easy to see everything clearly even when using the refrigerator in the dark and at night. No matter what time of day, you can clearly access everything inside your fridge. The door shelf is spacious, large enough to hold 2-liter bottles.

Another cool feature of this device is that the doors are reversible, you can rotate them open to the left or right. It has removable and adjustable glass shelves that make it easy to clean. There is an ice tray included, a beautiful bag always.

Overall, this is a great propane refrigerator that offers great value for money. With this device, you are sure to get your money's worth. You will also be pleased to know that this refrigerator is ADA compliant.

You should choose this product because of its benefits: 

  • PROS

  • Having interior lighting 
  • Can rotate them open to the left or right 
  • ADA compliant

RCA RFR320-B-Black-COM RFR321 Mini Refrigerator, 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge, Black, CU.FT

Demand for a mini-fridge is met by this RCA RFR321-FR320 / 8 design. It is a product that combines modern design with the rules of the most advanced technology to satisfy your needs without fuss.

This refrigerator can be used indoors and a variety of temporary applications such as campsites, boats, and vehicles. The interior contour is a sleek design that gives you the opportunity to tailor the interior mount to the common situation you need to arrange.

The door is reversible so you don't have any space inconvenience and can pick up groceries when needed. The thermostat is adjustable and allows you to open to cool the supply to the cold degree of your choice.

You should choose this product because of its benefits: 

  • PROS

  • Capacity up to 3.2 Cu Ft     
  • Comes with an attractive Flat Back Design (Black)
  • The freezer comes with the Can Dispenser
  •  Adjustable thermostat and glass shelves
  • Rotating door
  • Levels and Feet are adjustable

Danby DFF100C1BSLDB Refrigerator, 10.0 cu.ft, Stainless Steel

The aesthetic appeal of your apartment will be enhanced by this sleek refrigerator made from spotless steel. The space inside this chiller is 281 liters or 10 cubic feet with ample storage capacity that the average size family will love.

The cooling mechanism is frost-free and you don't have to worry about thawing as it is built on a non-freezing mechanism. The adjustable wire racks and freezer have three adjustable glass shelves that are also removable.

This cooler is electronically controlled while the doors operate on a reverse basis. You also have an additional ice tray to meet your ice supply needs. The interior light is enhanced by always-illuminating LEDs.

You should choose this product because its benefits:

  • PROS

  • There is no frost   
  • Equipped with separate refrigerator and refrigerator electronic controls
  • Detachable wire shelf on freezer
  • The door handle integrated is reversible
  •  Boasting 2 door enclosures LED lighting and drawers are sharper 3 operating box doors

Danby DCR031B1BSLDD 3.1 Cu.Ft. Mini Fridge

You benefit from having an energy star rating in this Danby small door refrigerator when you receive this for your personal use. The energy optimization mechanism ensures a reduction in your energy costs. The coolant is equipped with greenhouse-compatible R600a refrigerant to complete the appeal of eco-friendly enthusiasts.

You can place this cooler in your office or home, or other real estates of your choice. A thermostat is a high-tech device that provides the right temperature level for your stored supply. The defrost cycle is a handy one without stress.

The doors operate on a reversible hinge base and the stunning steel finish is an aesthetic addition to your living space. You also have interior lighting so you can clearly see what's inside the fridge at all times.

You should choose this product because of its benefits:

  • PROS

  • Capacity is 3.1 cu.ft   
  • Freezer section is .87 cu.ft.size in size
  • Flawless steel door finish
  • Full width tempered glass shelves 
  • High bottle storage with integrated shelf on the door

Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator, WHD-113FB1 - Black

This refrigerator has the best quality suitable for a wide variety of functions and designs. It's designed for energy efficiency and boasts adjustable and quieter pins. The chiller compartment is secluded and boasts a capacity of 40 HQ.

This refrigerator is best for home, office, and other uses. The addition of the interior lighting provided in this product is completely user friendly. Buying this fridge gives you the edge with separate compartments for your nutritious fruits and vegetables.

You should choose this product because of its benefits:

  • PROS

  • Adjustable temperature range  
  • The freezer has a freezing range from -11.2 ′ to 5’F 
  • The fridge compartment has a cooling range of 32 ′ to 50 ′ F 
  • The foot is removable and the door swivels in two directions
  • Full complement interior lighting 
  • Provide separate compartments for fruits and vegetables
  •  The compressor is warranted for 2 years

New Diamond Elite 19 Cu Ft Gas LP Propane White Top Freezer Refrigerator

Do you want something a little more off-grid? Or maybe something you could use anywhere? Diamond Elite LP can be just for you. On the surface it looks like a conventional refrigerator. It even comes in the classic egg white color, although it comes in other colors as well. However, what makes Diamond Elite LP unique is the way the user powers it.

Most refrigerators use electricity, so they are Energy Star certified. Diamond Elite LP does not operate on electricity. Instead, it works with propane. That makes it ideal for anyone living in cabins or Amish communities. It's even great for those of you who are worried about power outages and want to keep your food fresh and cold.

The refrigerator uses about 1.5 pounds of propane per day, which means storage can be expensive or time consuming. But it won't be too different for those already used to using a propane device or anyone who wants to use a Diamond Elite LP as a spare refrigerator.

Diamond Elite, on the other hand, is a standard quality refrigerator. It has a spacious top freezer and 14 cubic feet of storage space inside the refrigerator. More than enough space for the regular home, though it only runs a bit smaller than some of the other contenders on this list. However, this is one of the only US-made refrigerators on this list, and it's perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors or those looking for an off-grid lifestyle.

You should choose this product because of its benefits: 

  • PROS

  • Long warranty  
  • Large freezer space
  • Ideal for non-electrical solutions

SMETA Propane Refrigerator with Freezer 12V/110V/Gas LPG, 3.5 Cu Ft, White

A qualified refrigerator is a need for your life is better. This product can make you satisfied with your needs and make sure your food can be fresh, then the product that you should consider is the SMETA Propane Refrigerator.

Generally, the best feature of this fridge is that it has a large storage space. You can store many things in it. With its size, it is truly built to hold huge objects. And this product is a good ideal for storing many things to enjoy the long journeys ahead. Ultimately, it doesn't cramp up my RV space. It can be easy to move just by one person.

There is one feature that you can enjoy that it is the quiet operation of the refrigerator. This is especially beneficial at night or simply you want to have the tranquility of the environment. The hum of the product is very low.

Besides, this product has a feature that you may not like is the lack of adjustment system. When this product arrives, all I have to do not just is set it up. Otherwhile, you need to buy it after. And you must wait some days to order it to setback

You should choose this product because of its benefits:

  • PROS

  • Can be supplied with propane gas or electricity
  •  With large storage space 
  • Light activity 
  • Fast chills 
  • Durable 
  • Elegant look

SMETA 3 Way Fridge Propane Refrigerator 12V/110V/Gas 1.4 Cu, Black

A small refrigerator is the best item for your food and drinks fresh and fresh when you have a trip. However, some small refrigerators can work as expected while some not. If you want the mini-fridge to give you the best service for your needs, the SMETA Mini will bring you satisfaction.

To be honest, the best feature of This product has the best specificity is that it is very energetic. You can use this mini fridge by using 12V, 110V, or even propane. You can have the best results when using solar 12V or propane. And you can really enjoy driving across anywhere you want.

This product is especially loved because it has a revocable door. And you can maximize your space inside when moving. Additionally, this product is completely tight. In many conditions, it doesn't take up space much. Besides, the interior is very hopeful. It is large for you to hold your food and drinks or wine up to several days.

But one big thing that makes you satisfied with this device is that it truly doesn't have a freezer. You have to buy an ice pack on the go. Anh we think this  trouble could not have happened if there was only one freezer in this kind of product.

You should choose this product because of its benefits:

  • PROS

  • Run on gas 
  •  Compact
  • Durable 
  • There are reversible gates

Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator, WHD-113FSS1 - Stainless Steel

Preference for refrigerators often depends on the space allocated to them and the purpose for which they are purchased. If your main goal is to find the right type for travel for entertainment or mobility where there's not a lot of space, check out the Mini Refrigerator Midea WHD-113FSS1 and realize that good things come. in small packages.

This is one of the best RV refrigerator alternatives. Mini refrigerator Midea WHD-113FSS1 is the miniature of the usual large refrigerator in the family. It is excellent in maintaining low temperatures to keep foods and beverages cold and preserve them from spoiling.

The only difference is that it measures less than 3.1 cubic feet. Therefore, it will fit any space but it is specially built for trailer and motor homes, RVs, boats, small apartments, studio-style apartments and in any areas with dark distances. minimum.

If you look closely, this modern stylish mini fridge has a uniquely compact design. In that sense, it will fit perfectly in the kitchen and it can also freely move to other corners of the house unlike the built-in refrigerator. Imagine this mini fridge where you can instantly grab cold drinks in the pantry, game room, balcony, terrace, home bar and even in the garage.

There's nothing to worry about if you live in a house with no sound insulation next door. This Midea WHD-113FSS1 will not cause an annoying sound because it is equipped with silencer technology. It works very well while no one can notice its compressor operation.

What I like more about this refrigerator model is its innovative and durable design. It has stainless design. Since steel is considered an alloy, Midea refrigerators contain materials that protect from damage, water repellency and rust. So it is reliable in the long run.

In addition, its aesthetics look qualitatively luxurious. Midea offers WHD-113FSS1 in three colors (black, stainless steel and white) for you to choose from to match a variety of colors of your home wallpaper. On the inside, there are two glass shelves for storing food. In addition, this device also has a special box of crispy chips at the bottom with good texture to keep the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Surprisingly, the legs and doors of this refrigerator model are adjustable. That's an advantage because you can set the door open to the left or right depending on the available space provided. Besides, Midea refrigerators also come with a one-year warranty to support customers.

You should choose this product because of its benefits:

  • PROS

  • Modern stylish  
  • Suited for any small house
  • Luxurious

SMAD AC/DC/LPG Compact Refrigerator Propane Gas RV Fridge,1.4 cu. ft, Black

This is a one-stop refrigerator specially designed for trucks. Although the product comes with an electric and air thermostat, you will not buy a product with an regulator and hoses that you may need. It is a small refrigerator and has a capacity of 1.4 cubic feet. Refrigerator temperature from 32F to 50F.

The refrigerator comes with adjustable, detachable razors that make it versatile and able to hold different types of food. It has high container storage space.

These shelves are made of glass while the doors are made of plastic. This refrigerator has an automatic thaw system. Compact refrigerator. It's an idea for a small RV that's not very spacious. It can also suit any layout.

The refrigerator is available in black and has an independent design. This is a non-working refrigerator which means you don't need to install it on the RV for it to work. Refrigerators run on propane gas or 110V or DC 12V AC system. This means the 3-way fridge ensures it operates on both uninterruptible power sources. It is installed with a piezo ignition system that ensures improved performance.

You should choose this product because of its benefits: 

  • PROS

  • It can suit any layout and space  
  • It is highly efficient, consumes little energy while providing the right temperature 
  • Quiet refrigerator
  • It is affordable

Norcold N1095R 10 cu. ft. 2 Door Refrigerator (2-Way AC/LP, Right Hand Door)

If you want the best experience with a reliable refrigerator, this appliance takes you all the way. It operates on AC or LP gas and comes with automatic frost limiting to help keep you out of the challenges of dealing with frost. It has an adjustable thermostat to meet your specific ambient temperature needs.

The interior has ultra-thin insulation made of high-tech materials. It does not affect efficiency with capacity improvement. It has an integrated diagnostics to facilitate 9.2 cubic feet capacity. You can't find any better option on the market other than the physical features you'll find in this refrigerator. It is made of an embedded steel frame that guarantees long life and is resistant to corrosion, scratches and even bending on impact. It also has an open door alarm to notify you when the door is open. The refrigerator operates on AC power and LP gas. However, it will only activate LP gas if AC power is not available. It is a 2-way refrigerator.

You should choose this product because of its benefits: 

  • PROS

  •  There are built-in diagnostics that are easy to operate and have useful information during maintenance  
  • It has a backup thermostat system that allows it to work when the thermostat is inactive
  • Comes with flexible removable shelves that make the space flexible for different uses 
  • The shelves are powder coated for easy cleaning

What Should You Need To Rely On When You Want To Choose The Best Propane Refrigerator?

What factors do you need to check when researching your options? In addition to reading reviews of many propane refrigerators of other brands, you should know what sector you are investing in so you can make the right buying decision. Start using the following instructions to have the best propane refrigerator:


Best Propane Refrigerator

One of the most important things to consider when researching and weighing your options is the size of the device you buy. Because the unit purchased should be suitable for the space where you intend to place it.

For this reason, you need to measure the space accurately. This way, you will be able to find out which of the options is right for you.

Furthermore, you should measure and verify your camper's non-electric or non-electric refrigerators if they fit into your car door. It doesn't matter if you find the right size for your car, but then it won't be suitable for your space.

For this reason, you should not add product to cart without guaranteeing the correct size of the refrigerator. Therefore, you must check the available space inside along with the reference size.

In short, the best propane refrigerator is the one that fits and suited most with your house.

Power required

Best Propane Refrigerator

You must also determine which power source the device needs. On the market, there are many types of refrigerators to look for such as one-way, two-way or three-dimensional refrigerators, the differences we discussed earlier.

You can find a propane-powered model. They can be good if you don't want to think about wiring. However, these models tend to be inactive if tilted above 5 degrees. So for this reason, some propane owners choose the type of electricity that can run on the current of the AC unit.

There you have everything you need to know about finding the right refrigerator for your entertainment. Be sure to review them well and start using the reviews we outlined earlier.


Best Propane Refrigerator

After determining the physical size, the next thing you should focus on is how much storage space comes with your refrigerator (usually expressed in cubic feet). Needless to say, the amount of storage you need usually depends on your specific storage needs. If you only need one space to bring a couple of drinks for a short trip, then space might not be an issue for you.

For propane refrigerators which plan to stay on the road longer, then you will need to have a unit large enough to hold all your food and drinks. 

Most importantly, check the device's interior to see if it can hold large foods easily, and if it provides shelves for easy sorting. The general rule of thumb is to always get a device with a little more power than you think. The best propane refrigerator can supply all you need.


Best Propane Refrigerator

When looking for the perfect refrigerator for your propane refrigerator, don't forget to check its ease of installation. Even if a model says it's a do-it-yourself installation, don't just believe that installing it will be easy for you. Some sections can be tricky to set up, especially if you aren't as handy. If shopping online, checking previous user reviews will help you discover if the model is easy to install, or if it requires a professional setup.


The prices of these devices tend to vary between models. Luckily, there are many models that are affordable if you're on a tight budget. But these devices usually come with poor quality, features and limited storage space. If you want the best unit, you have to dig deeper into your pocket; you can spend up to 900 dollars. Some high-end models even go as high as $ 300. So you can remember that the best propane refrigerator is the one that you can pay for.

Best Propane Refrigerator


Another thing to consider when shopping for a propane refrigerator is the noise. There are some models that have a quiet engine. It might be what you need if you plan to put it near your bed or sleeping area. Generally, the best propane refrigerator always doesn't make you uncomfortable.

Special features

The propane fridge also comes with a complete list of extras. These are often convenient features intended to make your life easier when using your new device. We recommend that you take a look at the features of every model you consider a potential purchase to help you see which features are convenient for you.

For example, you might consider looking for a unit with a 2-door design, intelligent system integration, freeze resistance, adjustable temperature, and more.


Best Propane Refrigerator

Warranty is one of the very important factors that you need to consider carefully. You won't know when there will be a problem with your refrigerator. So choose refrigerators that have at least a one-year warranty.


There is no denying the famous brands' refrigerators are good, but there are still non-famous refrigerators. It's not just being expensive, or being cheap isn't good. You should consider carefully to have the best option, which is the best propane refrigerator


Modern refrigerators are available in sleek monochrome colors such as white, gray and black. They can fit neatly in any house, suitable for each design of each home.

Choose the refrigerator that suits your style. They can help make your home more luxurious.

Conclusion Best Propane Refrigerator Top pick for the best

There are many types of propane refrigerators on the market but to select the one that is the best propane refrigerator is not really easy. You need to pay attention to what is the purpose when you buy? Is your house large enough? How much can you pay?... to have the right choice. And now, we will give some products that can be suited for your needs and they are the best propane refrigerator.

best for operating and maintaining

best for ADA compliant

best for levels and feet are adjustable

best for long warranty

best for elegant look

best for quietly and affordable

best for compact

best for battery-powered interior lights

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