15 Best Ice Maker For Home Bar In 2021 – A New Essential During Coronavirus Time

Ice - one of those things you take for granted until you suddenly, urgently and desperately need it. Are you going to fill up your ice cube trays and wait for a couple of hours? Is rushing to the grocery store for a 7-pound bag of ice that costs $4 an option? Not to mention, guests are arriving at your house party, or worse, they are already there and eagerly waiting for the second round of their favorite strawberry daiquiris and Cuba libre. So the best ice maker for home bar is necessary. 

Worry not, ice makers come in rescue. The only thing you need to worry about right now is which one to choose; and we have gotten just the right answer for you!

Here is our short list of 15 best ice makers for home bars, followed by a quick guide that guarantees to help you pick out the most suitable ice maker even professional bartenders would approve of.

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Top 15 best ice maker for home bar Reviews 2021

VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 95Lbs

VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker is our only choice for a standalone ice maker. In contrast to countertop ice makers, this standalone ice maker has a significantly larger capacity - of 95Lbs of ice produced per day and storage of 50Lbs of ice. This however will require a lot more energy and storage space, which not all home bars can provide.

The machine has a water filter, which turns tap water into filtered, cold and refreshing water in an instant. Regardless of its intimidating size, VEVOR 110V is rather very simple to install and operate with an advanced control panel.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Produces a very large amount of ice    
  • Has huge ice storage
  • Equipped with water filter
  • Low maintenance
  • Stores ice for 5-7 hours

GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker 24Lbs

GE Profile Opal comes in a full package. It got not only the look, a sleek high-end-like design, but also the functionality and smartness.

Complicated installation is out of the topic; it does not require any water hookup. You only need to fill up the reservoir, which also works as a water storage when ice melts. BAM! Save more water, the planet will be thankful!

GE Profile Opal will automatically power on when it senses low ice level. To make matters even simpler, you can control it via the GE Profile Opal app. And great news, the app is absolutely free.

Even though the ice texture produced is absolutely perfect for your beverages, chewable soft, yet crunchy, the choice is limited to only this size of ice. One ice making cycle is relatively long - 20 minutes.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Sleek design    
  • Bluetooth equipped - can be controlled remotely via app
  • Easy installation
  • Save water
  • Produces nugget chewable ice

NewAir AI-215R Ice Maker 50Lbs

In a crunch time, you can count on NewAir AI-215R Ice Maker! It can produce up to 50Lbs of ice per day while taking 15 minutes for one batch. Powerful but compact, efficient but cute, the machine comes in many different colorways that will happily match with your kitchen background color.

The 18-hour timer is another plus for assisting the machine to store ice for longer. It is also low maintenance and does not require a lot of cleaning.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Comes in four different colorways 
  • Produces ice in three different sizes 
  • User-friendly control panel 
  • 18-hour timer

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine 40Lbs

Another beast ice maker of our list, Euhomy Ice Maker Machine 40Lbs can produce such a large amount of ice while still being able to store them with the ice basket of 2.2Lbs. The machine is user-friendly with an easy control panel, reminder when to fill up water and when ice is done, plus an 8-hour timer for when you want to store your ice for a little longer. The only concern is that after this long preserving time, ice might come out sticking together.

This best ice maker for home bar takes longer time than other countertop ice makers because of the larger amount of ice it produces at once.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Produces and stores large amount of ice  
  • Timer equipped
  •  Water saving
  • Quiet cooling system

IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine 26Lbs

Some might call this ice maker a monster for how efficient it is - 6 minutes for one batch of ice, which come in two different sizes. The ice shape is designed exclusively so that ice cubes do not stick together as they slowly melt in the storage. This monster is, however, rather quiet and does not require too much energy.

With its smart indicator, you will immediately notice when the water level is low and ice is made! However signals on the indicator might be a little confusing and require some time to get used to.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Modern and compact design   
  • Quiet and energy efficient
  •  Produces 2 sizes of ice
  • Removable ice basket
  • Produces ice within 6 minutes

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine 26Lbs

What a compact yet powerful ice maker! This Euhomy ice maker can produce a perfect batch of ice within 8 minutes, whilst still being compact enough to accompany you on a road trip, boat ride, or simply when you chill in your backyard.

Easy to control and equipped with smart sensors, it will notify you when water level is running low and when the ice bucket is full and ready to produce the next batch of ice. It’s also worth it to mention how quiet the machine is, thanks to its most advanced refrigeration technology.

The range of ice sizes is unfortunately rather limited. Even though they come in two sizes, the sizes are almost identical.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • User-friendly control panel 
  • Most advanced quiet compressor 
  • Compact and portable
  •  Produces ice within 8 minutes

Igloo ICEB26HNSS Ice Maker Machine 26Lbs

Are you afraid that leftover water will make your ice maker moldy and have stains? This will not happen to Igloo ICEB26HNSS thanks to its self-cleaning function. Furthermore, it comes with a drain plug, which will assure all drain water escapes before you put it away after summer ends.

The compact and portable ice maker can generate ice within 7 minutes - a remarkable record. Finished batches of ice can be removed easily and simultaneously with the removable ice basket.

Three other boxes to check, it comes in five different colorways, it is user-friendly and will remind you when the water level is running low and the ice making cycle is finished.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Comes in many colors 
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Drain plug for easy cleaning 
  •  Removable ice basket
  •  Produces ice within 7 minutes

LITBOOS Portable Ice Maker Machine 26Lbs

This LITSBOOS ice maker might win an environmental-friendly award for its ability to save water and energy. With the storage tank below, it can reuse water to make new ice whilst running on low energy consumption and fast cooling mode.

Sleek design, compact size as well as very user-friendly, all factors that make a great portable ice maker for your home bar. It is also equipped with automatic shut-off and notifying lights when water level is low or the ice batch is done. 

Another design perk of LITSBOOS is its underside drain plug, which is considered much safer than sideway ones.

Ice cubes generated come in cute bullet shape, however, in just one size. Compared to other countertop ice makers, it requires a little longer to make a new batch of ice, roughly 9 minutes.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Compact size, user-friendly   
  • Energy and water saving
  • Underside drain plug
  • Can store up to 1.5Lbs of ice

Frigidaire Compact Ice Maker Machine 26Lbs

It does not matter which theme color your kitchen has, you will be able to find a suitable colorway of this compact ice maker! It comes in red, black, copper, and silver - so versatile. 

Once the control panel reminds you that the ice making cycle is completed, you will be able to enjoy the clearest ice ever made, not opaque. Wouldn’t your drinks automatically look prettier with such ice? They also come in two different sizes. Not long after - approximately 6 minutes, the next batch of perfectly clear ice will be ready again to be served.

Unfortunately for a big party or an impatient user, the lack of a removable ice basket might be a drawback. Produced ice can only be removed with an ice scoop, but great news, it comes for free with the ice maker.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Come in different colorways  
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Produces clear ice, in two different sizes 
  • Produces ice within 6 minutes

Frigidaire Heavy Duty Ice Maker Machine 26Lbs

Need I say more, a compact and powerful ice maker that will fit in any rooms in your house, not just your home bar. Why? Because it does not require any drain. Within 6 minutes, you can treat yourself and your guests with perfectly made ice with their favorite cocktails and longdrinks.

Ice comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large - all types of drinks will find its perfect ice partner! They can be stored in an extra large ice basket of 2.2Lbs, which is totally ideal when you are planning to host a party. The ice basket is unfortunately not removable.

However, for not having any drain, it is rather hard to clean the machine. Mold can build up if you do not pay careful attention when cleaning before storage.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Produces ice in three different sizes   
  • Produces ice within 6 minutes
  • Over-sized ice basket
  • Does not require drain

Prime Home Portable Ice Machine 26Lbs

We have in our list another environmentally conscious ice maker machine. With its reservoir, water from melted ice can be reused to generate new ice. The machine will automatically turn off when the ice basket is full. But before shutting off, it won’t forget its duty to notify you that your perfect batch of ice is ready.

You can expect gorgeous clear bullet-shaped ice to come out from the machine, within 8 minutes, which can be removed either with the inclusive ice scoop, or quickly and easily with the entire ice basket. 

The rest of the unused ice can be stored longer thanks to its modern and upgraded heat insulation. There is only one drawback to the machine is its noise while generating ice.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Produces clear bullet shaped ice in two different sizes   
  • Water saving and energy efficient
  • Upgraded heat insulation technique
  • Removable ice basket and ice scoop

Antarctic Star Ice Maker Machine 26Lbs

With the Antarctic Star Ice Maker Machine, your party is guaranteed not to be disturbed by the noise it makes while generating a constant supply of ice for your party guests. Its name says it all, the end result will be Antarctic freezing, crunchy yet chewable ice cubes. They can be easily taken out of the machine with the removable ice basket, or for a more sophisticated guest, with an ice scoop.

Another undeniable advantage of this machine is its self-cleaning program. Tired after hosting a successful party, all you need to do is to turn on the self-cleaning function, wait for 30 minutes and drain out the water. Voila! Your ice maker is ready to be stored away.

The only drawbacks to this machine is the duration it requires to generate one batch of ice, 13 minutes, and that ice might not stay cold too long.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Guaranteed low noise level  
  • Removable ice basket and ice scoop
  • Self-cleaning program

Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker 27Lbs

Look no further, Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker will provide you all the needs: light, compact, easily maintained. This machine will generate ice under 7 minutes while you can set up a movie or entertain your party guests. 

However, to be able to remain its competitive lightweight feature, the machine exterior is plastic, which is rather unsustainable. You might notice noises when the machine produces ice as well.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • User-friendly with exterior drain  
  • Compact size, lightweight - portable
  • Produces ice within 7 minutes

NewAir Portable Ice Maker Compact 28Lbs

Minimum to no maintenance is required - what an ideal ice maker for someone who does not have much time and would still like to enjoy restaurant-quality ice. NewAir Portable Ice Makers guarantees you the great quality ice that melts five times slower than normal ice. It comes in six different colorways, that will fit to another kitchen background color you have at home.

The produced ice is not just high in quality but also in options; there are three different ice cube sizes to choose from. You won’t need to worry about not having the correct size of ice for specific cocktails. Although it might take rather long, 15 minutes, to produce one batch of ice.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Comes in 6 different colorways   
  • Produces 3 different sizes of ice
  • Produces restaurant-quality ice
  • Low maintenance

NOVETE Portable Ice Maker Machine 28.7Lbs

Another candidate for low maintenance ice maker, we present to you NOVETE Portable Ice Maker Machine. Within 6 minutes, you will be served with crystal ice with rounded bullet shape. These ice cubes are guaranteed to last longer than usual ice and do not stick together

Another worth mentioning feature is its energy saving ability, that is said to save up to 40% more energy than ordinary ice makers while still being able to store ice cubes up to 8 hours thanks to its aluminium fin condenser. The only disadvantage to this amazing machine is that it might be a bit loud.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Produces ice within 6 minutes  
  • Energy saving
  • Can store ice cubes for up to 8 hours
  •  Easy draining

Complete Guide: How To Choose The Best Ice Maker For Home Bar

Best Ice Maker For Home Bar

In the midst of Coronavirus, going to a bar is no longer an option; so why not become your own semi-professional bartender. And what do you need to become one? Of course, an ice maker! Have you ever seen a bar that is running out of ice? It is for certain a very chaotic scene.

Instead of the time consuming way of making ice with ice cube trays or buying the overpriced ice bags from grocery stores, how about purchasing your own ice maker for home bars? You need a couple of minutes instead of hours to make ice. You have a large amount of ice of 24 pound and above. And everything is within a click of a button. The only thing you need to worry right now is which ice maker to choose. 

We will break it down to you which factors to consider before purchasing the best and most suitable ice maker for your home bar. So what are you waiting for? Do not get cold feet, let’s dive in.


best ice maker for home bar

Yes, in this case, sizes matter. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you purchase an ice maker. Do you have a lot of space in your home bar? Are you more of a solo drinker? Or are you keen on inviting a small, medium or large group of friends to come over for parties?

In general, countertop ice makers come in very compact sizes. Some are lightweight, some are a little heavier considering which material it is made of.

If you plan to use your ice maker other than just at your home bar, for example, on a boat ride, a road trip or a picnic, ice makers with plastic exterior might be your best pick thanks to its absolutely portability.

A great option for a social butterfly host is instead a standalone (also known as commercial) ice makers. They come in much larger size but also with much greater capacity.


best ice maker for home bar

Are you tech savvy? Do you wish all your home appliances can be connected to and controlled from the convenience of your phone? If the answer is yes, you might want to consider purchasing an ice maker that has Bluetooth built-in.

If the answer is no, however, you might still want to ask yourself if you need a timer on your ice makers. This will help with energy saving.

Most if not all ice makers now have a user-friendly control panel, which will alert you when the water level is not enough and when the ice making cycle is finished. You can enjoy your cocktails with perfectly made ice just after pressing one button.


Time required

best ice maker for home bar

For the most parts, it takes small countertop ice makers less than 10 minutes to produce ice, while under 15 minutes and 20 minutes for medium countertop and commercial ice makers, respectively. Time required for larger ice makers is longer but it also produces more ice than smaller ones.

Ice produced

Are you picky with your ice? Do they have to be soft and chewable, yet still crunchy? Do they need to come in different sizes for different types of cocktails you wish to make and serve? You mind want to keep these questions in mind before deciding on an ice maker.



Most if not all of the countertop ice makers do not require any drains, which obviously boost the portability of them. However, it is still necessary to clean your ice maker before putting them in the storage or just a regular cleaning up after use so that the ice purity is assured.

Some ice makers are equipped with self-cleaning functions while some are not. This will of course minimize your work on maintaining the machine. Others that do not have this function might have a sideway or underway water dispenser. An underway dispenser is often more preferable for being easy to be taken out.

Once you have purchased the best ice maker for your home bar, here are some useful tips on how to maintain its longest life as your partner in making cocktails:

Conclusion best ice maker for home bar Top pick for the best

To save you time, let’s sum up this guide as quick as an ice maker produces one new batch of freshly freezing, perfectly shaped ice cubes.

Here are our 4 top picks for the best ice makers for home bars based on many criterias:

We hope our guide will come in handy when you decide to purchase an ice maker for your home bar.

Did any of the ice makers we suggested sparked interest in you? Or do you have other options for us? We are all ears, leave us comments below.

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