Top 15 Candidates For Best Blender For Under 100 Are Right Here [Detail Reviews – Buying Guide 2020]

You enjoy the smoothies? I love it too, definitely! And I believe that all enjoy it. Because if you've a decent blender, it's delicious, nutritious and simple for you to make a lot of tasty smoothie recipes. But often a blender is able to reach more than 100 dollars pricey. But currently, to get a decent blender, you don't have to split your account. Nowadays, to expand the customer demand, the best blender for under 100 is manufactured and very diversified. 

Since our team has selected some cheap products after discovering a number of costly and flexible blenders. These will be the top choices for the best blender for under 100 which are very suitable for you to buy .
best blender for under 100
best blender for under 100
best blender for under 100

Best Blender For Under 100 For Overall

Best Blender For Under 100 For Personal Use

Best Blender For Under 100 For Budget

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Top Best Blender For Under 100 Reviews 2020

Ninja Professional Blender BL660

The Ninja BL660 countertop Blender, a powerful, high performance model which operates well enough for sole segments is the first of our top choices for best blenders under 100.

With such a huge 72-ounce polymer container and double 16-ounce lidded trip cups, the BL660 can be blended for a group or only for yourself. This has 5 fundamental buttons as well as a solid 1,100-watt engine, along with a special single-serve knife design that helps you to mix when using the traveling cups. The polymer is a healthy and BPA-free dish washing machine.

Its compact 7.6-pound unit has several disadvantages, along with less robust rubber parts on the rotor structures, a leak-prone lid, and a foundation which can break. This is a really noisy machine, too. Fortunately, Ninja is promising about one-year guarantee and spare components.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Function with single serving with specialized blade installation
  • Contains major luggage and two cups
  • Single interface and strong engine
  • Protected dishwasher and acrylic without BPA
  • One year guarantee and substitute sections available
  • Priced fairly

Healthmaster Elite JLA-8WAL Blender

The Montel HealthMaster is somewhat distinct from the other blenders on the marketplace. This blender is also able to cook food when mixing food with beverages as well as warming foods like soups, so it can be turned super eFour top-quality steel blades are made for long time to allow the mixing. Many consumer feedback indicate that this is greater than many items that are well above the $100 range that we have proposed. Whether hot food is your mixer primary objective, it can be an easy solution to quickly make it easier to reheat leftovers and soups with just this mixer.

It is also one of the best blenders under 100 we have found with its 1200W engine with almost double horsepower. In a couple of moments, it can transform fruits and veggies into liquid. The detailed design of the mix is perfect for smaller fruit and vegetables, which can mix beans, nuts and small meals for which other mixers often have trouble. 8 unique speed levels allow you to precisely select what is appropriate to mix your food correctly.

The hot food is able to be cooked by using the built-in "gravitational resistance," a normal way to make soups, sauces and on . However, it doesn't mean that you must use it for cooked drinks and the healthcare provider fits just as well for cold drinks.

Four top-quality steel blades are made for a long time to allow the mixing. Many consumer feedback indicate that this is greater than many items that are well above the $100 range that we have proposed. Whether hot food is your mixer's primary objective, it can be an easy solution to quickly make it.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Ideal for warm foods, for example such as soups
  • Be able to blend really cold foods
  • Much more power from 1200W engine

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender BL610

The Ninja BL610 Specialist 72- function Countertop Blender is our strongest range in list of best blenders under 100, an excellently-designed, moderately priced unit which is solid enough to blend heavily. This is very stable and provides such a huge capacity model.

The BL610 is easy to use and comfortable to scale with an incredible 72-ounce capability and a basic 5-button design. In research, we recognized that the remarkably smooth 1000-watt engine and powerful 6-blade assemblies have been working well to smash ice.

While the foundation feels extremely solid, the fiberglass container is far less reliable and can break or rip with extended usage. The 1-year guarantee for Ninja does not include pitchers, unexpectedly. We even find it hard to clean the blades.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Huge capacity
  • Basic interface
  • Quite compact
  • Reasonable cost
  • No noise but solid motor
  • Sturdy foundation with a power six-blade assemblies
  • One-year guarantee
  • Offers a cookbook with 25 recipes

NutriBullet Pro - 13-Piece High-Speed Blender

Using NutriBullet NB9-1301 powerhouse to improve your nutrition that we think is good enough to put it in the list of best blenders under 100. The 900-watt engine and special extractor knife allow a decent way of mixing dense leaves, skins or nuts. It powders and breaks down veggies and even whole fruit faster than other mixers and blenders in that same budget range.

The NutriBullet NB9-1301 blender may assist you in getting the exact fluidity and quality you need, and you will never have to think about sharpening the sturdy metal knife.

There are two tanks of the NB9-1301—32 oz and 24 oz. The 24 oz bottle arrives with a ring of lips. Only tie the ring to the lip and it's very convenient to sip straight from the bottle. You can cook in simple or big portions. A bigger 32 oz container with a portable lip ring is handy once you're holding a party and will have to serve the visitors. All cups have resealable flipping upper-to-go lids, as well as the lid suits on every NutriBullet PRO cup.

The NutriBullet NB9-1301 is very easy to use as well as may run in less than 5 minutes. Cleaning is also extremely easy — you are able to clean the plastic bottle either by hand or by using a dishwasher.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Very easy to use
  • Have the ability of having it up as well as running within five minutes.
  • Cleaning will be super easy

Ninja BL480D Shakes & Smoothies Personal Blender

The Ninja Nutri Ninja Blender's BL480 has multiple characteristics and is ideal for single serve mixing. Sadly, this isn't quite robust, but still very clunky. But we still think this will be a great choice for best blenders under 100

A strong 1.000-watt generator with 24 or 18-ounce cups and resealable clothes, this 5,5-pound lighting system contains. The user interface is very tense, hard to be using however there are a variety of manual and preset choices on the device, such as a temporary device which will count forwards or backwards to satisfy your specifications.

We also observed during tests that the cloths do not stamp correctly and the whole device is less long lasting. This is a noisy blender either, so if you are sensitive with the noise, it might not be the best blender for under 100 for you. The limited ability implies that for big volumes it will not work effectively. A one-year guarantee is given by Ninja.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Great blend for single-servings
  • Weight is quite light
  • Reasonable cost
  • Powerful engine
  • A lot of features, such as presets and a counter
  • One-year guarantee support

Oster 4093-008 Best Blender For Under 100

The Oster 4093-008 blender makes it one of  the perfect budget options of best blenders under 100 in our ranking. This has some strong functions and even if it is somewhat critical than many of the others, it is not evaluated well on the price range. 

The blending device as such is high quality, with fantastic blades of steel which can easily smash ice or refrigerated fruit, even some of the more strong versions may be struggling to ensure the smooth mix. It is operated by 600W, but at just two speeds, so there are fewer choices than some other items.

That being said, it's reliably designed and the Oster will do a fine job whether you're satisfied with some more simple mixing features. The plastic container is somehow not included in many blenders at this level because it adapts more than any other glass jars and bottles to the temperature. It can accommodate 40 Oz, and can be placed in the dishwashing machine completely secure for washing.

All is supported by an amazing 10-year guarantee. Although not all of the elite items can do it, it consistently mixes, and it is harder to identify so much error at such an affordable cost.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • The container of glass resists high temperatures.
  • Secure dishwashing machine
  • 10 Year guarantee

KitchenAid Speed Diamond Blender

Kitchenaid makes an immense range of kitchen appliances and accessories, and it is a marvelous gift in the world that suits the amazing past of the company. A variety of modes along with the KSB1575MC are available for removing, choping, blending, purifying or liquidating. The normal mixing mode is known as 'pulse.' This mixing machine does not have as large a capacity as other blenders, it is only available at 550W, but it also has a lot of strength to mix different fruits , vegetables or even ice. 

The smart mixing machine provides a design of feeling the thickness of the ingredients that are mixed and then hold it at the correct tempo to balance the ingredients properly. This  also has the thing called as a "warm beginning" that blends and pulls the components in before mixing in a complete way. 

The pitcher is built to not be rubbed, cracked or stained, and is easy to clear. This can be placed in a dish washing machine if required and is 60 oz high of capacity, and that's plentiful for many households. The most important factor we really like about mixers is that you are secured as a customer with 5 years Kitchenaid guarantee. This deserves to be a product in the list of the best blenders under 100 after all.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Fantastic Five Year Guarantee
  • Strong pitcher condition
  • Soft beginning and intelligence blending setup for stronger mixing

Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Blender

This is another option of the best blenders under 100, this is a compact and cost-effective blender from my Cuisinart catalog. As well as some innovative features are available. The 350 watt engine is very tiny and strong, producing cyclonic motion in a plastic container. And it has nice Integrated led lightings with a designed digital touchpad. It seems so little, but has a large mixer performance.

This compact handheld blender features four BPA free  of titan containers, mixer pot, ultra - thin cast iron blades, mixer blade, copper blade and cook book. Its icon for pulse is a very useful supplement. Since it switches with a simple click either low or high controls. All features, however, make it easier to navigate. And whilst in a few moments you are able to make all your dream drinks.

Using this lightweight gadget to make the cooking works, like espresso, soup, smoothies, chopping pasta, milk whipping, nutritious foods and even more. All its elements are appropriate for dishwashing as well as especially this is constructed suitably for anyplace. Now you don't have to think about how to store this. So now if you want to buy one of the best blenders under 100 with all the benefits above, this will be a great choice.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • 350 watt strong engine
  • LED warning lights along with electronic controller
  • Functions for safe and auto-stop
  • Helps to control for high, low and rhythm
  • Secure materials for washing dishes
  • Packs with numerous free items such as a cook book

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Best Blenders Under 100 

Out of many best blenders under 100 in the marketplace, our option for the best blender for under 100 which is suitable for personal use is this compact, but strong blender. Basically , this means that the Nutri Ninja Pro is perfect for producing single portions of items with something in thought. The bottle serves as a cup from which you are able to drink the beverage, then just take it away and squirt on your cup and then you are able to take your healthy protein drink or delicious milkshake on the way.

With regard to functionality and flexibility, the Nutri Ninja is difficult to disagree about as one of the best blenders under 100. The components can be washed quickly in the dish washing machine, so that afterward there is no unpleasant washing.

It is amazing that such a simple blender will have 900W capacity, and this machine succeeds in combining some minor ingredients, including such vegetables and fruits, that some other items can not achieve. It also assists better remove supplements that may not be used by any other mixers. 

This is of course not as suitable for large portions because of the smaller sizes, or where a lot of soups or beverages are to be packed. It's planned very well for each section. Since this is smaller, the amount we mentioned in this post is far under 100, and this can be a good option for a budget alternative. For one of the best blenders under 100, this machine is not bad.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Simple to clean in the dish washing machine
  • Obtain and mix minor ingredients with vitamins
  • Practical, literally take the cup and then go.

Cosori C011 Best Blenders Under 100 For Shakes And Smoothies

It is crucial that you receive the highest service available in a minimum amount for the health conditions out there. It is not only necessary to have the ideal blender but also to develop your mixing techniques.

Perhaps you don't really have a chance to create any of the requisite smoothie arrangements. What if we suggest that we chose the ideal and competent mixer for you to fulfill all your needs and to provide you with the strength to effortlessly blend in? Sounds great?

Yeah, with the awesome Cosori Blender, you can always have a configuration that brings the highest quality possible. You can gain high efficiency and outcomes. It all is at an attractive cost since it is one of the best blenders under 100.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • The three categories of the mixer allow the mixing process for several consumers becoming even easier.
  • Not to say about the product's output strength, which is very strong.
  • The auto blending platform allows relaxation from continuously or perfectly testing the blending.
  • Thanks to its nutrient extraction capability, the beautiful stainless steel blade style features it as a best target for so many nutrition-freaks.
  • Free BPA

Hamilton 58148A Beach Power Elite Blender

You should choose Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Blender if you are searching for a style that's better for your pocket since it is one of the best blenders under 100. This compact version is less robust and more hard to execute, but at an appropriate cost, it provides a lot of versatility.

With just 5,62 pounds, the Power Elite has a component on its blades with a minimal but durable 40-ounce glass jar and a proprietary Wave Active structure. The five buttons user interface includes 12 features, so that you can have to work with the handbook some more time. The pot, knives and lid are all comfortably clean, but we have found food sometimes trapped under the blades, making it more difficult to clean.

The 700 watt engine isn't as solid as other ones, but fits well in most applications. The plastic shield on the bottom was the least favourite, this is not very long lasting and can break quickly. A three-year guarantee is valid at Hamilton Beach, but delivery costs may be payable.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Price is low
  • Weight is light
  • Container of durable glass
  • 12 proprietary mixing features
  • Dishwasher secure scissors, lid, and container.
  • Friendly 3-year guarantee

Magic Bullet Best Blenders Under 100

For chip vegetables and fruits, milkshakes and beverages, shakes and so many others, you are able to get a bunch of the best blenders under 100. But they're not as practical as the mixer for something like the Magic Bullet. It might not be a big blender, but for both individuals and small households it will be an intelligent option. I might also suggest the Magic Bullet has been the most powerful and compact mixer to fulfill regular needs as a fantastic kitchen assistant.

This blender collection consists of 11 parts, which include blender, additional blender, blades, containers, cookbook, etc. You can now conveniently make your favorite shakes, smoothies and other ingredients. The mixing container is not really a glass, however, it is very long lasting. Since it's an elastic of top-compact. Along with its 250 watts high starting torque energy engine, this strength is adequate for a small mixer, producing cyclonic motion.

Eventually, I should say, you will not have to make your signature beverage for over 20 seconds. And it produces an incredibly smooth feel, which could be an ideal option for making food for babies. However, note that for over two people it is not perfect. 

Particularly it will be the one of the best blenders under 100 for a single man, whether he likes protein drinks or milkshakes . More food can be made. It ships with a wonderful book of recipes. And this can be offered to your daughter, partner, son or friends as an intelligently-smart present at an attractive cost.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Mixer collection of 11 components
  • 250 watts base of support and high torque
  • Quite high-quality and very reasonable
  • Jars and top shelves are safe for washing

BLACK+DECKER 10-Speed Blender BL2010BP

It is a BLACK + DECKER machine mixer and is compatible with various gadgets for the kitchen, including such electrical blades, portable lights, portable control, pet items, steamer and inexpensive air freezers. You will buy anything from this label for your household and outdoors.

It is yet another modern BLACK+DECKER kitchen gadget with 5 glass containers (40 oz). This is  maybe not really big, but still enough to serve your preferred ice blenders, chili, smoothies or other beverages. It's a jar of glass, and it's a little thicker. You should buy it individually anytime you like a thin metal blending container.

Its 4-pin stainless steel knife for performance enhancement and combining of different parts. It has a 550-watt high-performance engine and a steady 350 watts of energy. Not only did it support 10 rates with a different pulse mechanism. And then all the reusable pieces of the mixer are a dish washing machine protection that would save you more energy and time.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Long - lasting 5 cup glass containers
  • 4-Tip with stainless steel knife
  • 10-speed configuration with pulse feature
  • 550 watts of mixing capacity
  • Secure sections of the dish washing machine

Cincred Personal Countertop Blender for Milkshake

If you're searching for the best blender for under 100 for private use? Therefore the Cincred handheld blender could be the best option for you. And maybe you've got a couple luxurious blenders in your kitchen that's perfect to satisfy your entire family. However this product is just not very big, and you wouldn't have to invest much money on this little kitchen appliance.

If you're in love with milkshake, fruit vegetables, smoothie, and other beverages? So it might be your best cooking partner to provide you nutritious beverages on a daily basis. This lightweight, elegant style blender container made from Tritane, that is usually included in baby products. As well as the container is long lasting and secure to use or hold with the plastic containers sealed ties. So, without leaking, you may put a cup in your pocket or purse. The mixing container is indeed flexible and simple to vacuum.

It's a super lightweight and cheap blender that doesn't have a button to run. And you've got to press a container to mix. It has a strong engine with four polished metal knives for deeper, cleaner combinations. Within only a few moments you may smash ice or make milkshakes. 

I 'd say eventually, this is very simple to be using, very compact. Even in the kitchen you may conveniently warehouse it. Well, if you just want a mixer for yourself, it might be the right personal mixer with a limited budget since it is mentioned as one of the best blenders under 100.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Simple to click to mix.
  • Simple to take double duty container
  • Glass made of Tritan
  • Requires removal of slag
  • Very cheap and portable

Oster BLSTPB-WGN Blender

The next option for the best blenders under 100 will be a product from Oster. The cost for such a Oster 250 Watt Personal Blender BLSTPB-WBL is ideal for those with a small budget scheme. Estimated 6.9 - 6.7 - 14.9 inches, it probably wouldn't take much room in the kitchen table. You don't need to intervene directly with a jar for it as well, since the smoothie you end up making is now into a glass vase. 

So you'll need to refill this container with your materials, attach the slicing knives to the vessel, lock the jar to the base of the blender, then mix. Since that's done, it's only going to take a few seconds to remove the chopping knife attachment and replace it with a beverage cover.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Good for healthcare practitioners
  • Fits with safe parts for dish washing machines
  • The scale is ideal for outside camping and entertainment.

Buying Guideline: How To Choose The Best Blender For Under 100?

best blender for under 100

best blender under 100

When you have a small budget, it definitely makes it tough to purchase a blender. However, with clear planning and strategy, you can simply get a blender which is appropriate for your demand.  It doesn't take much thought to determine which one will be suitable for you. Nevertheless, several points should be taken into consideration before you finally make a list. Do you want to get the best blender for under 100? Don't you want to finish with the incorrect blender, do you, after all?

For best blenders, there are several various choices available. If the budget is limited, the alternatives seem to be limited, but there are also various best blenders under 100 to be selected. In this situation , it is necessary for you to decide what you desire. But you just need to know what function is essential to you? So here are a few characteristics you can remember before purchasing a best blender for your own.

The Motor Power

best blender for under 100

The first feature to buy the best blender for under 100 is the motor power. In reality, energy was measured in watts. Each mixer comes with a different engine and much more than 2000 watts of powered mixer are available. however how strong a mixer you would need depending on you? You can search for a strong engine if you want the mixer to be for intense use such as grinding ice and nuts. However, you can use a 350/500 watts small individual mixer to make smoothies, protein powder, drinks, juices or other beverages.


The next one that you need consideration of the best blender for under 100 will be the blades. The knife mechanism is a feature of your mixer and is used to grind, cut and crush. You will want to take care of the consistency and construction of the blades as well as ensure that your new mixer performs properly. Solid blades generally consist of robust, four to six pointed tips of stainless metal. Many blenders have several blade attachments that can also be helpful for various activities for your mixer.

best blender for under 100

You will have to change the blades at any stage in order to maintain your mixer running properly. You will want to verify whether the distributor sells substitute blades whenever you intend on using your blender frequently.

Capacity Of Jar

best blender for under 100

That's your favorite and best blender for under 100 that you want to own. And this implies how many people you would like to serve? You must take a glance at a blender with a large blending container as you intend to handle a large amount of people.

But I want to add, you're looking to discover a few mixers you can switch your jar. Since it has an external jar engine. As well as the ounce size of the container is very high, and that's great for the families with 60 or 72 oz.

Jar Material

The blending jar is normally constructed of steel or glass. The glass pitchers are really appealing and durable. But it may be a bit thicker and costly. On the other side, plastics cups are compact and economically feasible.

best blender for under 100

Regrettably, cracking will be simple if you're using it to mix hard ice, nuts , and seeds. If you just want a sturdy jar rather than a bottle, the Tritan jar will be perfect for you. But if you're really nervous with pesticides, pick "BPA-Free" material.

Speed Setting

The rate adjustments are the biggest degree of power you have on the blender or what it does at a certain specified period! Any blenders, including those at a cheaper price, provide at minimum several other constant speed adjustments to lead to different formulations and to best match different recipes. You can lose a couple of such speed settings on the least expensive side of the range, even some of the least expensive mixers have just a few.

best blender for under 100

Many of the best blenders under 100 out there, including the KitchenAid, have launched intelligent functions similar to 'intelli-speed' that may measure the resistance of the components internally and change as required. This has a positive start, that implies that it begins to cut the materials more gradually before transitioning to a finer mix.

Cord Power

When purchasing a best blender for under 100 only, you may remember the power cable. And it's going to influence you a bit whether you try to blend off of the electrical shift. The power cord ought to be lengthy enough that this can cover any space which will be a bench or indeed any place that you want to mix. Anyway before purchasing you can look at the time you need to use a blending cord, how long do you really need a good blender?

Ease Of Cleaning

best blender for under 100

After every use, nobody wants to waste time washing the mixer. Because of this, producers believe that large people just enjoy dish washing machine-safe mixers. However if your mixing bottle is acrylic, you must prevent hot water. And that could affect the shape of the jar. However a healthy blender for the dishwasher will save you some time or effort..


best blender for under 100

Any blenders might be very loud. This is something which not even all producers are already able to tackle on the affordable end of the continuum. For those of us, several moments of noise when mixing our delicious meals or planning for preparing food would not be a concern in any way. For some, particularly people who've had small kids or animals who seem to be susceptible to noise, a quiet mixer may be a smart option.

Identify What You Would Be Blending 

You will figure out that the unique inputs and ingredients you combine are of considerable significance for your choice by reading the personalized feedback of blenders. For example, several mixers are on sale on the premise that they can mix nuts and seeds and obtain further supplements in the procedure. Some mixers can have trouble with some materials, especially the small and medium ingredients.

best blender for under 100

Often examine whether you'd like to mix tough ingredients like ice cubes. Many blades can deal with all of this, but that is worth testing if the vendor suggests the use of ice and packaged meals as an additional substitute.


Do you want your investment to be secured by a decent guarantee whenever something unexpected happens? Companies support a multitude of guarantees for 1 year or up to 15 to 20 years. You will also be interested in specifics of the guarantee of your product as others may protect just the engine or costs for delivery or substitution.

best blender for under 100


After choosing the best blender for under 100 for yourself. You could wash your blender simply by taking a few simple guidelines.

  1. Delete from the foundation the blender. Plug the part of the bottom out. Take off the lid, seal and blade of the gasket.

  2. Take hot water with a sponge to clean the cup. Wash off  completely and leave it dry. You even can clean it on a dish washing machine countertop.

  3. Clean other sections with soap and warm water such as gasket cap, knife, and key ring. Be cautious when the blades are sharply polished. Be cautious. Rinse and dry.

  4. Mix baker's soda and water with 1:1 ratio anytime you see a dry substance in the mixer. Bring together and operate a mixer. And cut the pieces and clean as the above actions.

  5. Dispose of a damp cloth in the blender pump. Immerse  this in water or cleaning it in a dish washing machine is completely not suggested. 

  6. Remove and store the mixer correctly.

Here are a few tips for easily washing your blender.

Conclusion Best Blender For Under 100 Top pick for the best

Everybody enjoys protein powder, milkshakes, and other frozen beverages. This is why people want to spend a great deal of money on cafes, street markets, and luxury hotels. But a blender will benefit you a lot for such a life-changing activity. People might think it would have been very costly, or an expensive mixer might be very long lasting and offer excellent results. Even the best blender for under 100 is able to do all those stuff so greatly.

Via the detailed details above, there are a few tips which we hope might bring you a better perspective of some best blenders under 100. The table below shows the top 3 options for the best blender for under 100 in 2020.

best blender for under 100
best blender for under 100
best blender for under 100

Best Blender For Under 100 For Overall

Best Blender For Under 100 For Personal Use

Best Blender For Under 100 For Budget

Blenders become convenient, multi - purpose tools, but with so many versions on the marketplace, it could be hard to get a best blender for under 100 so that  it won't smash the budget. We hope this article of the 15 top best blenders under 100, filled with comprehensive reviews as well as a brief buying guide, will support you pick a best blender for under 100 which meets your needs.

If you have any doubts or feedback about the blenders throughout this article, please feel free to post them in the below comments section so we'll be willing to support you in most every way we may.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best blender for under 100 at the comment box below!

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