How To Get Best Electric Corkscrew For Holiday: Quick Review & Today’s Smart Shopping Tips You Need To Read

When holiday is coming, time for home parties begins, you will need more wine to celebrate and at that time, a best electric corkscrew will be your best “assistant” on the way to serving wine to your party crowd.

Indeed, having the best electric corkscrew that satisfies your demands amongst the top of the best electric corkscrew on the market is needed when you want to have the best party ever. However, it is hard to know which one is your best electric corkscrew. If it’s your case, then we have listed out the top best electric corkscrew in 2020 to help you solve the problem.

Let’s check it out and discover the best electric corkscrew that meets your needs.

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Top 13 best electric corkscrew Reviews 2020

Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew

This opener will impress you with the light blue when it is operating. Actually, the Wine Enthusiast Electric Corkscrew has a small size which is convenient for you to carry. It is also nicely designed with 2 buttons on the body, which are: one is for pulling up the cork and the other is for removing cork from its screw. Thus, the tool is simple and easy to operate. By using electricity to power up, the corkscrew of Wine Enthusiast can open the bottle quickly with little effort.

However, as some complain, this tool does not work well on fake rubberized corks since they tend to make it stuck in the barrel of the opener. Moreover, there is a flaw in the design which the charging stand is ill-fitted to the opener, thus, it might be quite hard to charge. Besides, the lifespan of it does not also last long since some customers complained that the tool has a poor quality.

Chefman Electric Wine Opener

If you are a starter and looking for an electric wine opener that has an affordable price, you should consider this model. Like the Wine Enthusiast Electric Corkscrew, the tool is also designed with the blue light inside and the see-through bottom, which allow you to see how the machine works clearly.

 Besides, it is easy to use since a simple single-touch control applied in the opener can help you uncork quickly with less effort. In fact, as the manufacturer claimed, the tool has a powerful battery that can open the wine within 3 seconds and remove up to 30 corks.

The stainless-steel finished body which helps the machine be more solid and the LED light indicating charging situation are also used in this model to make it more beautiful and convenient.    

However, the biggest problem that the opener of Chefman has is it seems not to last long since it can be broken easily after a few times of use.

Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener

Actually, this one is one of the most valuable products that you can get in the list of top best electric corkscrew. With an affordable price, the tool provides you 3 color options and a box set including basic items (which are a pourer and a stopper) to preserve wine after opening. Plus, the most distinguished feature of this model is that it has a patent-pending detachable lid which can remove and convert into a foil cutter easily.

Speaking of performance, the opener of Ozeri Nouveaux is handy and easy to use with a compact size and single-touch buttons. In fact, as it is advertised, its motor is decent enough to remove up to 40 corks on a single charge.

In short, with the price you have to pay, this product amazingly gives you everything that you need for enjoying the wine.

However, this one seems not to have a high durability since some users complained that it stopped working after a few months of use.

Cuisinart CWO-50 Cordless Wine Opener

With the medium price you have to spend, the opener of Cuisinart provides a premium, sleek design. Of course, you can confidently put this on the table countertop and make it as a decoration for your kitchen. The tool comes with a nice stand base with a built-in foil cutter and a sealer; thus, you will receive a basic item set to enjoy your best wine when choosing this.

Further, it is sturdy and opens all types of corks including synthetics without any problem. The manufacturer claimed that its decent motor can open up to 80 bottles on one charge. The single-touch buttons will help you “pop” corks easily.

Nonetheless, its downside is that it does not last long. In fact, some users complained that it might break down in a very short time

MUNION Automatic Wine Opener

Munion gives you a nice, sleek design with a full premium metal body. Actually, this one is finished with a stainless-steel layout which makes it look more solid and sturdier. The tool also features a smart LED indicator that can light up to remind you when it needs to be charged.

With a gentle push of button, you can uncork easily within 8 seconds as it is claimed. In fact, the machine has a decent battery to remove up to 45 corks on a single charge. Therefore, it can help you open a large quantity of wine bottles with less hassle.

However, following some feedback, the machine does not work really well. In some cases, it cannot pull the cork up and stop working after a few times of use. Moreover, this one seems to have poor quality since it can be broken easily

RBT Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener

This is one of the most luxurious openers in the list of top best electric corkscrew.

Of course, with the price you have to pay, this product provides you a superb premium design with the seamless-all metal construction. Therefore, you can feel more solid and firmer when holding it in your hands. Besides, it can also be stored as a decoration for your kitchen since this looks modern with the black, gold tone color. The tool comes with a coaster and a wall charger, and does not include a foil cutter.

In terms of performance, you can work well with all the cork types and you can uncork easily with 2 simple steps: inserting a wine bottleneck into the opener and pressing the button. Moreover, as the manufacturer claimed, it can uncork more than 30 bottles of wine on single charge with less hassle.

In short, it is solid with a premium look and the ease of use.

However, instead of having trouble with the machine, the charger seems not to have high durability since the USB charging port can be broken off inside and stop working after a year of use as some customers complained. This can be a big minus point for the product compared to the high price it offers. But it also has a good customer service which can help you solve the problem

iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener

This one looks so unique with the futuristic design. Actually, the iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener has a compact and slim body which can be a great choice for the one who has trouble with hand pain.

The opener has an affordable price but it works effectively. In fact, you can remove corks easily with the simple push-button operation. The manufacturer claimed that this opener can work well with the traditional wine bottles and uncork up to 180 bottles on a single charge. In short, you can open a large quantity of wine bottles quickly with less effort.

With an affordable price, you will receive a box set including a wine opener, a foil cutter, and USB charging cable with a user manual. Note that this package does not come with a wall adapter, and if you want to charge with a USB port, you have to use your own wall adapter. Besides, although it looks great but the truth is that its body is made from plastic, therefore, it seems not to have high durability compared to other electric corkscrews.   

In short, this one can be the best electric corkscrews if you want to have an opener that works effectively with an affordable price.

Ivation Wine Opener Gift Set

If you are looking for the best electric corkscrew to give your friends as a present, then this one can be a choice that you should look at.

You may think this one gets a higher price compared to other wine openers in the same range, but the package comes with 6 bonus items besides the basic accessories for you to use, which are: 2 stoppers, a wine aerator pourer, a foil cutter, an electric wine preserver. It means that with this box set, you will have everything you need for opening and keeping the wine at the best taste.

Especially, the electric wine preserver can eliminate the air that is inside the bottle to keep wine longer and have a better flavor. The opener also has a nice, sturdy charging stand and the charging adapter, which you can confidently put on the countertop to decorate your kitchen.

This product is easy to use with the one-touch operation. In fact, as the manufacturer claimed, it can remove up to 30 corks on a full charge without causing any damage to the cork. Besides, the tool is equipped with the LED indicator which can let you know the condition of the battery. Therefore, it is more convenient for you to use.

However, this one seems to have trouble with the lifespan of the battery. Some consumers commented that its battery is easily broken after a few times of use.

Waerator 3-in-1 Electric Wine Opener

Modern, stylish and compact are the words that may pop into your mind when you see the opener of Waerator at first glance. Actually, we think this would be an ideal gift for your female friends since it looks attractive and handy.

The Waerator Electric Wine Opener is a rare product in the list of best electric corkscrew that combines 3 basic items into a machine. In particular, besides opening the wine bottle function; its detachable lid can be a foil cutter since it can remove and cut the foil easily with just a squeeze and twist.

Further, the top of it is equipped with a Smart PSI Detection Vacuum Pump which can suction out the air and seal the bottle to keep the best taste of wine. Shortly, it is a multifunctional corkscrew that you can look for.

Moreover, speaking of operation, it is easy to use with a single-touch control. In fact, the machine is advertised that it can uncork up to 45 wine bottles and preserve up to 180 wine bottles. However, as some complain, the battery cannot work well as it is expected. The tool itself might die and be broken after a few times of use. Plus, cork can get stuck sometimes.    

Hamilton Beach 76610 Electric Wine Opener

Coming from one of the most popular brands for making kitchen appliances, the wine opener of Hamilton Beach is not actually quite bad.

It has a beautiful, modern design with a nice charging base which you can confidently store on the table countertop as a decoration for your kitchen. This package comes with a foil cutter which can be placed on the charging stand.

In terms of performance, the tool can easily remove the cork within a few seconds by pressing the simple up/down button. As it is claimed, its battery can be used to uncork up 30 bottles in condition of full charges.

However, this does not work really well since you may have to leave the cork in about 1/4 inch to remove the cork from the screw easier. In some cases, you will have to struggle to uncork when the screw is not really strong compared to other wine openers on the market. But it still works fine at the price you have to spend.

Nonetheless, the biggest problem of this product is that it has a short lifespan since it might stop working after a few months of use as some feedback from customers.

FLASNAKE Electric Wine Opener

The rose gold finish of this product makes it look so classic and elegant; thus, we can say that the opener of FLASNAKE has a nice design. Of course, this one can be your decoration for the kitchen since you can confidently put it on the countertop. It is also equipped with the LED indicator on the top to let you know the condition of the battery which makes it more convenient for you to use. 

The opener is simple to operate with the simple push-button operation. In fact, it is supposed to open the wine bottles in 6 seconds with less effort as the manufacturer claimed. Besides, the decent power of this product can remove up to 80 corks on a single full charge.

The product comes with a foil cutter, an USB charging cable and a manual instruction. However, like the iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener, this one does not have a wall adapter, which is a little bit inconvenient for you when you have to find yourself an adapter to charge it. Besides, the opener seems to have poor quality since it can be broken quickly after a few months of use.

Secura Electric Wine Opener

If you want to find a corkscrew that provides you more options of design to choose from the list of top best electric corkscrew, then Secura Electric Wine Opener can be your choice.

The most distinguished feature of this product is that it comes with various metal finishes (particularly 4 colors) with different LED light options instead of only blue light like the other wine openers on the market. All those options are elegant and beautiful; thus, you can freely select which one suits yourself based on your personal taste. Moreover, this one is designed with a slim body and a nice stand which can put it on the countertop as a decoration

Besides its attractive look, the opener also works fine at the price you have to pay. It can open up to 30 bottles on a full charge as the manufacturer claimed. Further, it operates quietly and easily since all you have to do is place it on the top of the bottle and press the button. The wine corkscrew can work well with almost all sizes of bottle.  

However, the corkscrew still has a problem of durability since some customers complained that it is broken after a few months of use.

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

You may have heard about this product most when trying to find the best electric corkscrew.

Indeed, we cannot deny that this one has a beautiful design with the power indicator light on top and the compact charging base. The opener comes with 3 color options for you to choose. With the metal finish, this one can be stored on the countertop as a decoration for your kitchen. However, the size of the corkscrew is quite large, therefore, you will have to look for a place to put it on.

In terms of performance, it is easy to use with one simple switch with up/down functions. Besides, it can uncork up to 30 wine bottles on a full charge. But it will take a longer time to be fully charged (which is about 6 – 8 hours) compared to other products on the market.

Plus, the downside of this corkscrew is that it has poor quality which can stop working after a few times of use. Besides, its customer service is not likely good as some buyers complained.

Buying Tips: Factors To Choose Best Electric Corkscrew

Even though some wine experts would not recommend the electric corkscrew since it might affect the taste of wine, it is the most convenient and easiest way to open the wine bottles amongst different types of wine openers. And if you don’t have any really high expectation of the wine taste, then finding best electric corkscrew is still a great choice for you 

In fact, thanks to modern technology, the corkscrews today have an impressive range of materials, functions, designs that can satisfy any personal taste. So how can you know which one is your best electric corkscrew? Here are some factors that you might need to look at when picking the best electric corkscrew.


best electric corkscrew

Actually, this is not only about the physical look, but also the way an electric corkscrew is constructed. In fact, it has to be based on different purposes and different customers that manufacturers want to aim, the wine opener can be built in various ways. Some products feature the detachable lid which can convert into a foil cutter, some combine 3 or 4 functions of different kitchen gadgets into one, and some will have a small compact size to carry or store easily. Therefore, before finding the best electric corkscrew, you need to determine what you like and what you need for your best electric corkscrew  


best electric corkscrew

This factor considers the power that an electric corkscrew has. On the market today, most electric wine openers are rechargeable which have a built-in battery while some products use detachable batteries which can be charged in some cases. Normally, a battery will take about 8 hours to be fully charged at the first time and about 4 – 6 hours for each charge after that. Thus, when selecting the best electric corkscrew, you should choose an electric corkscrew that can operate well for 4-6 hours and can be fully charged after 4-6 hours


best electric corkscrew

As mentioned above, the most advantage of using the electric corkscrew to open wine bottles is that it can save your time to open wine with a large quantity. Thus, this is an essential factor that you need to look at when buying an electric corkscrew. It depends on the amount of wine you need for your party or your family, you will choose a corkscrew that has a sufficient capacity. Literally, the capacity of an electric corkscrew has a wide range, which can remove up to 80 corks on a single charge and when buying electric wine openers, you should choose the one that can uncork at least 30 bottles on a single full charge.


best electric corkscrew

Price does not depict the quality of a product; therefore, you need to choose the electric corkscrew wisely instead of buying the highest price one. Actually, before purchase, you should determine the budget you would be willing to spend and your demand for wine. For instance, if you intend to use it for your family only, you will not have to buy the corkscrew uncorking up to 80 bottles which is more expensive than the ones which have regular capacity like 30 bottles on a single charge.


This factor can help you expect the level of wine openers durability and reliability. Normally, most wine openers on the market today are made of zinc alloy, metal, or stainless steel which makes you feel more solid and sturdier than the plastic ones.

best electric corkscrew

Ease of Use

Of course, the most popular reason you choose to buy the electric corkscrew is that it can help you open the wine bottles with less effort; thus, you need to consider this factor before making your own decision. Most electric corkscrews today are equipped with a single one-touch operation which can make it easy to use. However, some products have flaws in design which can result in being hard to press the button or hard to remove the cork from the screw. To avoid those undesirable situations, you can read some reviews and do some research about this product before buying the opener.

best electric corkscrew


Everyone wants to have a product that has a long lifespan. However, nothing can last forever and a warranty can help you more when buying and using since it can protect you against the design flaws. Moreover, you should also pay attention to the customer service. A product might not work really well but their great post-purchase service probably can make you more comfortable when using it

Conclusion best electric corkscrew Top pick for the best

Finding the best electric corkscrew may be the smart choice when you want to enjoy the taste of wine but do not want to spend too much time and effort to only open the wine bottle. However, it still requires you to spend time doing intensive research before you know which one is your best electric corkscrew. If you are hectic person who does not have much time to do that, then here is the top 5 best electric corkscrew that we choose based on different criteria which you can look at

Hopefully, this article will help you find your best rabbit wine opener. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use our contact form to get in contact.

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