7 Reasons To Make An Irish Pub Your Wedding Venue

Ireland offers you great venue choices

There are a few decisions that have a greater influence than others when it comes to planning your wedding day, even though every wedding-related option has an impact. Selecting your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you will take while planning your venue. Making a sensible location selection is crucial because your venue area will influence the mood of your wedding.

The significance of selecting the ideal wedding location cannot be overstated. Your wedding is a blank slate before you reserve the location, making it nearly impossible to make any significant decisions about it. Make a careful choice when selecting your wedding location because it will affect your wedding’s mood and style, as well as its location and budget. Even if you do not include the precise address, the place must be mentioned in your save the date. Once you choose a wedding site, pretty much every other aspect of your big day—from wedding invitation ideas to the menu to the photography to your outfit—is determined by the venue setting.

Why should you choose an Irish pub as your wedding venue?

The only component of your wedding that your guests will still remember on your silver wedding anniversary is the venue, and that decision is made much easier if you first decide on the type of party you want to throw and the atmosphere you want to create.

A fantastic restaurant or bar is unquestionably worth taking into consideration for the reception if you are a foodie couple who wants an intimate and less formal party. A pub wedding venue is a great option for couples who want to exchange vows in a casual atmosphere with traditional cuisine and a modest gathering of guests. The Irish pub is the ideal wedding venue for carefree couples, providing more affordable rental costs and fun photo opportunities.

Here are 7 reasons why Irish pubs are great wedding venues

The Food

Let’s start with the benefit that is most obvious: the food. Any Irish pub wedding almost always features a great food menu, and pubs can generally provide you with an alternative to the standard “beef steak or salmon” menu items. Three traditional Irish dishes—Pie, Shepherd’s Banger’s & Mash, and Corned Beef—will make you feel as though you’ve eaten among Irish residents. Even those who are simply there for the drinks and dancing will be impressed, including the foodies among your guests!

The Exclusivity & Intimacy

Irish pub locations can frequently provide exclusivity for your event at extremely affordable rates. The intimacy of having a venue just for you and your guests is unmatched, and the venue’s undivided focus results in top-notch service.


The décor and the vibe at an Irish pub is highly individualistic. Every Irish pub has their own distinctive style which adds a unique charm to the venue. It makes it easier for you to find a pub that matches your style sense. It provides bombastic photo opportunities too.

The Floor layout

You should anticipate seeing odd floor plans since many Irish pub venues don’t use the banqueting style seating you typically see at hotel weddings. You will need to be more inventive with your sitting arrangement when there is less available room. While in some ways challenging, this can also enhance the ambience and unique flair of the wedding!

Complete packages

Many Irish bars that host weddings often have civil ceremony registration (or can easily be registered). Irish pub venues can be a simple and beautiful choice if you want the ease of having your ceremony and reception in the same location!

Small number of guests

Lauren Watts content head at house of vintage smaller events are becoming more popular because of their cosy environment. The lower capacity is frequently the USP of hosting an Irish pub-themed wedding for many brides who might prefer the atmosphere of a restaurant wedding. To increase their capacity, a few of these pub locations also provide a marquee-style wedding option. These options are fantastic for the bride who wants all the advantages of the fantastic food and charm of an Irish pub setting while still getting to invite the entire extended family, even though they are more expensive.

Dance floor

There is typically a dance floor in Irish bars. After the meal, venues will be able to move some tables to make room for you to dance the night away. The intimacy level is increased even if the space is smaller. Frequently, the present decor is fashionable enough to eliminate the need for any more accessories!

So, what can you expect from an ‘Irish pub wedding’?

An Irish pub wedding may be really unique, with a meal and atmosphere you won’t soon forget! If you want to take this different path, be ready to put in a bit more effort to find lodging and other merchants. So, set up your save the date and be sure to design it around an Irish pub theme.



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