5 Business Ideas for Whiskey Lovers



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There’s nothing better than curling up next to a roaring fire sipping on a glass of whiskey, and appreciating its mouthwatering notes.

While many enjoy this beverage, others aren’t quite acquainted with it or might have trouble finding new selections to enjoy.

If you’re a whiskey connoisseur who wants to help others learn about and appreciate this drink, you might consider turning your passion into a company. Below you’ll discover a handful of business suggestions to try.

5 Whiskey Company Ideas

  1. Tasting Room

A tasting room might be a good option if you want to share your love for different whiskeys. Here, guests can learn and sip on some unique whiskeys while you teach them about the different types. It won’t only fulfill their palate but can be fun and educational.

Tasting rooms, though, are meant to be a memorable experience. You might have some of the best whiskeys in the world available to try, but if the ambiance isn’t there, you could have difficulty getting people to stop by. To design a worthwhile space, do extensive research. What are other nearby tasting rooms like? Are there distinctive aspects you’d like to showcase? You might also create a 3D virtual model of the space so you get an idea of what it will look like.

  1. Online Shop

Consider setting up an online shop for those who’d like to collect and sell whiskey from a small warehouse or your home.

With a virtual store, you’ll be able to reach people nationwide. You could also pair up with a local distillery and help promote their products through your shop. This won’t only help them but could boost your business if people can only buy that specific product through your store.

If you decide to go this route, make sure to understand the requirements of selling online. You’ll usually need manufacturers, eCommerce, shipping, and retail licenses.

Besides legal requirements, make sure you also have a high-quality site. If people stop by and find it loads too slowly or is cluttered, it could turn them away.

  1. Whiskey Cart

While this is often done with coffee, it could work well for whiskey. You can design a flashy cart beckoning potential customers to come over and buy a glass. This venture has often been very popular at markets and special events. By attending these occasions, you can quickly build a strong base.

Remember that the best way to get customers to come over to your cart is to be open and friendly. If you don’t want to interact much, this might not be the best choice. This option is also usually ideal for those who might be looking for a side job, not something full-time.

  1. Art or Music Studio

If you enjoy the creative arts, you might combine art with whiskey in some way. For instance, you could have a painting night in your studio and pair whiskey with it. You might even invite musicians to come to play while having several whiskeys for guests to sip on as they listen.

  1. Whiskey Bottle Collectibles

Whiskey often comes in quirky bottles – something many appreciate and are willing to pay for.

You could scour antique shops and yard sales to build up a distinctive collection that you could then sell. Better yet, because you’re not actually selling whiskey, you won’t have to worry about needing permits and licenses.

Tips for Starting a Whiskey Business

Insure Yourself

Insurance is a business necessity. It will protect you from serious financial troubles should a customer get injured at your business or should there be some type of theft or property damage. It will also safeguard you from lost wages, defense costs, car accidents, and business errors.

Many insurance providers offer online quotes where you can add certain information to get an average insurance cost. This way, you can get a quick idea of what you’ll have to pay and whether the provider is right for you. In addition, after applying for insurance, you’ll usually get an instant certificate so you can quickly work on your company’s next steps.

Get a Liquor License

Any company that plans to sell alcohol needs to obtain a liquor permit. This gives you legal permission to sell and buy alcoholic beverages. In most cases, once you apply for one, you’ll receive it within a week so you can get your business moving.

Check Copyright Rules

You should always check with a lawyer whether your desired logo and motto are covered under copyright laws. This will protect you from serious legal issues should you accidentally break one. It will also give you peace of mind that once you register it, your whiskey business trademark is solely yours.

Starting a business based around your love of whiskey can be challenging, but with the right mindset and endurance, you can easily create a successful one.

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