Top 20 Best Outdoor Drinking Games Of 2024

Everyone enjoys and values some of the best outdoor drinking games. The long hot months are ideal for grabbing your favorite beer, gathering your family and friends, and having some outdoor fun. 

Planning the most enjoyable outdoor drinking games may help elevate your party to that epic level where you build memories that will endure at least until the end of the night. We have a fantastic collection of drinking games, including some old favorites and new twists on old favorites.

And, here are top 20 best outdoor drinking games that can make your party a success! Are you ready now? Let’s get started right away! 

Note: Do not forget to drink responsibly but never allow anybody to take part in a drinking period of your nation.

Nobody wants to play only one drinking game at the beginning of all night out on repeat. If you need the inspiration to modify things up, we have got many drinking games to settle on from – starting from the classics to some weird ones.

Best Outdoor Drinking Games Comparison 2024

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Top 20 Best Outdoor Drinking Games Reviews 2024


Cornhole, also mentioned as Bean Bag Toss or simply Bags, could be a classic outdoor drinking game. Everywhere from beachside bars and tailgates to laid-back weddings and almost every other quiet outdoor event, it’s easy to make your outdoor sipping more fun. 

Consistent with the American Cornhole Association, there are specific guidelines on everything from how big the boards should be to what proportion filling the bag should include (two cups of feed corn). Whether or not you play to ACA standards, the sport could even be honest because of occupying your non-drink-holding hand.

Battle Shots

Do you remember the traditional game of battleship that you used to play when you were a kid?

For this game, whenever your opponent hits your ship, you’re taking a drink. Once you complete the sport and every one of your ships is sunk, you’d possibly be equally drowned with beer. You’ll play with beer or shots.

 There are two variations, beer pong battleship or battle shots. Beer pong battleships could be a superb swimming bath game, whereas battle shots are more like battleships.

This DIY drinking game requires a little bit of setup, so we expect it’s worthwhile. Create your board on a blank piece of paper, place shot glasses where your ships are becoming recognized, and insert a tall separation board between you and your partner.


The Corkaine could even be an addicting and great Outdoor Drinking Game that teams can compete to win the cup shooting corks strategically. The team that has the most original pins in all the cups upon the board at the end of every round won those cups. 

Following a round victory, the teams must comply with the principles of the winner’s cup’s color. Those cups come in six different colors: red, black, orange, silver, gold, and yellow. Each cup color has a unique regulation associated with it, and the rule varies depending on the game being played. 

In Classical Corkaine game style, you want to win black cups since they provide you points. The contrary cup colors aid you in rearranging, stealing, or putting the cups back to get an advantage over the opposition team.

Once you’ve discovered the benefits of playing the original quiet Corkaine, you’ll want to figure out the other 12+ game kinds this game features. Cornhole, Kubb, Beer Pong, Capture That Flag, and many more are examples of these game categories. Corkaine could even be an addicting Outdoor Drinking Game for all!


Spikeball, which was shown on the popular tv show SharkTank, centers on a tiny frisbee net. The set spans 22 x 5 x 10 inches and weighs 3.53 pounds, and makes it simple to transport in luggage. 

The internet sits comfortably in the sand, is easy to handle with foldable legs, and comes with two additional balls. 

Spikeball is a variation on the already popular sport of volleyball, for each team given three attempts to push a ball into the web. Teams of two alternating spiking a ball as forcefully and effectively as can on the web to prevent the adversary from grabbing it or bouncing it back. It’s a fast-paced and competitive game that provides a thrilling challenge on a variety of playing surfaces and would have been a fantastic extra to your next outdoor drinking game option.


RampShot is a four-player Informal Drinking Game that makes use of two high-quality plastic ramps plus 4 racquetball-style balls. Team members from both teams gather on opposing sides of the table and work to score points by throwing and receiving balls. 

The ramp’s design provides for irregular bounces for an added difficulty as well as a few terrific game-play shots. 

Gamers can receive 3 points for a direct internet try and 1 point if a partner gets the ball on one fly after rebounding off of the best result of the ramp.

If the gunman instead reaches the front of the ramp, the ball would recover throughout the shooter’s position, allowing an opposing member of the team to catch a ball and get an extra chance for that team. The first group to score 15 points triumphs! 

Every play features three out of four players, trying to keep things competitive and exciting, whereas the fourth player can make all the difference in a game. 

Get RampShot for a one-of-a-kind bounce and board type Outdoor Drinking Game that will be a welcome addition to any party’s game lineup.


The BulziBucket is a game of precision. The two teams line up opposite each other with the support in front of them. Each team must throw the balls into the opposing team’s bucket. It is a family game that can be played in various places. Your garden, on the beach, during a picnic outing, at a barbecue, etc. You can even play it in your swimming pool as the support floats.

Cornholeace Airmail Box

This is also an excellent alternative for an outdoor drinking game! We don’t need to transport large, hefty wooden airmail boxes. This sturdy plastic, stackable, lightweight, and customized airmail box provides a wonderful beachfront, backyard, poolside, and genuinely outdoor drinking game! 

One set has two cornhole airmail boxes and 6-inch diameter holes at the appropriate height, as well as the slope of regulatory standard cornhole decks.

Those airmail boxes also include 4 Ultra-grip silicone strips to hold the airmail container in its right place during usage and 4 anchor holes to secure the airmail box to the bottom, so you don’t have to concern about it tipping over or sliding no matter where you perform (but the anchors are not included). 

That one was constructed with extra strong plastic, a 1/2 inch strengthened top, with thick walls for ultimate durability, as well as a solid foundation for enhanced stability. 

With this amazing Outdoor Drinking Game, you can perfect playing cornhole “airmail” abilities and brag to your pals.

Bean Bag Bucketz

Bean Bag Bucketz may also be a tremendous Outdoor Drinking Game, which gets people involved instead of simply watching! It might potentially be a difficult-but-easy-to-learn outdoor or indoor game. 

This is a fantastic game for beachgoers, tailgaters, and backyard fun. You have been made out of a game tower, 16 cornhole bean bags, seven buckets, and a carrying bag. If you have two or more players, you’ll form teams and alternate tossing into bucket towers for points. 

There are other methods to play, but the basic game starts with throwing bags into the buckets to provoke concerns ranging from 1-4, with the team obtaining 21 points victorious. 

Bean Bag Bucketz can also be used as an Outdoor Drinking Game for various occasions, and your family and friends will likely like it.


BucketBall plays similarly to the popular Outdoor Drinking Game on a much larger size with a family and friendly atmosphere. It may be a fantastic Outdoor Drinking Game for every age. 

BucketBall comes in two varieties: the Beach Edition and the massive Beer Pong Edition, each color palette and playing balls. This Beach Edition is the original game, available in blue and orange; both buckets are ideal for recreating a beachfront atmosphere. The big Beer Pong Version is offered in a vibrant singular red cup color for a typical beer pong encounter.

The Beach and Giant Beer Pong Editions come in three flavors: the Starter Pack, the Combo Pack, and the Party Pack. 

The Beach Version Starter Pack comes with 6 Orange Buckets, 6 Blue Buckets, 2 Hybrid Playing Balls, luggage, and instructions, as well as a Guaranteed Satisfaction Guarantee. The large Beer Pong Version Starter Pack comes with 2 Bucket Pong Game Balls, 12 Super Red Buckets, luggage, and instructions, as well as a Satisfaction Guarantee.

BucketBall is the best Outdoor Drinking Game you should invite and should be played by everyone, anytime, anyplace! 


Kanjam doesn’t only have to have outdoor drinking abilities. Kanjam’s horseshoes are the main game. It has been updated to a game that your parents played. 

Two competing teams plan to throw the old glass off that team’s poles balanced (usually jammed pointy end, a pole into the ground). The sticks and destruction of the bottle gain 2 points by striking the bottle or hitting the crossbar is indeed a point, despite disrupting the bottle.

The aim is to be the one to reach a specified number of points, either 11 or 21. The opposite team may choose to catch the Frisbee, and only with one hand; their other hand must always be carrying a drink, which must be drunk and replenished if necessary.


Beersbee or Bottle Bash is indeed a game influenced by a play, which will make an enjoyable outdoor party game drinking beers. Beersbee is also known as Frisnock, Polish horseshoes, or Frimsee and is performed with a minimum of two players. 

If you want to have a Bottle Bash with Beersbee, be sure to read our entire Beersbee drinking guidelines. 

To begin, each team receives one pole and puts it approximately 36 feet away from the other. Putting an unopened container on the goal would be silly, so arrange two beer bottles on each pole, with a beer for every hand, as is customary for an outdoor drinking contest.

Each team receives a Frisbee, and Beersbee aims to toss the Frisbee and knock over the beer positioned on the top of the opposing team’s goal line. You’ll only aim for the beer or even the pole, both of which will earn you points. This is two beers if the squad strikes your bottles. That will be one if they strike the bar.

Drinking KanJam

As a standard game, we adore KanJam; however, this contest could also be lots of fun transformed into a beachside drinking contest. 

KanJam may potentially tweak the conventional Frisbee game by adding two bin chess pieces. That was one of the finest drinking games for Frisbee. When it comes to 4 players, the objective of the game is to collaborate with your partner to toss the ball into the target. 

You want to keep a beer in your hand for a short time inside the drinking game of KanJam. Thanks to the KanJam drinking game, we have compiled thorough scoring guidelines.

Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf is a popular Outdoor Drinking Game that’s also frequently played at gatherings and is informally called BoloBall and Horseshoes, to name a few. This can be played with multiple players or groups. 

Each participant is given 3 ball bolas, which are 2 golf balls connected by a plastic pipe. The main object of this game would be to wrap the bolas all around the ladder’s steps. 

Then, the ladder is divided into three sections: one at the top, one in the center, and one at the bottom. To play it, simply place the game approximately five paces apart, then toss the bolas for more points. 

You score points by tying your bolas all-around strings and ensuring they stay in place so the opposing player does not knock off them.

You will receive three points for the highest level,  two points for the middle rung, and one for the lowest rung. 

The player who scores precisely 21 points initially wins. In the year and, inspect Ladder Gold game for your one-of-a-kind Outdoor Drinking Gameplay.

Bocce ball

It is difficult to dispute Bocce’s continuing appeal, including its roots inside the Roman Empire. The aim is to push many more balls as feasible on the edge of the Pallino (or goalball). 

“To every ball that is closer to a pallina is rewarded one item than that of the closest ball of the other team,” said Backyard Bocce rule. A win is the first team that reached 16 points. 

Even though we will never know whether the Romans liked a nice drink during the match, we surely have, and it can only prove how fantastic an external drinking activity is.


TidalBall, which can be played anywhere there is sand, mixes the competition of Cornhole with the ease of bocce balls and is also somewhat portable. It’s an outdoor drinking game for people of all ages, from children to adults. 

The whole game fits into a 10-ounce of sand and a waterproof bag. These balls float, then TidalBall includes 4 koozies to keep your beverages cold. 

Because the rules state that if you make it within the opening, you get 3 points; if you make it within the ditch, you get 1 point, that drinking game involves four participants divided into 2 teams, with coworkers on opposing sides exchanging throws similar to horseshoes or cornholes. 

Classic wipe-out and net scoring are used. The most important rule of it, though, is to have fun. Hence, come and check out our amazing Outdoor Party Game and have a great quality time with friends and family!

Flip Cup 

Even a different game is played indoors, but nobody likes to rub the alcohol off the bottom throughout the morning. Outdoor or when camping you will have far more pleasure. 

No item is needed for the flip cup, many red solo cups, and at least 6 participants. To play, hack six participants into two trio teams or as many people as they want to play. 

On one end of the desk, each team’s things took a turn. Put your cups upon this table using the easiest way to open a cup quarter. You would want to hang the cup about halfway from the table, but it was still sturdy, not to sag the table.

Your cup should be able to stand to erect itself after being turned from the lower position. They used a finger to create a “flipping” gesture from beneath where the cup hangs off the table to start this gift. 

Try standing the cup up by flipping this over. Whenever the game began, the very first player from each squad took the field. After that player has flipped over their cup, the rest of their team may begin—the side with the most players that put their cups over first victories. 

This doesn’t seem like such a drinking contest, although there is one basic rule. It would be best if you first filled the cup with half of the beer or drinks of your preference, and each participant should chug the cup of beer before starting to turn the cup. Flipping the cups over may get significantly more difficult after a few rounds!

Beer Darts

Grab a drink or two and assemble at least two people for a game of beer darts. Beer darts are best played with a group of four individuals. 

To play this game, you’ll also need four chairs to require a seat. Place two seats, roughly three feet apart, at either end of the table. You must be able to touch your partner’s hand.

Place your full beer, unopened, within the center of the two chairs. Before you place it down, inform the feature slightly and shake that beer up.

With your darts in hand, aim at the opposite team’s beer. It is often a challenge as you’ve to throw with a fair amount of force and seek to pierce the can alongside your beer dart. 

Once you’re successful, the dart will pierce the can and doubtless start spraying it. If your can has been hit, open it at the very best and start slamming it till it’s gone, sharing alongside your partner. Then repeat! 

This game can take an extended time because it’s challenging to hit the can, but it can also be short lived thanks to how briskly you drink.

Beer Pong

The champion of drinking games seems to be Beer Pong. Due to the indisputable funny cups and overall thrills of the audience, it could be preferable to play outdoors than in your little living room, wherever you do not want tennis balls flying. The Beer Pong is the only game to enjoy. 

Here are our regulations on beer pong. 

A good table, outside table, and fold-up table are required. If you are already an excellent beer pong setup, you would otherwise just want 13 red cups for a triangle. 

You have to make up 5 cups mostly on a tabletop string, 4 ahead of them, 3 ahead of them, 2 ahead, then 1 for just a triangle. You need to set the top of each table in each of the cup triangles.

There are several great accessory modifications that you can attach to basic beer pong to give it a new spin. You’ll get a one-of-a-kind beer pong set, a spinning base for both the cups and even a glow-in-the-dark light. 

The goal of beer pong is to land a ping pong ball into the cups of all contending teams. Aim for the opposing team’s cups, so they must drink if the ball lands within the container. 

With each shot, the cup moves away from the counter. Drop your ping pong ball into each of the cups, from which they should have drunk one entire beer. The more cups that are removed, the more difficult it is to target those cups.

Furthermore, the more beers you drink, the higher the inherent difficulty. 

The first individual wins the cup to strike the ball completely. With a drink in your hand, you’ll rapidly shoot the ping pong balls. But don’t overdo it on the alcohol; instead, pause for your teammate to sink a ball before you take a sip. However, your game could necessitate two drinks.

Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat will make you intoxicated and dizzy, as the name suggests! But from what we’ve read, this game is often plenty of fun. There isn’t any scoring or competition in this game, but a challenge to complete it. 

First, you’d sort of a Wiffle, cut the highest off, and punch a hole within the bat 4 inches from the highest. Fill the waffle bat with beer.

To begin, drink the entire contents of the Wiffle bat. Touch the Wiffle bat to rock bottom once, then spin ten times. You’ve up to 3 seconds to sturdy yourself, then the pitcher throws the can, and you would like to hit it with the bat. 

If you are unsuccessful, try again until you complete the extent—lookout not to try too repeatedly during a row.

Disc Golf And Toss

Tell your family and friends about the last phrase of a two-in-one sports game combo set Outside Drinking Game from Triumph. 

A combination of a normal game and an alternative game brings you together excitingly. Decide to drop your Red and Gray disk at a frisbee golf destination or dare your buddies to break off one of the N-top bottles. 

The broken targets make it very easy for you to use everywhere you want your games around you. Place it in the car and bring it over to the party of your buddy in order to present your new sports game.


What Does It Mean To Drink Responsibly?

We’ve mentioned plenty of alcohol-theme games on this list. Before we get too far, we’d like to remind you of the importance of drinking responsibly. It’s okay to possess a beer or two and sometimes good to indulge if you recognize you’re safe.

 However, putting oneself in danger is not acceptable. Here are some tips for responsible drinking: 

  • Before you go further into any drinking competition, figure out what your limit is.
  • Please don’t drink too fast, because it is difficult to trace if you cannot control yourself. 
  • Eat food before you drink and also once you consume. 
  • Have a glass of water alongside your drink so you reduce your alcohol consumption rate.
  • Do not drink something once you do not know its strength. 
  • Be sure to possess a delegated driver available who won’t have any alcohol on their system.

However, stay wisely and within your limits, and never drink and drive!  

You can also check our video out for more suggestions on how to drink alcohol more responsibly: 

What If I Can’t Drink Alcohol? 

Please don’t feel obligated to participate in drinking games and down your drink when you’re not in the mood. You recognize your limitations, and your friends will appreciate you more for saying no than they go to if they have to carry your range in the dark.

Plus, for a couple of people, hangovers can accompany feelings of hysteria – mainly if this is often applicable to you, we recommend going easy on the drinks.

If you’re worried about drinking an excessive amount in drinking games, try making a weaker concoction of your regular drink (or even a booze-free beverage) – the chances are that no one will even notice. 

And always have eyes on your glass, especially around people you do not know.

What Constitutes An Outdoor Drinking Game? 

The finest outdoor drinking games satisfy one of two criteria: They are best played outside; they can be played indoors or outdoors; and are easy to set up outside. 

Games like Dizzy Bat and Drunk Waiter are good examples of entertaining drinking games that are easy to set up outside. People that play them may rush around like maniacs with no regard for their surroundings, as they must be set up on an open lawn. 

You may also play card and cup games outside. You and your pals can play outside, or you and your friends may play within if the wind and weather cooperate. The more sunlight and fresh air you can receive, the better off you will be.

What Are The Best Brands Of Lawn Drinking Games? 

The following are some of the greatest drinking games for outdoor use: 

  • Drink-a-Palooza: The firm behind this has been active for ten years, but the game has been in development since 2001. Their brand is centered on the” Mr./Mrs. Palooza” figure, which may be found as their mascot if you check in their store. 
  • Gutter Games is the firm behind Trunk of Drunk and several other party games. On their website, there is also an image of a goat in the FAQ section. 
  • The Homeware Co: It is well recognized for its homeware goods. Jenga won’t help you if you’re after something for the kitchen, but their other products will.
  • Drink or Swim LLC: Drink or Swim LLC is a small business with a Facebook page. Go ahead and point them out, and best wishes for their company’s future! 
  • KooTiko: Kootiko is well-known for its office supplies and bookbinding kits. The most crucial office product is drinking dice, indicating that they know what they’re doing to produce high-quality goods. 

SOLO, the cup business most known for inventing the first red cup, was also highlighted.


So, are you still looking for the best games to enjoy with your friends and family after all? We hope our list of the Top 20 Best Outdoor Drinking Games of 2024 may assist. 

These 20 games will definitely remind you of your drinking outdoor party! There are many different parties; however, these mostly center on drinking and have always been great successes in your parties. 

From classics like Cornhole to innovative games like KanJam, Bocce ball, and of course the ideal beach, poolside, backyard, tailgate, camping, and outdoor play, this list will give infinite alternatives for wedding festivities and, of course, unending fun this summer and throughout the year. 

In case you are still confused about choosing a few games out of our 20 suggestions above, these are the top 5 outdoor drinking games that we love most.

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You should drink enough water when drinking, but this is especially crucial when participating in vigorous drinking activities. Don’t allow yourself to become dehydrated!

You still have a number that you really can play with your creativity, even when you have not provided accessories like balls, tables, or cups. 

But do not think of drinking responsibly and in-depth and not drinking and driving! Remember, do this and go to a party gracefully if you feel like vomiting up.

That’s all! Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for games or if we are missing any. 

Time for outdoor drinking games! Have fun! 

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