How To Clean Scotsman Ice Machine? – Guide For Cleaning Scotsman Ice Machine

How to clean Scotsman ice machine? Cleaning an ice machine can be a daunting task. It’s not just the cleaning, but also the time and energy it takes to do so. You have to wait for your ice machine to freeze up again before you can use it, which is frustrating if you’re in a hurry or need more ice.

The best way to clean your Scotsman Ice Machine is with this guide from our experts. We’ll walk you through how to clean your Scotsman Ice Machine quickly and easily! With just a few simple steps you can clean your ice machine in less than 10 minutes without any hassle or messes.

Scotsman Ice Machine Overview

What Is A Scotsman Ice Machine?

How To Clean Scotsman Ice Machine

A Scotsman Ice Machine is a device that is used to turn water into ice. It has a replaceable tray that is made of stainless steel, which holds the freshwater or distilled water that will be frozen. The machine then blows cold air over the tray. This, in turn, freezes the water in about 6 hours.

Various ice trays are available to make different shapes of ice cubes for different purposes. The ice is then harvested through an opening at the top of the machine.

The machine can produce about one hundred pounds of ice every day, which is enough to meet the needs of the average family. The Scotsman Ice Machine is manufactured from stainless steel and comes with a warranty of one year on parts and labor.

History Of Scotsman Ice Machines

Scotsman ice machines are made by Scotsman. They are used all over the world for commercial purposes but are also commonly found in homes. The company was started in 1947 and is based out of Minnesota.

Scotsman began in 1947 by Mr. Allan Ord Stewart in Glasgow, Scotland. He developed the machines for commercial purposes after realizing his ice tray required too much effort to produce enough ice cubes for everyone who needed them at the time. In 1955, Stewart’s ice machines were distributed in North America by the Rival Company under the name “Scotsman”.

Types Of Scotsman Ice Machines

Ice machines are used to store ice for human consumption. These are classified into two types.

The first type is what is called a batch type of machine, which is more common in the United States. It has a water supply that is continually fed to it, with an overflow drain at the bottom, and uses gravity to produce ice cubes.

The second type is called a continuous-flow machine, or German design, usually found in Europe or Japan where there are no restrictions on how much water can be fed into the system.

Advantages Of Using A Scotsman Ice Machine

A Scotsman ice machine is advantageous because it allows for the constant production of cubes that are fresh and clean. The water used to make the cubes are freshwater or distilled water, which is good for the quality of the final product.

There are also many different sizes and shape trays available to make any type of ice cube desired. This helps reduce costs since there isn’t a need for another machine on top of the Scotsman.

The Scotsman Ice Machine can be used for different purposes. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals, and other institutions that use ice. The process through which the machine works is simple enough to understand by anyone who invests in it.

Scotsman Ice Machines are used to make ice cubes for the bar. These ice cubes are common in drinks, making them cold. Many people also use these machines for their homes. The home machines can be part of an icemaker or stand-alone machine. They are commonly placed in the freezer or near the refrigerator.

How To Clean Scotsman Ice Machine?

The Scotsman ice machine is a water-cooled ice machine that contains a single pair of “H” style evaporator plates. The ice machine has a steel frame with polyurethane insulation and uses a water-cooled condenser. In order to ensure that the Scotsman ice machine functions at its best, it is important to periodically clean it. Here’s what you need to do:

How To Clean Scotsman Ice Machine

Step 1: Turn the power off to your ice machine.

Step 2: Flush out the water in the feed lines, storage hoppers, and evaporator of the Scotsman ice machine by running three batches of hot water through it before turning on cold water. This is to remove all debris that might clog up your system. Locate the feed line and turn on the hot water faucet slowly.

Step 3: Turn the power back on and turn the cold water slowly to fill up your ice machine. You will want an uninterrupted supply of cold water to fill up the ice machine without worrying about any interruptions during this process. Cleaning the Scotsman ice machine takes about an hour, so you will want to make sure that your feedwater supply is consistent.

Step 4: Open up the drain on the lowest storage hopper of the Scotsman ice machine to allow any remaining water in it to drain out completely. You can use a wet vacuum to suck out any excess water if needed.

Step 5: Open up your condensed water compartment of the Scotsman ice machine and remove any water that is in it. You can use a wet vacuum to suck out excess water if necessary.

Step 6: Take a hose and attach a nozzle to one end of it. Turn off the cold water supply before using the hose to completely spray out your evaporator plates inside your Scotsman ice machine.

Step 7: After spraying out the evaporator plates, turn your cold water back on and repeat step six again to ensure that all the dirt is completely washed off your evaporation plates. You can also use a brush to scrub off any stubborn debris on the Scotsman ice machine.

Step 8: Allow a few moments for your Scotsman ice machine to completely dry out.

Step 9: Turn on your cold water supply for about ten seconds before turning it off once again. You can also allow the compressed air to flow into the drain end of the recirculation pump by disconnecting it from the feed side of the pump and using a series of quick bursts to remove any excess water in it.

Step 10: You can now route the recirculation line back to the feed side of the pump and use compressed air again to ensure that all water is out of your recirculating line. This process not only cleans your Scotsman ice machine but also ensures that there is no water inside your machine.

Step 11: Refill your ice machine by flushing out the feedwater lines, storage hoppers, and evaporator with hot water again. If you are using a hose to flush it out, make sure that you turn off your cold water supply to prevent any ice from forming during this process because the hose might freeze up if left open.

Step 12: Turn your power back on and allow the cold water to flow through your ice machine continuously. The Scotsman ice machine is now clean and ready for use.

Tips For Cleaning Scotsman Ice Machine

How To Clean Scotsman Ice Machine

1. Find the screws and remove them from the machine, making sure not to lose any of them (screws can be found in many places with ice makers and sometimes in a compartment with compartments for screw storage).

2. Remove the grill on top of the ice maker by lifting it straight up and setting it aside. The grill will then let you see into the machine.

3. Holding onto the nuts that are on each side of the waterline, twist them both to release it from its position and pull it out of the machine.

4. Use warm water with dish soap to wash out any dirt or debris that is inside or around it and rinse thoroughly until all soap residue has been removed. Let dry

5. Soak the machine in a cleaning solution for at least an hour before scrubbing off any buildup with a sponge or cloth.

6. Use a solution of 10 parts hot water to 1 part white vinegar, and let it sit in the machine for an hour before scrubbing with a sponge or cloth again.

7. Clean the bin with some dish soap after removing any buildup or mineral deposits using an abrasive pad or brush on your drill, then rinse well with cold water.

8. Run another cleaning solution through the machine, this time with 1/2 cup bleach to one-gallon water; this will disinfect your ice machine and eradicate any remaining mold or mildew.

9. Rinse well with cold water after you remove the cleansing solution, then wipe down all parts of the ice machine before replacing them in the machine.

10. Remove the bucket and tray from inside the machine to loosen dirt and debris. Use a vacuum to clean the ice machine, then wipe down any parts with a damp cloth.

11. Scrub out any dark stains with a plastic-coated wire brush, being careful not to scratch the stainless steel surface.

12. Rinse well before drying and returning all parts of the ice machine to their proper position.

13. Vacuum the exterior of the machine to remove any dust or food particles, wiping down with a damp cloth when done.

14. Use a cleaning solution of 1 cup bleach to 2 gallons water, let sit in the machine for an hour before rinsing with cold water.

15. Vacuum the exterior once more, then wipe down with a clean cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol or lemon juice.

16. Run one last cleaning cycle through your Scotsman ice machine, this time with a solution of 2 tablespoons baking soda to one-gallon water.

17. Remove the cleansing solution from inside your ice machine, then wipe it down inside and outside before returning all parts to their proper place in the machine.

18. Test out your ice machine; if it is not working properly, repeat steps 1 to 17 and replace parts until the problem is solved.

19. Fill the bin with water and test the supply line for leaks before using it again for making ice.

20. Rinse all solutions from inside and out of the machine before plugging it in.

Scotsman Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

The Scotsman has a variety of tips to help you easily maintain your ice machine. Below are four of the most popular tips.

How To Clean Scotsman Ice Machine

Cleaning the Lines

To brush off dirt and other accumulations from the lines, run along with brush down the line, then flush it with water. This will remove any debris that might have built up in the line. These are just some of the ways that you can clean lime buildup from your Scotsman ice machine.

Be Careful With the Splash Guard

The splash guard is there to help prevent water from getting on your machine. Sometimes when people are cleaning, they remove it. If you do this, be careful that no electrical components get wet. This could cause a malfunction of the product or worse, an electrical problem with your home.

Check the Drain Hose

The drain hose on your machine should not be plugged up. If it is, water will back up into the machine. The more water that accumulates in the pan, the easier it will be for bacteria to grow there.

Keep It Clean And Dry!

Just keep your machine dry and clean! Run a brush down the lines, check that the drain hose is not plugged up, and clean out the pan regularly. This will help your machine continue to give you quality ice for years and years.

Prevent Freezing Up

Preventing a Scotsman ice machine from freezing up can be done in many ways. One of the most common ways is to use a saltwater solution to prevent the freezer or refrigerator from freezing up. You can also use these methods to thaw the device if it becomes frozen. These methods should be done by a professional if your Scotsman ice machine freezes up.

Saltwater solution

Mix 1 gallon of water with 2 pounds of rock salt in a large container or bucket until all the salt is dissolved. Make sure to use cold water when mixing the salt and water together, you can add ice cubes to speed up this process if needed.

Pour the saltwater solution into a container that has an opening to fit the Scotsman ice maker supply line. Then, pinch the input line to stop the water from draining out of it.

Pour 2 gallons of cold water into your Scotsman ice machine so it can thaw out the lines inside of the device. Continue pouring the water in your Scotsman ice machine until the supply lines are completely thawed.

Use this method to clean out all of the salt that has accumulated inside of your Scotsman ice machine if you do not use it often. Simply pour the solution into a bucket and let it sit for 8 hours before draining it out. This process will also help thaw the device if it freezes up.

Keep in mind that using this method for cleaning your Scotsman ice machine is only meant to be used when you are storing it or not using it on a regular basis. This will not work as fast as the thawing methods mentioned above.

Thawing methods

Here are several ways you can thaw your bulky Scotsman icemaker if it becomes frozen:

You can use a hairdryer to thaw the device out quickly. Simply use a hairdryer and aim it at the water line for five minutes or until all of the ice is melted. Then, remove the power cord from the Scotsman ice machine and let it sit for another 10 minutes.

Don’t use this method if your Scotsman ice machine has already been plugged back in, it will cause electrical shock and damage the device.

Remove all of the food that is inside of your Scotsman ice machine before thawing it out by any means. Then, unplug the device at the outlet before you use any of the thawing methods.

If you have a Scotsman ice machine that freezes up often, consider using a heat pump or antifreeze to prevent it from doing so. Be sure to ask a professional if you want to use either method.


How To Clean Scotsman Ice Machine

When should you clean the Scotsman ice machine?

Typically, you should clean the Scotsman ice machine every two to three years. There are two different types of Scotsman ice machines. If you have the Twist Ice Machine, you will need to clean it after every use.

If you’re not sure which type of ice machine you have, it’s best to consult the manual that came with your machine or contact an expert at Scotsman for help.

What is a good way to quickly deep clean your Scotsman ice machine?

The best way to clean your Scotsman ice machine quickly is to simply take it apart and use a disinfectant solution. Wipe each component down thoroughly with a towel or rag soaked in the solution. After you complete this process, rinse all of the parts with warm water and let them air dry.

Can vinegar help with cleaning Scotsman ice machines?

It is important to keep in mind that vinegar is corrosive. It can damage the surface of the ice machine over time if it is used too often. If you are going to use vinegar, it’s best to wipe down the machine with a towel or rag soaked in the solution before wiping it off with water.

Do I need to take apart my Scotsman ice machine before cleaning it?

Motorized ice machine with removable head. Cleaning an ice machine is not always an easy job! A clean, shiny ice machine will dispense better tasting ice, be more comfortable to operate, and require less maintenance over the years.

Fortunately, most Scotsman Ice Machine owners will only have to disassemble the head of the unit every two or three years for a good cleaning. The best way to get into some of those tough spots in an old cubbyhole is usually by taking off all the shelves on each side so you’ll have room to work while you dismantle it – tip: save any size screws that fall out for later use when reassembling!

Hang up your towel or rag on one of these handy pegs under the ice machine head to dry your hands while you work. Take the ice scoop out of its holder and set it on top of the ice chute (with the top opening facing down).

Remove the top panel screws (do not remove bottom panel screws) and pull away from the body slightly, gently pull or slide wire chopper arm to remove.

Remove wire chopper arm from the lower chute and the blade assembly by removing a quick-release screw, then pry apart to expose spring. Remove and clean it. Reassemble in reverse order of steps above, making sure all screws are securely fastened.

Can I use abrasive materials when cleaning Scotsman ice machines?

No, never use abrasives when cleaning an ice machine. They will scratch and damage the surface of the machine. Scotchman recommends using a damp, soft cloth to clean the exterior of the ice machine. Also, make sure you’re using only approved and tested ice machine cleaning chemicals and solutions.

Do I need to continue to use filtered water if my Scotsman ice machine has a filtration system?

Yes, it’s important that you continually use filtered, clean water in your ice machine. The filtration system is there to help purify the water supply that goes to your ice machine, but it’s not fail-proof.

If you happen to use hard or cloudy water from time to time, or if you work with a soft water supply and then switch back to hard water, you may need to clean the filter more frequently.


How to clean Scotsman ice machine? The best way is to deep-clean your ice machine with the above steps. If you want to do it by yourself, remember not to force any part of your machine that feels stuck; rather, use a cleaner solution and brush on your drill for better results. So, what are you waiting for?

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