Top 15 Best Friend Shot Glasses Suitable For Every Party 2024

There’s excellent glassware for shooting your spirits, just like there are exquisite coupe glasses for artisan drinks and picky rocks jars for consuming gins. Your shooting glass assortment shouldn’t be restricted to souvenirs from much farther tourist destinations. A best friend shot glasses come in a wide range of forms and functions, from silver cups for small Moscow Mules to elegant, art deco glasses.

We’ve got you prepared, no matter what your tastes are. The greatest shot mugs for any occasion are listed here.

Best Friend Shot Glasses Comparison 2024

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** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Friend Shot Glasses, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top 15 Friend Shot Glasses Reviews 2024

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Pure Barware Collection Shot Cocktail Glass

The brilliantly made Tritan Pure best friend shot glasses tumbler made by Schott Zwiesel, one of the most renowned glassware manufacturers, features a substantially bigger bowl and an extended profile compared to the normal beer mugs. The somewhat thin top also lets rich alcohol smells come through.

Each shooting mug is handcrafted in Germany from the wafer, refrigerator glass. Each one holds 30 grams and is 4 inches tall.


  • Washing machine safe
  • Very resistant
  • The shape is elegant


  • Extremely fragile
  • This isn’t a common measurement

Ozeri Moderna Artisan Series

The Ozeri Moderna Drinking and Espresso shot glassware are ingeniously created to serve a dual objective: a clever, copyright protection design revokes liquids with an upper portion, though a thin outside wall protects fluids from hand touch and giving each bottle a clean design. The glasses are ideally suited for both hot beverages and daily espresso doses thanks to their ingenuity. Furthermore, the finger cheekbones upon that side of the screen are designed to sit pleasantly in the arms.

And prevent any damage of outside temps, these best friend shot glasses, which carry 8 grams of drink, are built of heat- plus steam aluminum oxide. The glass may be toasted or chilled and are stove and refrigerator safe. A client remarked on how comfortable the glasses were in her eyes. They have a larger capacity than a conventional plastic cup, making them ideal for dessert drinks. She went on to say that the insulated construction prevents her from feeling any heat from hot drinks.

A client remarked on how comfortable the glasses were in her eyes. They have a larger capacity than a conventional plastic cup, making them ideal for dessert drinks. She went on to say that the insulated construction prevents her from feeling any heat from hot drinks. Can you still buy a drink that is only used for one purpose or one that could be used for several purposes? As for glasses that won’t be leaving watermarks on your hardwood desk or coffee table since it’s condensation-resistant? It’s not just that, but the Ozeri Moderna wine bottles are indeed safe to use for microwaves and fridges.


  • 2 ounces potential
  • Waterproof to heat and dampness
  • Sunglasses made of pyrex
  • It’s safe to use in the toaster and the freezer


  • Water is trapped between the walls of the glasses

JoyJolt Heavy Base Shot Glass

Punching the tumbler down is perhaps one of the most gratifying aspects of getting a look. With a greater reinforced base that eliminates shatter and spillage, these JoyJolt best friend shot glasses flutes are practically impenetrable. The elegant design not only looks awesome on a cabinet, but it also feels solid in your hands.

Furthermore, the 2-ounce size of the rectangular glass jars makes them an ideal measurement tool for preparing margaritas. If you’re searching for a space-saving solution, keep in mind how these bottles do not overlap. This glass dimensions 1.75 lengths by 2.5 inches and is water-resistant.

A client said that the form of the glasses appeals to him after they appear more upscale. He also stated that the pricing is reasonable for a set of six glasses. The JoyJolt shot glasses have a hefty base and an unbalanced shape that gives them a luxurious feel and appearance. It has a capacity of 2 oz. one or more of your favorite liqueurs Because it comes in a lovely box, it may also be given for free for any occasion.

With both of these boxy, bulky shot glasses, you may sip their shots by the lake or at any patio or indoor tavern. These bottles are extremely durable for outdoor use and the triangular shape’s durable better than round cups.


  • 2 ounces capacity
  • Design with a lot of shams
  • 6 cups in a set


  • Washing machine safe
  • Breaks easily

Viski Glacier Double-Walled Shot Glasses

The sleek lines of Viski’s best friend shot glasses are a key selling point. The glasses have a sleek, beautiful, and polished appearance thanks to their straight, modern form, which is a significant improvement over typical college bar wine bottles. Some double design, however, is the true winner: two sides are covered with just a cooling gel to shield your cup coming from external keep the temperature it cold sans diluting it. Lock those in the freezers, and when you’re able to fight a faith back, take them out now and stack them up. The newness wears in a pair of two and carries 200 calories total. Your glasses must be washed by hand.


  • Drinks are kept cold without being diluted
  • The design is simple and elegant


  • Hand washing is required
  • Only use for cold drinks

Silipint Silicone Shot Glasses Set

Do you want to entertain a large group? With suit green, purple, blue, pink, and clear patterned spectacles, these shoes provide party-ready images. This glassware is constructed of sturdy silicone and comes in a variety of party-ready hues (bonus: if several shooters are all on the menu, the shades can assist visitors to avoid trying to conflate glasses). Despite this, they have a perfect size and sturdiness.

Even if they’re dropped, smashed, or knocked over, these glasses are almost unbreakable, resistant to cracks, scratches, nor faded. The mugs are washing, stove, and frozen safe in addition to being durable. Each of the six bottles carries 1.5 ounces and comes in a package of six. Bring something like this on holidays and also when we know there will be a lot of beverages.


  • Almost impenetrable
  • Moderate


  • Cleaning is difficult

Milliard 6 Pack Premium Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

A client said she bought this plastic cup for her grandmother as a present, and she likes it. The shot bottle, she claims, is her finest Amazon purchase to date. She went on to say that the sunglasses are hefty and robust, which means they’re less likely to tumble over. Use Himalayan Salt Ceramic Mugs to take your vodka shots to the next level.

Your shots will stand out because of the beautiful hue of the glass cut from even a single building of Himalayan salt. Even if they’re not genuine sunglasses, with careful maintenance plus preservation, they can endure for 100 uses. Such best friend shot glasses bottles are perfect for individuals who want to get their investment back out of their purchase. You’ll receive 6 cups for less than $22 already. Because of their aesthetic appearance, those are ideal for collecting.


  • 3 ounces capacity
  • The liquid takes on a salty taste
  • Hand-carved
  • Limited to a single dose of salt


  • After a certain time, the cracks appear

Six Shot Glass Dispenser 

Start handing out glasses for a multitude may be a messy business, but this shot conveyor mechanism eliminates the mess. Pour the mixture of the drink into the topmost bowl, whether it was a short ride or a well before choice, and the spreader will equally distribute the liquid among six shot glasses. This may be done with pure agave whiskey or for more imaginative shooters.

The distributor is constructed of food-safe plastic, which is considerably more sturdy than metal. The package includes six 1.5-ounce ceramic mugs. When you’re done pours, the utilized in order flips over to store the glasses, makes storage a breeze.


  • Budget-friendly
  • It’s suitable for a large group


  • Pours evenly spaced shots
  • Plastic is a low-grade material

Valeways Store’s Shot Glasses

Consider these cups a miniature version of a liquor gin and tonic. Each drink is about the diameter of a plastic bottle, but it has the distinctive arc and little handle of either a team to work glass, giving you to whiff swirl and taste.

That handles would keep your leg’s excess heat from the best friend shot glasses while you sip it, or, if you choose, will steady the glass as you return it. It’s worth noting that these are about half the size of a typical tasting glass. If you’re enjoying tiny amounts of premium spirits like rum, Scotch, Cognac, or whiskey, this glass is excellent. The lead-free paint peels in a pack of six and holds 1.75 ounces. They can be washed in the dishwasher, but cleaning them by hand will extend their life.


  • A little handle is provided with the package
  • Aromas are highlighted in the design


  • It’s not a good idea to take pictures at a party
  • It’s quite tiny

The Original BenShot Shot Glass

The drink tumbler has a good weight to it, according to a client. He also praised the fact that the bullet is firmly embedded in the screen rather than being just deposited there. He went on to say that when his friends are present, the glass is a conversation starter. Conversely, one buyer gave the specs to a federal agent buddy as a Christmas, and he liked them! Thus according to Wikipedia, the best friend shot glasses’ bullet layout seems special.

The BenShot glass is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in the United States. A genuine 0.308 projectile is manually carved into the center of the glass. It could contain around 2 oz. of liquid. Liquor. BenShot sunglasses are recognized for their unique design, which includes an implanted bullet on one side.


  • 2 ounces capacity
  • With a 0.308 caliber bullet
  • There isn’t any gunpowder
  • There isn’t any lead


  • The bullet may be twisted

The Original 50 Cal Shot Glass

A client expressed concern that the shot glasses did not arrive in a cushioned package, leading her to believe they might be shattered. She was, nevertheless, relieved to want them in fine shape. She loves the wall’s gold finish, which has a vibrant color punch. Another buyer bought the glasses for a pal as an anniversary present. Her pals, she claims, are huge fans of spectacles! She was particularly taken with the best friend shot glasses’ solid bottoms and larger dimensions.

Barbuzzo ceramic drink glasses are designed like gleaming gold 50 mm shell casings, and they’ll look excellent on your computer desk or glass collecting. Aside from its attractive appearance, the glass has a capacity of 2 oz. consisting of fluids. These 2-oz shot glassware, modeled by 50-caliber bullet casings, would make a fantastic addition to any gun expert’s computer desk or as a present to veterans. Carefully wipe down them with a light dish soap and polish surfaces to remove any water scratches to preserve them in peak shape.


  • 2 ounces capacity
  • It’s made to look like a bullet casing
  • This item is made of ceramic
  • Finished electroplating


  • After a while, the gold paint wears off

Enindel 3021.01 Carved Patterns Shot Glasses

The shots glasses, according to one client, are ideal for oozing “adult” feelings. He went on to say that the drinks remembered his of socializing with his pals in college. Another customer, but on the other hand, stated that she’s using cups daily, not simply for sipping alcohol. The glasses, she claims, are ideal since they can carry a tiny quantity of water. You may add an elaborately crafted 1.7-oz beaker to the arsenal with this one. It’s sophisticated enough according to high-end pubs, restaurants, although hotels, it’s close to zero because it’s completely waterproof. It’s also lead-free, making it suitable for hard liquor.

Nothing like a tried-and-true great. Look no further if you’re looking for a casual best friend shot glasses. The Enindel shot cups have a classic yet beautiful feel to them, making them ideal for collections or normal individuals who enjoy this kind of architecture.


  • 1.7 fl. oz. capacity
  • Lead-free
  • This item comes in a set of six
  • The grip is quite comfortable


  • It may be rather delicate

Blue Panda Party Favors Shot Glasses 

These shot flutes are charming and distinctive, according to a consumer, and would make a great gift for future weddings and their posse. She went on to say that the spectacles did not break when they arrived at her house.

Meanwhile, a buyer stated that he saw akin sunglasses on these other shops but chose Blue Panda since their glasses are far more attractive. He went on to say that they’re ideal for bridesmaid propose presents. The Blue Panda birthday favor shoot paint peels in a set of five with an attractive black bowtie design on each glass. The glass is separated into three types: one for the bridegroom personally, three for attendants, and another one for the groomsman. Aside from their appearance, the glasses carry a good bit of liquor but have a solid base. Spend your third session as a single alongside your best friends and then have a wild time (but not so crazy that you’ve had a hangover during your wedding). Give your buddies, child’s father, and yourselves one of these 2-oz shot mugs.


  • 1.7 fl. oz. capacity
  • Lead-free
  • This item comes in a set of six
  • The grip is quite comfortable


  • It may be rather delicate

Nansch Shot Glasses Measuring Cup

The shot glass, according to one client, is ideal for his mocha. Even though the glass absorbs the elevated temperatures of the drinks, he likes that because of its cute size and long-lasting substance. Another client, but on the other hand, said the shot cup fits well in her coffee pot. Even though the measurements marks can fade with time, she still thinks the cup is a good buy. The Nansch shot cup comes in a pair of two and is marked with measurements on all sides. It’s also built of robust glass, which provides for a full vision of the liquids and precise pouring. The glass’s grounded base assures that there must be fewer spills and fingers.

If you would like the real thing in best friend shot glasses, go on with this gauging mason jar, which may be used for more than simply serving or gauging. This shot glass comes in a package with two glasses and is a great present idea for any occasion.


  • Capacity: 1.5 oz
  • 2 mugs in a set
  • The sturdy glass is used to create this piece
  • Markings that are easy to read
  • Dishwasher-friendly


  • Measurement marks fade rapidly

Perfect Pregame Collapsible Shot Glass Set

The foldable shot glass, according to one client, is ideal for vacation. She was using the glass to hold her cocktail mix and thought it was cool and thrilling. She also recommended having others hold the glass because it is foldable and may tumble over. Another buyer, while, mentioned that perhaps the shot mug is great for blockage because it doesn’t take up much room.

The Perfect Pregame whiskey glass is composed of nutritional steel, which is fast and robust. The foldable glass eats up almost little room and can be used anywhere. Despite its small size, it can carry 2.5 oz. of liquid, 5.46 oz. in most other containers.

If you already have your own foldable best friend shot glasses, you can take your drinks wherever. Drinking with companions or beer bonging might be dangerous under the present COVID-19 circumstances. Take your protective equipment a step further by carrying your glass jar.


  • Capacity: 2.5 oz
  • Retractable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • This item is ideal for outdoor activities


  • There are no lids or caps included

Gmark 1.5-Ounce Heavy Base Shot Glass Set

The shot glasses came undamaged, according to a client. Despite its low price, he believes they do not appear to be inexpensive. He went on to say that the mugs are excellent for serving shooters. Another buyer, meantime, noted how far the spectacles are the instant she took them out of the box.

Thus according to her, the tumbler was simple to carry without toppling over because of the hefty base. She went on to say that the best friend shot glasses are the ideal size. This single glass’s traditional shape is ideal for preparing any shot, whether it’s simply plain old tequila or some sophisticated layered cocktails. The glass is supported by the hefty base, which prevents it from falling over. Each of the four glasses in the set can carry 1.5 oz, perfect for a shooter of your choice liquor. Are you hunting for a set of shot glasses that will endure a long period? Those glasses have a sturdy base that could withstand dishwashing power as well as suggestion.


  • Capacity: 1.5 oz
  • The paint peels in a set of four
  • The foundation is solid
  • Dishwasher-friendly


  • It’s not strong enough

How To Find Ideal Best Friend Shot Glasses

Personal Taste & Purpose 

What precisely are you eating, and when are you consuming it? If you’re drinking shots with your pals, choose a shot launcher that feeds a lot of people or sturdy shot glasses that can endure the night’s crashes and breakage.

A glass with just a thinner lip is required if you want to appreciate the subtleties of relatively high alcohol. Search for a cup with an improve learning if your best friend shot glasses flutes are mostly used for dispensing and after sipping. Choose to use a plastic bottle that could fulfill your criteria. Consider someone that can tolerate climate changes if you’re using it for both warm and cold shots. Customizable shot bottles are also a wonderful option for gag gifts.

 friend shot glasses


  • Standard Shot Glasses: The normal shot glass holds 1 1/2 ounces of bourbon. These are, nonetheless, frequently reduced with at least 1/4 oz. If you remember the red Solo cups from your college days, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
  • Tall Shot Glass: The tall shot glass, often known as a hopper, gives the impression of having more to imbibe. This glass carries at most a plastic cup, often just a fraction of an amount of liquid.
  • Pony Shot Glass: A pony bullet glass, because as the name indicates, is lower but broader than a regular shot glass containing only an oz of drink. It’s frequently served to these first alcoholics as a way to ease them into the world of sting and burns beverages.
  • Cheater’s Shot Glass: The cheater’s shot bottle is exactly what it sounds like. The best friend shot glasses’ broader base creates the impression of consuming the same amount of beer even when you’re not. It acts by limiting the amount of alcohol served. It could, conversely, simply stealing a client at quite a bar since such client receives or less of what he spent besides.
  • Fluted Shot Glass: These are grander variants of the plastic cup, including a handle on occasion. The rim is generally somewhat flared, with the manufacturers claiming that this enables the user to get the most out of his beverage. The drinker can’t keep count of his shots because they’re generally colored. This is the mug for you if you’d like to wallow in bullets.
 friend shot glasses


Whenever it comes to choosing a plastic cup, size matters. If you’re going to use our plastic bottle to calculate our beverage components, make sure it would be either 1 ounce or 2 ounces to maintain detailed results.

Either size shots glassware will suffice if you’re searching for a glass to shoot booze with the pals. If you’re going to drink spirits out of shot flutes, get at least a single serving glass—it’ll give the liquor adequate area to breathe.


Lead, BPA, and chromium are also some of the stuff to watch out for. Your shooting glasses should also be devoid of poisons, or if you’re still using a crystalline vodka bottle, pick one with mercury exposure that is considerably below the EU’s 24 percent limit. Glass, pewter, stainless steel, and even soapstone have all been used to make shot glasses. Select one that you and your friends will feel at ease with.

92764 Tuscany Shot Glass Flared Set of 4 Clear 1


Nothing is more annoying to a server than hearing shattered glass through a crowded bar. With this in the account, choose a sturdy best friend shot glasses that has sturdier plastic and a reinforced bottom. You may even use a Tritan or rubber tumbler. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a plastic bottle for a particular function, such as drinking Scotch with Whisky, the damage is unlikely.

FAQs: Best Friend Shot Glasses

How Can I Maintain Shot Glasses?

Wash your glasses as soon as possible after each usage to ensure that they endure a long period. Regardless of the material, wipe by touch or just in the machine, and dry backward. Polish for a lustrous finish.

How Many Ounces In One Shot?

Islande 6pcsShotGlasses 231450 1

This isn’t the situation in every state in the United States. If anyone asks for one-shots, you can now only obtain the real 1.5 ounces (slightly less than 45ml) in Utah. In special events, a shot in other states can span from 3/4 oz to 1 1/4 oz.

If you’re a paying customer, you’ll generally get 1 1/4 oz of your cocktail when paying a premium. This subject has yet to be addressed by law. However, guess it depends on the country’s measurement system, the oz might range somewhat in different nations (UK vs. US measure). The variation, meanwhile, would be almost insignificant (0.85ml).

What Makes Shot Glasses, Jiggers, and Shooters Different?

A jigger is a common bar measurement instrument used to determine the exact number of parts for each drink. It’s a double gin because as the title indicates, has tiny layers and can detect in 1/4 oz amounts up to a total of 2 oz. A shot tumbler, on the other hand, is designed for taking shots and may also double as a measurement instrument. A typical shot glass holds 1.5 ounces (45 mL) of liquid. A shot is a single cup that is thinner and taller than a standard plastic bottle and can carry just about the same quantity of liquor.

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