15 Best Wine Aerators In 2020 – Bring Out The Best Flavors From Your Favorite Wines

By enhancing the exposure of wine to the air, the best wine aerator opens up the flavor and aroma of wine, making your wine taste better. Aeration is no doubt a vital part in enjoying the best wine. Aerators are designed to enhance the sweetness and eliminate the bitterness in younger wines.

Although aeration is only necessary in some cases with certain wines, it’s a good idea to keep the best wine aerator handy just in case you need it. You can easily open any bottle of wine, including your favorites, and never have to worry about whether you are getting the right flavors.

By purchasing the best wine aerator available, you can receive the premium flavor of any wine bottle. Keep reading from Claddagh Irish Pubs to find out about 15 best aerators on the market and how to pick the best aerator for your needs.

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Top 15 Best Wine Aerator Reviews 2020

Aervana Essential: Electric Wine Aerator and Pourer/Dispenser

Featuring a bottletop design, the Aervana Essential allows you to aerate and pour your wine in style. Be prepared to see your wine taste transform. Aervana Essential infuses air into wine, providing the oxygen needed to reduce the less pleasant compounds in wine such as sulfides, and ethanol, allowing you to enjoy the full taste of your wine.

Operating is pretty straightforward and there’s no difficulty. Simply attach the single tube that comes with the Aervana Essential to the body of the aerator, put the aerator over the wine bottle via the rubber stopper, and press the button on top. Not only is perfectly aerated wine delivered straight to your glass, but the aerator also acts as a personal tap. No more spillage, drips or splashes.

The wine sediment and debris are prevented from entering your wine glass, giving you the most fulfilling experience when enjoying wine. One reminder is that the aerator uses 6 AAA batteries, but the batteries are not included. Make sure to buy some to avoid frustration. The company guarantees that the device can last up to 250 bottles before the next battery replacement.

The Aervana Essential is a small and portable electric aerator, which is perfect to carry anywhere with you. Whether it’s a gathering at your friend’s house, or a picnic in the woods, you’ll be able to enjoy nicely aerated wine.

Cleaning the tube is easy with some water, but cleaning the aerator and the pump part is quite tricky. You have to be careful not to wet the battery compartment. You can put the aerator on a clean water bottle and pump out to clean it, but this won’t do for those who love the ultimate hygiene.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

The Vintorio aerator is among the best wine aerator pourers that use the simple pouring mechanism. It has a straightforward and simple design, and does its job well. Made of FDA-approved materials and has a rubber stopper, you can pour your wine with safety and without spilling. The pour spout is also slightly slanted to give you an easier pour.

The aerator works based on Bernoulli’s principle, which means the pressure within the moving fluid decreases as the speed of it increases. The spout has three holes on the sides to help the wine expose more to oxygen. Using it is simple. Simply insert the tube directly into the wine bottle, and pour. The rubber stopper keeps the aerator stay secure and pouring leak-free.

The aerated wine when poured out is smoother and tastes better. The rougher and bitter edges have been cut down effectively. As wine flows through the crystal clear acrylic spout, a large amount of bubbles are formed, indicating that the wine is properly aerated.

Cleaning is super easy as the aerator has a simple design, and there’s no electric part to be worried about. The aerator can be disassembled and washed with water without much sweat.

The product comes with a lifetime guarantee, and it’s not just a plain promise. Customer support is quick, friendly and responsive. They are willing to replace defective products without causing you any frustration. Available at a budget friendly price, you can purchase one without breaking the bank, and start enjoying wine that tastes much better.

Rabbit Wine Aerator and Pourer

This Rabbit wine aerator and pourer features a minimal, yet modern design, looking good on your kitchen counter or home bar. Made of polished stainless steel and silicone, it seems to be durable and long lasting. The silicone base fits securely on all bottle types, allowing you to pour easily and eliminating drips.

Getting properly aerated wine has never been easier. Simply open a bottle of wine, insert the aerator on the bottle, and pour yourself a glass in seconds. The wine is aerated as it is poured directly from the bottle, improving the quality and flavor of different wine types. You can see the air bubbles and hear the gurgling in the wine as it flows out of the bottle.

This tool is hand washable, and not dishwasher friendly. This is not a big problem since the aerator is small and easy to run under water. You can hand wash it with warm water and mild soap, then let it dry.

Some may be hesitant to get this aerator because it looks like a simple pouring spout, but it is actually designed to introduce lots of oxygen into your wine as you pour the glass. The wine flavor is truly improved and enhanced, and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and simple aerator, this is one of the best choices. It also makes great small gifts to your beloved ones who adore wine.

Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

Drinking some great wine has never been that easy with the Zazzol wine aerator and decanter. Designed to aerate your wine in three hassle-free steps: wine is dispersed over a cone, drained through 32 holes, and air is injected into the tube before the wine exits the bottom and into the glass—giving the wine an enhanced, full flavors and aromas.

The Zazzol aerator is made to eliminate the common problems that come with aerators. It is free from leaks or drips from aerator's side aeration holes when pouring too quickly. Leaking or fitting problems are also eliminated. The multi stage aeration provides a smoother finish, breaks down the bitter taste, while enhancing the fine flavors of wine.

What’s more appealing is the aerator comes with an attractive box and a travel pouch. It makes a great gift to the wine aficionados in your life. A wine aerator stand is also included, which is handy to keep things tidy and to display the tool on your home bar or countertop. The aerator is also very compact and easy to carry around when needed.

If you register on the manufacturer’s website, you can get a lifetime warranty. The fact that it’s easy to use, has a multi stage aeration, doesn’t drip or leak, comes with a lovely gift box and travel pouch makes the aerator a good value for the money. The taste of the wine? You can clearly tell the difference between aerated and non-aerated wine.

WAERATOR Instant 1-Button Electric Aeration and Decanter Wine Pourers

With a unique design and convenient one-touch functionality, the Waerator electric aerator and decanter is the perfect choice to have on your home bar. The stylish, modern look will convince any tech-savvy or oenophile, and make you feel good when pouring wine in front of your friends.

The device runs on 4 AAA batteries, and it’s easy to install or remove the batteries when needed. Our complaint is that the batteries do not come with the package, so you need to purchase them separately. The operation process is very quick and simple. Connect the tube to the bottom of the aerator. Put the aerator on the bottle. Press and hold the button to pour the aerated wine.

The aerator is designed with a dual infusion and suction system, allowing the wine to be oxidized and aerated fully, while filtering out unwanted sediment. When you push the button, the air is sent into the bottle through 3 openings to send wine up the tube. Once the wine enters the nozzle, it is introduced with oxygen. When the wine enters your glass, the volatile compounds are now softened, and you are left with enhanced wine.

The Waerator only fits the standard 750ml bottles. Cleaning is simple. You can fill an empty bottle of wine with clean water, put the Waerator on the cap, and press the button until the bottle is empty. Repeat this for a few times, and the aerator is as clean as new.

Soiree bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator

Well made and easy to use, the Soiree in-bottle aerator and decanter is a must-have addition to your barware collection. The sleek borosilicate-strengthened glass blend has given the aerator a transparent and nice look, as long as you don’t drop it on the floor. Made of very blown glass, the thing is very fragile and can break easily, so you need to be extremely careful.

The five-ring gasket helps the aerator fit in almost all types of wine bottles. Simply pop the aerator onto a bottle and be prepared to taste the enhanced flavors and aromas of your favorite wines. The harsh and bitter taste caused by sulfites, or ethanol is eliminated, causing a clear difference between aerated wine and non-aerated wine.

The process of pouring out the wine with this aerator is actually very entertaining. The wine swirls around the glass ball part before entering the glass. It’s fun to watch before enjoying your glass of wine. The only negative we notice is that a small amount of aerated wine flows back into the bottle after each pour, which may affect the wine quality if you haven’t finished the bottle in one setting.

There’s a stand included for drying your aerator after washing it. The whole thing is very easy to use, compact for travel and storing, exciting to look at, and most importantly, does a good job of bringing out the best taste of your wine. Even the most subtle characters of the wine can be felt, using this amazing aerator.

Vinturi Red Wine Aerator Includes Base Enhanced Flavors

Vinturi is one of the most well-known names in the wine aerator market. And the Vinturi V1010 red wine aerator we will talk about here is a great proof of why Vinturi has received that reputation. The thing has a special and unique design, different from all of the above items that we’ve reviewed.

The V1010 comes with a no-drip stand that keeps the thing in place and is nice to display on your counter. Operating requires 2 hands, which can be a turn off for some people. But it’s actually an interesting process if you love pouring wine. One hand to hold the aerator, the other hand to pour the wine. The wine is poured out in a delicate way, thanks to the luxury of the glass material. Be careful, though, as glass is easier to break.

Vinturi aerators use a patented design that infuses in a specific amount of air for a right amount of time. The result is all we can expect from the best wine aerator: better bouquet, enhanced flavor, smoother finish.

Small and compact, the V1010 is easy to clean and store. Because it is made of glass, it doesn’t stain like plastic aerators. Run it through water and soap and it’s as clean as new. Plus, you can easily put it away in one of your kitchen drawers, or simply place it on your home bar.

Centellino Areadivino Wine Aerator and Decanter

The Centellino is a unique wine aerator plus decanter that double aerates your wine in seconds. It is designed to fit most bottles, except for bottles with very large openings. Made of high quality glass, the aerator looks premium and luxurious. But you should also need to be careful as it can break easily.

The wine flows down the inside of the glass bulb and is exposed to oxygen in the air. You can see lots of bubbles as a clear indication that the wine is properly aerated. This double aeration process both softens the harshness of the wine and fully enhances the bouquet, finish and flavor of every drop of wine. It’s actually a very effective tool, as some cheaper wines can taste like more expensive ones, and all of the characters of premium wines are revealed.

Tilt the bottle to let the wine flow into the bulb part. Then, hold the bottle upright and pour your aerated wine into your glass. You won’t be able to pour a full glass as the bulb has limited capacity, but you can control the amount of wine you drink. Though it can be a bit more complex than the aerators we have mentioned, the special design will catch the attention and compliments of your guests.

Overall, the aerator does its job well. Though it’s a bit pricier than similar options, the look, function and design of it make it worth the money.

Wine Aerator by Corkas, 2020 Premium Wine Pourer

The CORKAS wine aerator is one of the best wine aerators for budget. The aerator features a rubber stopper that fits most wine bottles. The ergonomic pour spout is made of FDA-approved high-quality acrylic, allowing you to pour your wine in style. There’s no need to awkwardly hold the aerator over a glass, either.

The Corkas wine aerator is a typical in-bottle wine aerator, which is inserted directly into a wine bottle’s opening. It then aerates the wine when the wine is poured out. The aerator has an inflation system with Bernoulli effect to infuse the wine with the right amount of oxygen. The bitterness is cut down and the flavor is fuller.

Pouring the wine is no struggle. The rubber stopper is leak-free and seal tight, keeping the aerator in place while pouring. The aerated wine is beyond our expectation. The metallic and bitter aftertaste is effectively eliminated, and we can clearly see the difference. What’s more, cleaning this aerator is easy. You don’t disassemble it, just put it in warm water and rinse it.

The product also comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee. You can ask for a replacement or a refund, with no questions asked. Customer service is fast and supportive. The box comes with it is pretty, you don’t even need wrapping, so this is definitely one ideal gift for wine lovers.

Classic Wine Aerator, Multi-Stream Wine Aeration Device

Be prepared to aerate and pour your wine in style with this unique Tribella aerator. Each item is individually handcrafted. Tribella’s patented design includes a polycarbonate base, a rubber gasket, and 3 stainless steel exit pipes to fulfill your wine pouring needs.

The rubber gasket helps the aerator stay snug in the opening of the wine bottle, so you can pour wine safely without causing a mess. Plus, it fits 95% of wine bottles on the market. Lightweight and compact, the Tribella aerator is super easy to store. Plus, it comes with a protective, attractive hard case. You can bring it anywhere, and the luxurious design of both the aerator and the case makes it an ideal gift for any oenophile.

The fact that the aerator has three pour spouts means that the wine is poured out in 3 streams, which is extremely aesthetically pleasing to watch the whole process. Plus, it's designed to minimize dripping, so you can feel cool and confident pouring in front of your guests. The aerated wine is as good as the quality of the aerator. Enhanced flavor and smoother finish.

Made of premium, high quality material, featuring a chic design, allowing you to pour wine in an aesthetic way, the aerator is worth every penny. Any wine connoisseur should add one of these to their wine tool collection.

Vintorio Wine Aerator OMNI Edition

The Vintorio OMNI is a handheld aerator that owns a luxurious and stylish look. Made of transparent acrylic, you can watch the whole process of aeration while pouring your wine. Imagine that sparkling crimson wine flowing slowly into your glass, so pleasant to watch. It’s also elegant and chic to display on your countertop or home bar.

What’s important about this aerator is that it combines aeration mechanisms of traditional decanter funnels and modern aerators, so basically, you get the best of both worlds. The first stage uses the spray technique, and the second stage applies the Bernoulli effect so that wine is injected with more air.

The aerator is easy to use. Hold it over your glass and pour wine through the top opening of the aerator. Cleaning is also as easy as pie. You can separate the inner cup and main unit and simply run it under water.

The Omni aerator does its job well. It opens up the wine bouquet, softens less pleasant compounds, and creates a smoother flavor to enhance your wine drinking experience. The aerator comes in a premium box, ready for gift giving situations. There’s also a stand for display and a velvet pouch for travel.

BOUARTS Electric Wine Aerator

Like the Aervana, the BOUARTS is a battery-powered aerator and dispenser combination. Also like the Aervana, it claims six times as much aeration as gravity-based wine aerators. Through a tube inserted into the bottle, the touch of a button sends the wine up into the aerator and out through a pour spout. Once you open the bottle of wine, there's no pouring required. Where this differs from the Aervana is mostly in style and price point. If you’re looking for something dark and minimal—and you’re looking for an aerator and dispenser combo on a bit of a budget—you’ve just found your forever aerator.

Vinetto Wine Aerator Pourer and Decanter Spout

Made with premium quality, this Vinetto wine aerator pourer has an aesthetic design that will look good as a display item or a gift to aspiring wine enthusiasts. The swan-neck pouring spout is slanted for easier pouring.

As an in-bottle aerator, the Vinetto has a rubber stopper that is drip-free and leak-free. No more spilling and leaking and ruining your favorite tablecloth. The swan-shaped spout is ergonomically designed, allowing you to pour the wine easily and precisely from every angle. It’s also very easy to clean. You can run it under water and rinse quickly.

The aerated wine comes out beautifully and tastes amazing. You can clearly tell the difference after using the aerator. With Vinetto aerator and decanter spout, you can infuse wines with the right amount of air that will allow them to bring out all the rich and subtle flavors.

Vinetto also offers a lifetime money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. They have awesome customer service, so you are quickly and effectively supported. If you’re looking for the best wine aerator for budget, this can be an excellent option.

Viski Summit Aerating Pour Spout

Here’s another budget friendly option on our list - the aerating pour spout from Viski. It features an aerating spout’s air-blending helix to let the wine breathe as you pour. The wine is exposed to oxygen as it flows through the spout and you can quickly enjoy a great aerated glass of wine.

The polished copper finish also makes this wine aerator feel and look much more premium than you’d expect for such a low price. Viski leverages quality electroplating to add a sparkle of copper, gold and luxury to their wine tools. Plus, the rose gold color is so adorable, making this a great gift to the beloved women in your life.

No batteries are required so you don’t have to worry for extra cost. The money you invest in this is totally worth it. It can turn cheaper wines to taste more expensive. By softening the bitterness and harshness, and optimally aerating the wine, the flavors and the aromas are brought out fully, offering you a most satisfying wine experience.

Everything about this aerator is simple and straightforward. So there’s nothing much to do to enjoy your favorite wines.

Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser Pump - NutriChef PSLWPMP50

Last but not least, an amazing and unique item from NutriChef. If you’re a wine sommelier and enthusiast, definitely own one of these. Compact and convenient, it also comes with a travel bag so you can carry it anywhere without any scratches.

This electric aerator fits most wine bottles, creating a tight seal to avoid and leaking or dripping. Powered by 4 AAA batteries, your bottle of wine is aerated immediately with just a push of the button. The batteries are not included, so you need to buy them, too. They are pretty easy to install and remove.

The aerator works smoothly. Simply put it on the bottle, press and hold the button at the top of the dispenser tap to pump. The wine tap attaches to the top of any wine bottle with an airtight seal, preserving the wine’s freshness. The aerator definitely creates a big difference in the taste of the wine.

The whole kit includes both hard and soft straws with extra length, so you can reach the bottom of most wine bottles and taste every last drop of your wine. It is packaged in a nice and attractive box, so of course, it is a great gift to your family members, friends or colleagues.

Aerating wine is an essential step in getting the most out of your wines. No matter what type of aerator you choose, all of the above options are carefully picked out based on their high quality.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Wine Aerator

Making, enjoying and preserving wine is a complicated process that requires a lot of knowledge and tools. Although the flavor and aroma of wine are affected by many factors, you can enhance them by using the right accessories.

Learning how to get the most out of wine bottles can be an exciting, yet time-consuming process. Try to make it easier and quicker by investing in the best wine aerator. It does not require you to break the bank, and the taste of wine you get is amazing.

To be honest, in this day and age, there are a large number of aerators available at different price points, ranging from budget friendly and simple options to more expensive and modern ones. So, to pick out the best wine aerator, you need to be aware of some factors to take into consideration before putting the item into your cart.

Types of Wine Aerator

best wine aerator

Wine aerators come in two types: in-the-bottle and hand-held. Hand-held ones are often more convenient to use. They are more compact and simple in design, so carrying them around or storing them are easy. In-the-bottle wine aerators can be operated using one hand and are less likely to cause a mess compared to hand-held ones.


best wine aerator

Make sure that the wine aerator is made of safe materials. Toxic substances may enter the wine and your body. Dishwasher friendly materials are also convenient if you are a busy person.


best wine aerator

As we have mentioned before, there are different types of aerators available at different price ranges. There are basic, simple options which are friendly to your budget, while others are electric, modern devices that provide you with the most convenient and exciting features.

Some aerators come with other accessories such as corkscrews, stoppers or pourers. Stoppers allow you to preserve your leftover wine in case you can’t finish the whole bottle at a time. Pourers help pouring out wine neatly without spilling and causing a mess. These aren’t essential, but it doesn’t hurt to consider buying an aerator that provides them at no extra cost.

What are the other features that can convince you to buy a wine aerator? Some features are included just for marketing purposes. A good extra feature will be a rubber stopper that will fit most wine bottles on the market. A pouch or case is also a nice thing to have as you can carry the aerator with you without breaking it.

You should consider your drinking habit and personal preference to have a clear idea of what to expect from an aerator. This will help you limit the choices and only look for the options that offer exactly what you need.

Ease of use

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Aerators are designed to make your life and wine drinking easier, so be sure to pick one that is easy to use. Most choices on the market are not complicated to use, but it is necessary to take this factor into account.

Many wine enthusiasts prefer wine aerators that can be attached to the bottle. You just need to pop the aerator on and pour, then you’ve got some great wine to enjoy. There are also options that feature a push button which is handy. In our opinion, electric aerators offer the most ease of use. All you have to do is pop, push and pour.


best wine aerator

Not all of the aerators on the market work effectively. That’s why you should look for reviews or recommendations from trusted sources to get the most effective one. The aeration technique of the aerator is also something you need to search for. The best wine aerator can actually make wine taste better than more expensive options.


best wine aerator

No one wants to buy a tool that lasts only a few times of use. To know about the durability and lifetime of the product, you can read more reviews to pick out one that is actually long lasting. If you choose the right one, it can last for years.


Once you have the best wine aerator, you can get the premium flavors and aromas out of your favorite bottles. But there are still questions and concerns about aerators. Let’s have a look at some common questions regarding aerators.

What Is Aeration?

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Every wine sommelier and enthusiast talks about the aeration of wine. But what is it actually? Aeration is the process of wine being exposed to oxygen, which leads to the hidden taste of the wine opening up. During aeration, some elements such as tannins or acids evaporate, eliminating the less pleasant flavors in the wine. This process allows you to enjoy the full taste of your wine.

Although aeration sounds appealing, not all kinds of wines require you to aerate them. Most red wines, some dessert wines, and few white wines need aeration. In terms of red wines, the younger the wine is, the more it requires aeration. Older reds can also be aerated depending on your personal preference. Vintage port wines contain tannin, so they also need aeration to smooth out the rougher flavor and bring out a sweeter taste.

Aerating wines can take a few seconds to hours. The help of the best wine aerator shortens the amount of time needed. However, you should remember that exposure to air too long might cause the wine flavors and aromas to escape.

What Are The Benefits Of Wine Aeration?


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Aerators are great for quick use and drink. Other aeration methods such as using decanters require you to wait for a longer time to enjoy your drinks. Today’s busy lifestyles don’t always allow us to wait for hours to enjoy a glass of wine.

Full Taste

best wine aerator

A wine aerator allows wine to expose more to the air, reducing the less pleasant flavors in the wine and bringing out the full taste and the smooth finish of wine. The wine has a better taste and is less bitter.

Does Aeration Have Negative Effects On Wines?

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Over-aeration may cause the wine to lose its flavors and aromas due to the oxidation process. The bacteria in the air can also add to the spoilage of your wine.

How Does A Wine Aerator Work?

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A wine aerator often features a cylindrical path that allows the wine to flow through, and the inlet is designed to help the wine expose to the air, bringing out the best flavors from wine.

Exposing wine to oxygen allows the wines, especially younger ones, to breathe and open up. The wine then can have a more enhanced flavors and aromas, or a smoother finish.

Do I Need A Wine Aerator?

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Yes and No. You can aerate your wine by other methods such as using a decanter, blender or pouring the wine out and waiting. However, if you are busy and don’t want to spend hours to aerate your wines, then the best wine aerator is definitely necessary. Wine aerators minimize the time you have to wait for the wine to open up, especially younger wine.

How Do I Clean And Store A Wine Aerator?

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Depending on the model you’re using, you can clean your wine aerator by hand or in the dishwasher. If the model is dishwasher compatible, make sure you load it correctly when putting in the dishwasher to avoid damage. If the model is not dishwasher friendly, you can clean it with soap and warm water.

A rare problem that is possible to happen is the blockage in the aerator tube. In this case, you can use a compressed air tool to blow the debris that causes the tubes to get stuck.

When the aerator is not in use, you can keep it on a stand or in a kitchen drawer. Wine aerators are pretty small, so storing them won’t be much of a problem.

Does Wine Aerator Aerate A Glass Or The Entire Bottle?

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This depends on what kind of aerator you buy and your purpose of serving. There are aerators for both wine glasses and entire bottles. The most convenient way is to purchase a wine aerator for the entire bottle, as it allows the wine to aerate while you pour.

Does Material Matter?

best wine aerator

The materials affect the durability of the wine aerator, not the quality of the wines. Most aerators available on the market are made of heavy-duty plastic. Some include stainless steel details, others are made of glass. Glass is the most fragile material, not perfect for clumsy people who tend to drop things.

Some aerators feature rubber stoppers to keep the aerator in place when attached onto the bottle. Choosing the materials of wine aerators is more about your personal preference and style.

How Do I Use A Wine Aerator?

It’s actually very simple to use a wine aerator. Most wine aerators are straightforward to use. Simply put it on the bottle and pour out the wine. That’s it. Effortlessly and time-saving.

There are other kinds of aerators, including electric ones, or options with a push button. These choices may be a bit different in the way they operate. So make sure to read the manual instruction carefully before starting to use the device.

Here’s a very detailed and clear video about how to use a basic wine aerator 

Conclusion Best Wine Aerator Top Pick For The Best

If you are serious about your wine tasting, the best wine aerator is an essential tool that you can’t miss. Aerators also make great gifts for the wine enthusiasts in your life. We hope the suggestions and the guide we provide are enough to help you decide on the best aerator that suits your needs.

You may not find the wine aerator that you desire on this list, and that’s fine too. Just use the information in this guide to help you choose the best wine aerator pourer for yourself. As long as you get a smoother, more flavorful wine, that’s the ideal option for your needs. To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up 3 best options in our list:

Best Overall Wine Aerator

Best Wine Aerator For Budget

Best Electric Wine Aerator

Wine aeration seems to be simple but there is more science in it than we think. It’s great to spend time finding out which wines should be aerated and which do not need aeration. Knowing about these things can also help you find the best wine aerator that actually suits your needs and personal preferences.

Any questions or ideas regarding wine aerators are welcomed. Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below.

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