Top 15 Best Blenders Under 50 Reviews In 2020: More Saving And More Quality

You want to prepare a healthy breakfast is a smoothie that is simple and it does not take much time. You really can make it easy at home, but when you search on the internet, it makes you worry because you will need to spend a lot of money to buy a blender. But don’t worry! You can be able to spend a few hundred dollars buying a quality blender with this list of the best blenders under 50. You will be satisfied with the top 15 best blenders under 50 reviews in 2020 we gave below.

Now let’s read this note of us to choose the one blender that suited for your kitchen and your needs with just only 50 dollars or less.

Best Blenders Under 50 Comparison 2020

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Top 15 Best Blenders Under 50 Reviews 2020

BELLA BLA13984 Rocket Extract PRO Power

It can quickly make your favorite nuts and grains, fruits, seeds, and vegetables become a super tasty smoothie using this powerful 700-watt motor blender. It has two different blades and they serve different functions. One is the grinding blade and it is used to cut and grind spices, nuts, and seeds. Besides, you can use it to crush your herbs or coffee beans if you want.

The other blade is designed to make leaves, fruits, and vegetables become liquids by some seconds. Just only with this feature, you can make delicious and extremely smoothies without getting bored.

It is worth noting about this blender that the blades are attached directly to the separate jar together with this product, making it easy to drink your puree right from the cup you have ground.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Having two blades  
  • Making smoothie quickly
  • Can make a smoothie from a variety of food

Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar, Black

This product is one of the best blenders under 50 on the market. The company is known for making flexible and durable home appliances that make your life much more convenient.

This blender has a glass blender and a 700-watt motor designed to restrict the ingredients from moving onto the blender's jar during the mill. This can help ensure the mixture is smooth and thorough.

It has many speed options that are included in the controls to give you the right blending choice based on your raw material selection. This product can mash ice into snow, puree frozen fruit, and evenly mash ingredients or hard fruit.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Making your life more convenient 
  •  700-watt motor
  • Many speed options

Blender, Smoothie Blender, Household Blender with Glass Jar, Preset Functions & Variable Speed Controls by Comfee (Silver)

This is a fasting and elegant blender with a classy look. This is a great product. If you want to buy your first blender or you want to replace your existing blender, This product is right for you. 

This blender’s eccentric blade is what makes it great for mixing, crushing, and shredding. With this ultimate blender, you can make smoothies and shakes with just some seconds. Its premium mixer effectively removes vital nutrients from your ingredients.

Not the same as other blenders that have small glass jars, this product has a large (48 oz) glass jar. Because it has enough room to hold plenty of fruits and vegetables, you can be able to make enough smoothies for your guests with only one time. To embellish it, the vase is easy and safe with the dishwasher. 

A notice note of the blender that it has an indicator light so you can be able to discern the speed you have chosen. This product's super beautiful steel case and cap come with a unique measuring cap, making life easier for users. While it is one of the best blenders under 50 on the market, it has some drawbacks. First, its glass jars are fragile.

Besides, it's not very powerful, as it's just a 500w blender. However, it is still one of the best blenders on the market.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Dishwasher Safety 
  • Glass vases offer 2 current programs: ice blending and smoothies
  • Great for mixing, crushing, and shredding

Portable Blender, PopBabies Personal Blender, Smoothie Blender. Rechargeable USB Blender

This product is a portable, lightweight, and durable blender ideal for protein smoothies and smoothies. The reason why many people like this blender over others is that it is lightweight. This means you can carry it with you to work or on vacation. Not the same as other blenders, it has a built-in battery that can be easily recharged by USB. This is why it is a great travel partner. 

This blender is powerful and allows you to transform frozen fruits, vegetables, seeds, and beans become delicious smoothies. A blender powerful enough to crush ice into large chunks will take your smoothie greater. Because it is made of high quality and fasting material, you can be convinced that it will last for a long time.

About the versatility, this blender brings you about the freedom to make salad dressings, dips, sauces, and more with the touching of a button. You can even use it to mix hot food but not more than 100 degrees Celsius. 

However, this personal blender is a small capacity. If you use it to prepare delicious smoothies or drinks for some people is a pain. So if you like smoothies and shakes and you have to travel a lot, this top blender will be perfect for you.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Made of premium durable material  
  • Easy to clean
  • So lightweight

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

This blender is a portable yet efficient blender that you can easily use to make protein smoothies. And it is great that this blender has a small size. It comes in a vertical shape with a circular power base that can be easily removed.

This product is also great to carry when traveling. Because it is portable and lightweight, so you can take it with. Besides, it is so easy to use. So you will not have to spend hours constantly researching the manual to learn to use it. The elegant blender has only one set.

The strength of this hand blender is so impressive. You can use it to make almond buttercream, shakes, and smoothies quickly. And, its 200-watt motor is powerful enough to completely crush the rock or smash it into a smooth texture. 

Besides, this blender is really easy to clean. It is even safe for the dishwasher. All equipment, including the engine, have a one-year warranty. So you can rest assured if the blender fails during this time, you are covered. 

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Movable  
  • Easy cleaning
  • Made of durable material

BELLA (13330) Personal Size Rocket Blender, 12 Piece Set, Stainless Steel

It is a small blender with the ability to blend and mix many different ingredients easily. This product offers a low-cost blender with more features to handle most blending processes. It has a 240 watt base with a stainless steel blade and a blender that can be pulverized with dried foods and spices.

For the purpose of blending and mixing, this rocket grinder has 2 tall cups and 1 small blender. The flat blade can grind nuts, spices, chopped seeds and can also grind coffee beans. This simplifies meal preparation in the kitchen as you can set different amounts of ingredients in the blender.

This blender is made of stainless steel and chrome to make sure the durability of this machine. Operation is easy to set up, just turn the locking cups into the power base then press down to grind. The dishes are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • 240-watt power two tall blending cups 
  • Stainless steel

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender, with 18 Oz. and 24 Oz. To Go Cups, in a Black and Silver Finish

This product is the ultimate blender with a classy look. It has a powerful 900-watt motor, it will let you mix, crush, and mash with a simple push and mix mechanism.

It allows you to transform all kinds of ingredients into delicious smoothies. The 900-watt motor is powerful so it can crush ice into snow, making your smoothie experience better. The electrical capacity can mix through frozen ingredients without difficulty.

The large capacity of the engine is combined with the automatic shut-off system to help the machine shut down when overloaded to avoid engine damage. It is so great for a busy day where it can not wear out too easily and for smaller kitchens that storage space is not large.

This blender has the quality of a smart blender, the size the price all suitable that makes it an absolute steal.

This blender has an 18 oz and 24 oz mug for on-the-go access and two sealed and sipped lids that it becomes a good idea for traveling. All components are BPA free and dishwasher safe. On the other hand, neither cup has a handle, which would be a good condition.

You can blend drinks up to 24 oz with this convenient blender, powdered whole fruits, and vegetables by extracting powerful vitamins and nutrients. Its precision-cut, 4-piece stainless steel blade produces a powerful punch giving it the performance level of higher-end blenders. These powerful features coupled with the low cost make this product become one of the best blenders under 50.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Classy look  
  • Simple push and mix mechanism
  • BPA free

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with 40oz Glass Jar and 14 Functions for Puree, Ice Crush, Shakes and Smoothies, Stainless Steel (54221)

This product is a glass blender. It is a powerful device with a 700-watt motor. It has 14 different blending functions for you to choose from. There are some higher settings that include Xay; Icy Drink, Smoothie; Grate and Puree; Whip and lower settings work with Stir, Milkshake, and Chop; Salsa.

Additionally, its high speed or low-speed pulse function definitely adds extra versatility in the way you mix. Buttons are arranged from small to large to indicate increasing speed.

This is a mixed system that creates a vortex that pulls the components down and ensures complete blending. This mixing mechanism eliminates the need to turn the blender off and on repeatedly to capture all of the ingredients inside.

It has been hailed as one of the quietest desktop grinders. It is a quiet blender at an affordable price tag.

The blender has a large 40 oz glass jar that fits snugly on top of the stand. The carrying case has been tested for heat resistance, heat shock resistance, and is elegant and sturdy. Tank capacity is sufficient for mixing small and large batches and the flask is clearly marked for higher accuracy. The easy-to-pour nozzle on the lid eliminates the risk of unwanted dripping.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Affordable  
  • Glass blender
  • Mixing system

Portable Blender, PopBabies Personal Blender, Smoothie Blender. Rechargeable USB Blender

This blender is a big plus when we do not have electricity while we go somewhere. It is the first point that brings the advantage, now we see that this model also has something that better serves our needs, not about the engine.

It can be said that this is the weak point of this car when it does not have muscle strength like other devices, it is also easy to be useful when you want to use the battery for the engine, helping you to carry it efficiently. You can hardly ask for a large capacity.

Besides, it has been calculated enough for the machine to serve you comfortably making salads, sauces, sauces,... and all you need is just one press, and it is strong enough to make a smoothie with ice.

It is a portable, lightweight, and durable blender so good for making proteins and shakes. The obvious reason that many people interest this blender is that it is so light. Since it is made of premium material and durable material so it will be a good choice.

You can use it to mix hot food but lower than 100 degrees Celsius and it is easy to clean. On the other hand, it has rechargeable batteries, we can not ignore the capacity of the box is quite small, only suitable for specific vitamins, if you want to do a lot for the whole family, you will have to turn on the device repeatedly.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Made of premium durable material  
  • Easy to clean
  • Movable and lightweight

KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender, White

You will be interested in engine capacity and cargo capacity, how well it serves you, the first let's see its compact but eye-catching design. With so many colors such as blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, and melaleuca you can get your favorite color when finding this hand blender model that not all models have, optimal design for a firm grip, very good anti-slip material.

Detachable 8 ”Stainless Steel Mixer Handles with a Fixed Lock Blade to the motor body for a secure grip, with a powerful motor but won't wake up the whole family when you use it. 

All you have to do to make delicious smoothies with this blender is press and hold the one-touch power button and tweak the dial on the mixer to increase or decrease the speed. Though not designed with a USB rechargeable battery, this product is equipped with an extremely long cable, you can operate effectively anywhere in the kitchen without bothering looking.

On the other hand, it has an ultra-fine stainless steel blade cover that prevents splashes. The stainless steel S-shaped fixed blade quickly mixes ingredients for smoothies, shakes, soups, or baby food. Since it is portable, you can easily carry it with you during your trip. When buying this blender, you will be given a 3 cup mixer. 

Not the same as other hand blenders that make it difficult to clean, this product is a very easy dishwasher and safe to clean. We can be pleased about the downside of this high blender that you can use it for hands-on practice. Some users are not satisfied that this blender is better than others. 

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Having a 3 cup mixing tank  
  • Safe to use in a dishwasher and relatively easy to clean
  • Having a long power cord

Nutribullet 600W Nutrient Extractor, 6pcs

This product is a lightweight yet powerful complete blender so you can make healthy protein smoothies with minimal effort. It is designed so small, in contrast to most traditional grinders, which are large, heavy and take up a lot of space in your kitchen.

It has a 600-watt motor and refined stainless steel blades that allow you to mix whole food into a liquid and extract all the nutrients within some seconds.

In addition, it has a 24 oz container made of clear and durable plastic that is BPA free, making it easy for users to perform crushing, cutting, and mixing. The blender is also equipped with a flat and flat stainless steel blade combined with a powerful motor, making it easy to make super-delicious smoothies so good and fast.

It's so easy to clean it because you only have one serving cup. What's more, these cups are dishwasher safe. It can also be stored easily because the blender's design is so tight. In addition, with the lid that comes with the jar, you can completely prepare healthy drinks and convenient to carry when going to work.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • 600-watt engine  
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Lightly

Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending with 700-Watt Base and (2) 16-Ounce Cups with Spout Lids (QB3001SS)

It is another in top of the best blenders under 50 that you should notice is this product. That should be a good choice for you when you are looking for a good blender and don't want to spend too much money on these.

The blender also features a pulse which is useful for mixing things like ice and fruit. This is the only preset that is managed as you move the cup down. Besides, with a capacity of 700 watts, you can use it to easily grind and grind frozen fruits and vegetables to create healthy drinks and smoothies quickly.

You will have two 16-ounce cups from the pack that can make the right smoothies only with one cup. But it is not for you if you have a large family but only for personal drink, as this is small and powerful enough. That is a great choice for busy people looking for healthy meals that will appreciate it that has cups and lids, so they can bring their drinks to work.

The blade and how it will be among the best features. Its smooth and sharp blades are not two-pronged blades with blunt ends. So these blades give better cutting and grinding efficiency as a better result.

Besides, this blender is easy to clean up to its high compactness. When cleaning the blades, remember to wash them with your hands carefully as they are very sharp. You can also put it on the top shelf of your dishwasher cause it is dishwasher safe. But, you can easily wash the blender by hand quickly.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Easy to clean  
  • Enough energy to make frozen smoothies
  • Good quality jar

BESTEK BL15 Personal Blender and Coffee Grinder 2-in-1

It is a good choice for anyone looking to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. It has totally enough power to grind and mix when having a 300-watt motor.

In addition, the blender has two types of blades. Its wet blade assembly has 4 blade pieces and its dry blade assembly has only 2 pieces.

This blender has 3 different sports jars, all of which are BPA-free glass jars. Besides, its blender cup has a capacity of 200 ml.

All bottles, jars, and detachable parts are dishwashers safe for your convenience. Cleaning the blender was also easy. Just like the previous product, just fill the jar half full of water, and then add a few drops of soap. Just need to run the blender for about 30 seconds and you will have a clean machine.

The blender has a very safe interlock system. It will not run unless you assemble it right. Besides, it has overheating protection. If you run over it, the unit will not overheat, reducing engine damage. To operate the blender, simply press a button that is in front for about 30 seconds. Once you're done, simply turn the vial counter-clockwise and take it out. So if you are not satisfied with the mixture, you can easily repeat the process.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Having an active style 
  • 300-watt motor
  • 3 different sports jars

BELLA (13330) Personal Size Rocket Blender, 12 Piece Set, Stainless Steel 

Everyone want quick and simple kitchen solutions to make everyday life a little simpler. And it can save you both time and money. If it really all wants you to need, this product is for you.

It is a little tool with a satisfaction guarantee when it has a smoothing, emulsifying, mixing, or blending. 

It is durable enough and strong enough to liquefy an entire fruit within some minutes, and can also chop, grind, and mince dried vegetables and spices. Base 240-watt high torque power output will make you satisfied at all.

Don't go into the small size as it can deliver more than your expectations. With extra cups, different lids, spare blades, and many other elements, it can allow you to get the job done well.

The cups can be easily attached to the blades. you can make extra cups for smoothies on the ones.

If you like a morning smoothie or hot coffee or a break, this product is on hand to help you.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Compact design  
  • Useful
  •  Extra blades for grind coffee beans, spices, and more
  • Easy to clean up

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

If you are looking for a luxury hand blender that can be used for a variety of uses, this product can be the right choice. This blender has a wide range of accessories, including an egg beater and an accessory for making whipped cream, that is the reason why this blender has more possibilities.

Another good thing about this blender is that it has a beautiful design. It looks a lot more expensive than it really is, thanks to the stainless steel finish. It has two buttons, including the power button and the booster button, so it should be relatively easy to supervise, even for the first time that you use it.

This blender is extremely easy to clean, especially when it comes to accessories, and it is available for a really low price. That is an impressively.

This blender is a good choice with some excellent qualities above:

  • PROS

  • Stainless steel design   
  • A wide range of accessories, including the whisk and whisk
  • Only a few buttons, for easy operation
  • Relatively cheap

To Choose The Best Blenders Under 50, You Can Base On Some Following Factors:

You should know that before buying a new blender, remember that it is important to know what you are going to use it for. Keep in mind that some blenders will make delicious smoothies and juices, but fail with ice.

So if you're planning on making frozen ice cream or yogurt, pay attention to its blades and the power of the engine. Just consider the carrying size, attachment, and how often you plan to use the machine.

A high-quality grinder does not always cost a lot. There are plenty of good blenders for under 50 that will help you be satisfied. So, just read this 15 best blenders under 50 above, I strongly believe that you will choose the one you need!

Here is some factors for you to consider to buy a blender with 50 dollars:


Best Blenders Under 50

Blender usually has a power of less than 1000 watts. Most of them may not be as efficient at crushing hard ingredients like nuts and beans. However, there are some that operate at 700 watts high, and for someone who needs to mix hard ingredients, this will be the best option.

Management capabilities

Best Blenders Under 50

The best blenders under 50 need to be safe with dishwashing and easy to clean. So there is no reason to buy one that is not dishwasher safe, as this will make it difficult to keep the appliance clean.

Grinded ice

Best Blenders Under 50

Having a blender that can crush ice is important. You should buy a blender that can easily crush ice. Blender needs a lot of energy to crush ice, which may not be possible with individual grinders. Therefore, it is important that you aim for high watt pitchers.

The best blenders under 50 is the one that can provide all you need for a smoothie.

Durability and longevity

When you buy a blender, you want one that will last a few years and will not fail after a short time using it. Therefore, it is important that you choose a more durable product. Looking through product reviews will be a significant driver to help you determine if your blender has a longer lifespan.

Best Blenders Under 50

Pulse button

A good blender has a pulse button that helps the blender operate at medium speed. The pulse button helps you create a more amazing texture. It helps dislodge food stuck under the blade. Many grinders do not have a pulse button, but you want to buy one with it for a better experience.


Best Blenders Under 50

It is one of many important factors that you have to notice. For example, while some companies will offer to replace blender parts, they will ask you to pay for shipping, which can be more expensive than the blender's cost. Therefore, you need to find out the warranty terms and terms of service.

Not noisy

Some people don't care about the big sound a blender can make, but some people really just can't stand it. If you are part of the second group, then you need to consider quietness. A blender that quitely is the best choice for those who can't stand the noise. The best blenders under 50 will not make you uncomfortable.

Engine power

The power of the engine affects the efficiency and durability of the engine. When you look at the specifications of the blender look for around 700 watts. That should show good motivation for this kind of kitchen appliance.

Best Blenders Under 50

Easy to clean

If you are thinking of becoming a regular blender, you will want one that is easy to clean. There are many best blenders under 50 that don’t make you take much time to clean.


It determines that it is safe and durability of the blender. Some of the best blenders under 50 are made from BPA-free material and are among the safest. Materials can be plastic, steel or glass. Therefore, when you buy a blender, you are looking for a material that is safe and durable.

Conclusion Best Blenders Under 50 Top pick for the best

Smoothie has many benefits for your health. It is easy to make and a great addition to any daily routine. 

If you are looking for the blender that is right for your juice, pay attention that the fast-mashed, cold-pressed blender is the best blender under 50 in terms of nutritional value.

Choosing the best blenders under 50 is up to many factors. Look for features that matter to you: ease of using and cleaning, the functions it offers, durability, warranty, size, weight, and form.

Although there are many types of the blender, I highly recommend some blenders given below. All of them cost under 50 dollars, but they have a high quality, so they will be worth more with you for a long time. In my opinion, they are the best blenders under 50.

Here are some of the best blenders under 50:

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